12 Killer Ab Exercises for your Ab Workouts

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11 Killer Ab Exercises for your Ab Workouts

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12 Killer Ab Exercises for your Ab Workouts

12 Killer Ab Exercises for your Ab Workouts. I am a certified personal trainer and Nutrition & Wellness Specialist. Fitness is my passion and huge part of my life. I love everything to do with aesthetics, whether improving my own body or my clients. I try to improve mentally and physically every day. I am addicted to the sense of accomplishment, whether a routine or monumental task, it still gives me a sense of pride. The satisfaction I get from helping a client overcome a mental or physical limitation is something I cannot put into words. I really love what I do.

12 Killer Ab Exercises for your Ab Workouts. 6 pack abs are the most coveted prize of anyone who wants to improve their body. Everyone wants that 6 or 8 pack with that classic v-taper. Why is it most everybody wants a chiseled midsection but less than 1% of people actually have it? Simply because obtaining 6 pack abs is the hardest thing to develop.

12 Killer Ab Exercises for your Ab Workouts. Most guys go to the gym and hit whatever 1 or 2 muscle groups they normally hit leaving their ab workout for the end of their training session. Once they get to it, they are so worn down they either half ass it or skip it altogether.

12 Killer Ab Exercises for your Ab Workouts. Let's face it, many ab exercises hurt. It's much easier to knock out 3 sets of bench press than it is 3 sets of seated russian twists.

12 Killer Ab Exercises for your Ab Workouts. Last but not least, to get killer abs you have to have a bodyfat percentage below 10%. You can do all the ab exercises in the world but you'll never see your abs unless you get your body fat percentage low enough.

I had a long description for each exercise, but youtube wouldn't let me save it because it was too long. Here is a list of ab exercises in order. A simple google search for each one will deliver you detailed instructions

1) Cross Bench Crunches

2) Decline Situps

3) High Cable Crunches

4) Swiss Ball Crunches

5) Decline Cable Crunches

6) Swiss Ball Leg Raise

7) Ab Focused Chin Ups Towards Belly

8) Decline Leg Raise with Hip Thrust

9) Hanging Leg Raises with Ab Straps

10) Resting Forearm Side to Side Cable Crunches

11) Seated Russian Twist with Medicine Ball

12) Glute Ham Machine Russian Twist

There are other variations and shoulder exercises for men you can perform, but this is a good starting point. Make sure to pay attention in the gym and take precautions. It is easy to get injured if you are not alert of yourself and those around you. Most important of all, keep your lower back as straight as possible and pick up the weight using your legs.

Shoulder Exercises For Men

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