16 Killer Chest Exercises for your Chest Workouts

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16 Killer Chest Exercises for your Chest Workouts

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16 Killer Chest Exercises for your Chest Workouts

16 Killer Chest Exercises for your Chest Workouts. I am a certified personal trainer and Nutrition & Wellness Specialist. Fitness is my passion and huge part of my life. I love everything to do with aesthetics, whether improving my own body or my clients. I try to improve mentally and physically every day. I am addicted to the sense of accomplishment, whether a routine or monumental task, it still gives me a sense of pride. The satisfaction I get from helping a client overcome a mental or physical limitation is something I cannot put into words. I really love what I do.

16 Killer Chest Exercises for your Chest Workouts. If you want to get a full symmetrical chest, you need to work the muscle from different angles.. This video shows examples of some different chest exercises you can throw into your chest workouts to mix it up a bit.

16 Killer Chest Exercises for your Chest Workouts. The chest is composed of an upper and lower chest. Their is no "inner chest" that so many believe there is. When you work the upper and lower chest, the inner cleavage will develop also.

I had a long description for each exercise, but youtube wouldn't let me save it because it was too long. Here is a list of the chest exercises in order. A simple google search for each one will deliver you detailed instructions

1) Dumbbell Bench Press

2) Barbell Bench Press

3) Incline Dumbbell Press on Decline Board

4) Incline Barbell Bench Press

5) Decline Dumbbell Press

6) Decline Barbell Press

7) Dumbbell Fly on Swiss Ball

8) Standing Cable Fly

9) Cable Fly with Low Pulley

10) Dips

11) Chain Dips

12) Pushup/Feet & Hands Elevated

13) Alternating Med Ball Pushup

14) Machine Fly

15) Single Arm Machine Fly

16) Concentration Fly

16 Killer Chest Exercises for your Chest Workouts. There are other variations of chest exercises you can perform, but this is a good starting point. Make sure to pay attention in the gym and take precautions. It is easy to get injured if you are not alert of yourself and those around you. Most important of all, keep your lower back as straight as possible and pick up the weight using your legs.

16 Killer Chest Exercises for your Chest Workouts

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  1. London Fella / January 16, 2015

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    I love your workouts. I use your youtube channel everyday. Keep being a
    badass :)

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    I appreciate that you don’t talk. Short, sweet, informative videos. Others
    are so bloody annoying.

  4. mithun imran / December 28, 2015

    i’m glad brother

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    I love it ty

  6. Jacob Forsberg / March 9, 2016

    song name?

  7. Bass Boy / March 29, 2016

    Nice video but you did forget pullover. Arnold did alot pullover back in
    the day .)

    • Brad Gaines / April 2, 2016

      +Hayabusa GSX Thanks. Didn’t forget, just didn’t include 🙂

    • Bass Boy / April 2, 2016

      +Brad Gaines what do you think about it ? Some say it does nothing but i
      love it ,)

    • Brad Gaines / April 2, 2016

      +Hayabusa GSX Yea I like it. I have it on my other chest workout video.

    • chauncey phillips / May 10, 2016

      +Brad Gaines you’re built like an action figure great strength too

  8. AFIF BAR SHARK / April 3, 2016

    your body like MARC FITT. No Pain No Gain bro

  9. Mike Nash / April 11, 2016

    What’s This Song??

  10. taha BELHAMRI / April 21, 2016

    decline dumbell press ? what is that for

    • JJ Hooles / May 10, 2016

      +taha BELHAMRI Focuses on the lower chest

  11. tipu sultan / April 23, 2016

    Very impressive made me think for the last three months I’ve been going to
    gym almost every day don’t see a whole lot of result I know it’s too early
    for result but your video is inspiration i’ll keep going hopefully there
    will be result .

  12. rios tube / May 2, 2016

    how should i go down with the dumbbell in the flat dumbbell press?

    • JJ Hooles / May 10, 2016

      +rios tube What I do is start sitting on the end of the bench with the
      dumbbells on my knees, and then sorta kick them up and back and lay down as
      I am doing it.

  13. Umair Butt / May 5, 2016

    u r awesome

  14. Cfnaturalfeeling / May 21, 2016

    dips help with your chest? wtf i always thought that was for the back and

    • wolf complex / May 23, 2016

      Actually mostly for chest and triceps itsbetter if someone holds your legs
      from behind it concentrates it more

    • Cfnaturalfeeling / May 23, 2016

      +gil wolf or just add a bench behind you, so you can rest your legs while
      doing dips.
      i’m definitely going try it out and add it to my program.

    • wolf complex / June 14, 2016

      Good point but me and my friend improvise sometimes

  15. Aniket desai (Johny) / June 11, 2016

    following u buddy pls upload something new for biceps and triceps

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    ya this video most effective

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    i do 10 Exercises for Chest and 8 or 7 Exercises for bicps

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