17 Min Butt Workout at Home – Glute / Butt Workouts for Women & Men w/ Dumbbells Weights

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  1. Ati Nashta / July 20, 2016

    Thank you soooo much!

  2. Saahil Prusty / July 20, 2016

    hey coach! I used to play national level tennis, so many beginners and
    amateurs come to me for advise. I think it’ll be great to see workouts (
    usually core, endurance and legs) for people into sports professionally.
    thanks again!

  3. Hamza Shoaib / July 20, 2016

    Thank you so much can you do another video on love handles lower back and
    butt in one video please :)

  4. reyeslaiyee / July 20, 2016

    With such great quality workouts, this channel will grow very fast. Glad
    you’re back Coach. All the best!!

    • HASfit / July 20, 2016

      Thank you reyeslaiyee! That’s the goal. Be sure to tell your friends about
      us. Thank you for your support!

  5. James Kozak / July 20, 2016

    No Buts !!Rather the SPIRIT of HEART and SOUL team work.Thank you, very
    much Coach and Claudia for the EMPOWERMENT !!!Keep coming back.I love you
    guy’s… May God , Richly Bless you this day …

  6. Arwa Khalid / July 20, 2016

    when I do the kicks i only feel the burn on my hamstrings ! how can i make
    it work on the glute ?

  7. karlisa Fitness life / July 20, 2016

    THANK you for the video just subscribe ? hope you can subscribe back.??

  8. Zara bees / July 20, 2016

    Show us how to flatten female tummy.

    • HASfit / July 20, 2016

      Hi Zara! There is no way to spot reduce fat. Your genes dictate how and
      where you’ll lose it. The only way to reduce overall body fat is through
      nutrition and an exercise routine. We’ve got fat loss programs that you can
      choose from here: http://hasfit.com/which-program-is-right-for-me/

  9. JY Xander / July 20, 2016

    Love this Workout, Thank you so much!!!

  10. Walid Samir / July 20, 2016

    very good

  11. Natasha Milne / July 20, 2016

    Fab workout. Love Coach Kozak and Hasfit. Been looking for a good bum
    workout. Thank u x

  12. Ludwig Spiegel / July 21, 2016

    What do you recommend for legs?

  13. Ludwig Spiegel / July 21, 2016

    Thanks for sharing

  14. ChiChi Monroe / July 21, 2016

    any tips on how to switch up your eating habits for new beginners besides
    smaller portions

  15. WorkoutMusicMix / July 21, 2016

    Good work

  16. Harshit Chauhan / July 21, 2016

    Hey Coach, I’m a badminton player. My core fails me often. Please help..

  17. Gee Acosta / July 22, 2016

    Started today with this workout and it feels great! Thank you for uploading
    this video

  18. Tanner Suits / July 27, 2016

    literally the hardest workout for men I think. hardest I’ve ever done.

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