30 Min Advanced Cardio Dumbbell Arms Workout

This 30 Min free home workout is intense! This cardio strength workout will have you dripping with sweat and you will burn mega calories in a short amount of time. Grab your dumbbells and prepare your mind for a butt kicking!

Workout Description:

Circuit One: RUN, Blade Jacks, Lateral Shuttle Lunge Touch, Kickboxing Hooks

Circuit Two: Squat Jump with Hop & Bear Crawl Extenstion
Circuit Three: Hand Release Pushup with Mountain Climbers & Single Leg Lunge Lat Row
Circuit Four: Weighted Lateral Skater & Dumbbell Shoulder Press with Toy Soldier March

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WORKOUT MUSIC: www.32mix.com
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  1. Kinsey Flauding / May 7, 2015

    Another amazing workout! I loved loved loved the music in this one! There
    was even a little country thrown in:)

    • Shelly Dose / May 7, 2015

      +Kinsey Flauding OK—Hold the fort?! You love country music too?!! I live
      and breathe it….since a little girl!

    • Kinsey Flauding / May 8, 2015

      +Shelly Dose um hell yah I love country music! 🙂 I haven’t loved it since
      I was a little girl, but I love it now, I am going to see Luke Bryan next
      weekend and I am so excited!

  2. si ta / May 10, 2015

    great workout I liked the music too, do you have longer kettlebell

    • Shelly Dose / May 11, 2015

      +silva tanielian Hi Silva, I don’t have any long kettle bell workouts…but
      I am considering making some. They won’t be solely kettlebell workouts but
      more kettlebell exercises mixed in to a strength routine. Thank you so much
      for taking the time to comment! Stick with me…I am working hard to keep
      putting them out.

  3. Millionaire Hoy / May 10, 2015

    Love the energy! Great workout!

    • Millionaire Hoy / May 11, 2015

      +Shelly Dose Thanks, Shelly. Glad I found your channel.

    • johnny bratt / May 11, 2015

      How did you find this channel?

    • Millionaire Hoy / May 14, 2015

      +johnny bratt LOL I’m YouTube’s biggest fitness fan lol – and I absolutely
      LOVE finding great new channels to follow.

    • johnny bratt / May 14, 2015

      Check out beFit channel

    • Millionaire Hoy / May 15, 2015

      +johnny bratt No doubt. I’m pretty sure I’m following about 90% of the
      fitness YouTubers at this point lol.

  4. johnny bratt / May 11, 2015

    I got abs but I can’t see it
    How to lose this little bully fat ?
    I’m not too fat 

  5. Surbhi Thukral / September 1, 2015

    Great workout …

    • Shelly Dose / September 2, 2015

      +Surbhi Thukral Thank you Surbhi and thanks for taking a moment to comment.
      Keep in touch, Shelly

  6. felicia agibi / September 2, 2015

    This was quite intense. I dripped with so much sweat!!! Thanks Shelly, I
    feel soooo good this morning. wonderful workout.

    • Shelly Dose / September 2, 2015

      +felicia agibi Thank you so much Felicia!!! It feels so good to get off on
      the right foot with a great workout. Stay in touch, Hope you are well!

  7. Medha Agarwal / September 17, 2015

    How many calories does this workout helps burn?

    • Shelly Dose / September 18, 2015

      +Medha Agarwal Hi Medha, this is a tough question because it is based on
      about a million factors! If you give it your all in a 30 Minute workout you
      can burn a few hundred calories forsure. Thank you so much for sweating
      with me and having fun! Hope you are well!

    • Medha Agarwal / September 25, 2015

      Ok . Thank you.

  8. Carrie A Groff: Healthy, Fit & Barefoot! / September 25, 2015

    Totally pouring buckets of sweat with this one lol OMG this was a tough one
    today…loved it though! Will have to come back to this one again and do it
    better next time! I love these videos that combine strength and cardio! ?
    used my 10lb weights the whole time…those weighted skaters are freaking

    • Shelly Dose / September 29, 2015

      +Carrie A Groff Carrie….You know how you get to about 20 on those
      weighted skaters and you just about want to drop the weight and cry?! Ha
      ha….I remember doing this video and being exhausted! ha ha….makes me
      laugh. Nice job on the 10lbs the whole time. I work out with a few
      different sets of weights so I can always do more weight when I can. Thanks
      as always for being such a great friend and fan.

  9. Carrie A Groff: Healthy, Fit & Barefoot! / October 22, 2015

    No rest for the weary in this one Shelly! Lol ? Had to do this one again
    and man it’s still a tough workout! Love that it challenges me!

    • Shelly Dose / October 23, 2015

      +Carrie A Groff Ok Carrie….I have to admit this: I did this workout one
      day with my friend Crissy and I kept telling her….Shut me off….I am
      doing WAY TOO MANY REPS!!!!!! I could not even keep up with myself!!!! LOL.
      I am actually thinking of remaking this one in a HIIT format. Look for it.
      I had to share because you are a beast to like this one! Haha…..

    • Carrie A Groff: Healthy, Fit & Barefoot! / October 24, 2015

      +Shelly Dose I totally do love this one! Remake it as a HIIT but don’t get
      rid of this ?

  10. Cindy Acevedo-Vaughn / October 26, 2015

    Since I’m new to your channel and couldn’t decide which workout to do, I
    did this one and I LOVED it!!!!

    • Shelly Dose / October 26, 2015

      +Cindy Acevedo-Vaughn Cindy! You picked a hard one! ha ha

    • Cindy Acevedo-Vaughn / October 26, 2015

      +Shelly Dose yes I did. I wanted to see if I could do it and I did!!! Ya me

    • Shelly Dose / October 27, 2015

      +Cindy Acevedo-Vaughn Ya YOU is right! I actually might put this workout
      into a HIIT format but with different exercises. LMK what you think about
      my other videos as you move through them!

  11. Jen C / January 1, 2016

    love your videos, your music, and your attitude! Excited to use them to
    help me meet my goals for 2016!

    • Shelly Dose / January 11, 2016

      +Jen C Whoop! Thank you Jen, I really do appreciate getting a message like
      this. It’s the best part of all my hard work. Cheers to meeting your goals!

  12. Lucy Roy / January 19, 2016

    great workout

    • Shelly Dose / January 19, 2016

      +Lucy Roy Thanks so much Lucy!

    • Lucy Roy / January 19, 2016

      +Shelly Dose thank you 🙂

  13. Kathy W / February 14, 2016

    For those of you that haven’t done this one… it’s a good one!

  14. Michelle Elizabeth (CreativeCritters) / April 2, 2016

    Awesome quick sweat! Thanks Shelly! :)

    • Shelly Dose / April 3, 2016

      +Michelle Elizabeth (CreativeCritters) This one is KILLER Michelle!!! Hope
      you are doing well..Thanks as always:)

  15. Kathryn Livy / May 23, 2016

    It’s Victoria Day here in Canada so it a holiday with lots of celebrating.
    So I thought I would do an easier workout ?? nope it was tough but just
    what I needed to get moving. Thanks Shelly ?

  16. The Cat and Panda Show / June 1, 2016

    Another great workout!

    • Shelly Dose / June 1, 2016

      Thank you! This workout is still one of the the hardest no doubt! I still
      chuckle every time I see your youtube/google name, the cat and panda show.
      Haha…It must have meaning! Hope you are well….Shelly

  17. Charlene Joan Sant / June 10, 2016

    Nice workout ! Just worried that my labrador still wants me to take her for
    a jog :D

    • Shelly Dose / June 12, 2016

      Haha Charlene! You can do my videos and go for a run. That is my favorite
      combination for a workout. Run outside and then come inside and do another
      workout to mix it up! Hope you are well….Shelly

    • Charlene Joan Sant / June 13, 2016

      +Shelly Dose haha we did go for a jog and both felt great afterwards! ^_^
      thanks for the video!!

  18. J Poodie / July 19, 2016

    I worked up a great sweat! Thank you girlie you are my new Shero ????

    • Shelly Dose / July 21, 2016

      Dang…I’ll take being called a superhero! Wahoo! Thank you for taking a
      moment to send me a message. Stay in touch:) Shelly

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