30 Min. STRONGER: KILLER Legs Dumbbell Workout | HIIT/STRONGER: Day 16

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[Est. Calories Burned: 141-369]

This workout consists of 20 INTENSE exercise moves – 45 seconds of work and 15 secs. rest between each exercise. We're going to kick this workout off with a warm-up and end with a cool-down stretch after this workout is completed.

Equipment Used:

Workout Breakdown:

Warm-up/Stretch — 00:28 / 02:34
Water Break — 06:03

Circuit 01:
01 — Tri-Switch Lunges — 06:33
02 — Plyo Skaters — 07:33
03 — S2S Goblet Squats — 08:33
04 — Alt. Lunges — 09:33
05 — Booty Builders — 10:33
06 — Curtsy Crosses — 11:33
07 — Twerk Twists — 12:33
08 — Bulgarian Lunges — 13:33
09 — Paddle Lunges — 14:33
10 — Typewriters — 15:33
11 — Rev. Pulse Lunges — 16:33
12 — Goblet Pulses — 17:32
13 — Pick-up Squats — 18:32
14 — ISO Calf-Raises — 19:32
15 — Tri-Calf Raises — 20:32
16 — Globe Squats — 21:32
17 — Deadlift Splits — 22:32
18 — Switch Lunges — 23:32
19 — Stack Squats — 24:32
20 — Wall Squats — 25:32

Stretch — 26:47

What I Ate Today:
• 3 Scrambled Eggs w/ Tomatoes, Mushrooms & Broccoli (Mrs. Dash Table Blend/no salt)
• Apple Strawberry Oatmeal (apple, strawberry, cinnamon, walnuts, 1/2 banana, and honey)

Post Workout:
• Fruit Smoothie [1.5 bananas, strawberries, honeydew, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, greek yogurt & honey with a water base]
• 2X Sweet Potato
• Peanut Butter, Honey & Cinnamon Sandwich

• Lentils, Black beans, Quinoa, and Mixed Vegetables [corn, tomatoes, peas, carrots, and green beans]

• 2x Apples

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Which was your favorite exercise move? Which was most challenging? Let us know below.
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  1. Camden Smith / July 13, 2015

    question Mill…for those of us with man legs but we hAve female parts lol
    is this good to slim or should I do no weight…my legs since I have been
    doing ok you are getting freaking huge they are up one entire inch in
    circumference this year…not doing just you tho for those reading this. So
    I stopped lifting on them except butt lift stuff but they are still

    What’s your suggestion on how to do this for those of us who seem to stack
    it on? By the way my arms are looking fan freaking tactic heavy lifting and
    I had cut back my cardio I’m picking my cardio back up I’m wondering if
    that would help my legs but long story short I’d like to know how to do the
    specific legwork out or if you have another suggestion for me if it’s not
    this one

  2. Eobard Thawne / July 14, 2015

    I’m calling you the Hamburglar because you done stole the use of my
    hamstrings, quads, calves, and glutes from me. I wonder if I can ask my
    boss to let me work from my bed tomorrow because it’s gonna be tough
    gettin’ out of it.

    • Millionaire Hoy / July 14, 2015

      +Eobard Thawne Hahaha!!! I remember working in retail and my coworkers
      always knew when I was recovering from leg day. I was always the guy
      running through the store to help bring customers their items, putting
      merchandise back on the floor, and doing whatever to make work more active
      lol – I also always talked about fitness and diet all day, so they knew
      that when I was a little more sluggish, that it had to be the legs lol.

    • Eobard Thawne / July 14, 2015

      +Millionaire Hoy Much of the same here, my friend hahaha. Actually, you
      have helped me to make positive changes in the lives of my coworkers. I
      won’t blab your ear off, but by proxy, they are healthier and more
      physically active. It’s a great thing to see.

    • Millionaire Hoy / July 14, 2015

      +Eobard Thawne Yeah, man I feel you. Whenever we’d have lunch, the topic
      would always be “What is Millionaire eating?”. I remember that I once at a
      Starburst as a dare and mostly everyone who didn’t see it thought that it
      was a hoax lol. I worked at Nordstrom Rack on the Mag Mile and I’d always
      be helping women pick out their spouses workout clothes [meaning we never
      sold any long basketball shorts lol] – other than that, I was copping every
      pair of Nikes on sale in my size. I had fun, but everyone knew that my
      heart was in fitness and that I’d eventually be outta there lol.

    • Eobard Thawne / July 14, 2015

      +Millionaire Hoy I got the same exact complaint for the first year I worked
      there…then, people started seeing the results I was getting and suddenly
      their lunches started to resemble mine. 🙂

  3. Lenula / July 14, 2015

    Oh my, pick-up squats after goblet pulses should be illegal!! 🙂 This was
    like an endless row of terrible and more terrible move…my legs are on
    fire :)

    • Millionaire Hoy / July 14, 2015

      +lenula LOL When I was writing that combination, there was a moment where
      my brain was going “what are you thinking?” lol. I knew that it would make
      a killer combo and I was almost too afraid to stack those moves one after
      the other. In the end, I chose not to base the routine in fear and instead
      focus on effectiveness – which kicked my butt lol.

    • Lenula / July 14, 2015

      +Millionaire Hoy It surely kicked every butt on the internet :)) The
      workout was amazing, but man, now I really can´t sit… 🙂

    • Eobard Thawne / July 14, 2015

      +Millionaire Hoy +lenula Totally illegal. I just looked at my screen
      sideways when those two moves were back to back, and said, “Tuck! Are you
      tucking kiddin’ me, Mill!?”

  4. Olivia Szeplaki / July 14, 2015

    oh our black swan, i think that it was a very good idea not to put the
    booty builders as the last move! it’s better for the proper form!
    And what’s up with your kettlebell? Is it gathering dust in the corner?!
    You could do a STRONGER or even HIIT wo with it for butt and legs. Next
    Teusday?! Hmmmm? What do you think?

    • Millionaire Hoy / July 14, 2015

      +Olivia Szeplaki LOL, thanks. My kettlebell literally has sweat on it
      [noticed it the other day lol]. Truth be told [and I know that this is
      sacrilege] but I’ve never been a huge fan of the kettlebells. Don’t get me
      wrong, I don’t hate them, but the distribution of weight in KBs make the
      flow a bit awkward for me, when compared to dumbbells – that and more
      people have access to DBs than KBs. With all of the being said, I guess
      I’ll dust them “bad boys” off, come up with some new moves, and GET IT
      POPPIN’ LOL.

    • Lenula / July 19, 2015

      +Millionaire Hoy I have to completely agree, me and kettlebells will never
      be best friends, it just feels awkward to me. Dumbells are definitely the
      winner for me 🙂

  5. Fermieru SouL / July 14, 2015

    Did it after the HIIT and my legs are sore.I am going to take a sower and
    eat some food.Great day✌?

  6. Anna Teittinen / July 14, 2015

    Wow! I did this STRONGER workout right after the HIIT, as usual, but this
    workout was something else! My legs got SUPER TIRED not even half way
    through!!! I’ve got to work on holding doing on those wall squats! Just
    love this workout!

  7. Anna Teittinen / July 14, 2015

    For me, I think this was the hardest lower body STRONGER workout in this
    series so far! I was walking SO SLOWLY at the grocery store 3 hours post
    workout! LOL! 

  8. TooFIT4You / July 14, 2015

    I totally dig these butt workouts. this one takes the cake though.. Just
    never said die. thanks Millhoy, cheers, Kate:)

  9. Meghan Beth / July 14, 2015

    Fantastic routine! While I know plyo and bodyweight are great tools for
    burning calories, I love using weights. It makes me feel more accomplished,
    and it’s a good way to measure progress by being able to up the weight as
    you progress. As tough as this one was, it flew by and the challenges were
    awesome. Thanks for putting so much time and energy into these videos. They
    really are encouraging. Peace.

  10. VEGAN MGTOW / July 15, 2015

    Today’s workout was great. THANKS!

  11. Amber Ooo / July 19, 2015

    Maaaaan, my butt has been yelling at me all day! Yesterday before my kids
    woke up, I completed this video and the all over abs. I still had a little
    energy left in me to burn off, so I (attempted because this video already
    had my legs burning) Shaun t’s Friday fight night round 2! I really loved
    combining both of you together. I know you base some videos off of him, and
    it definitely is amazing! Thanks for a great pump mill ?

  12. Katalinka Saroltka Veszprémi / July 27, 2015

    You’re still the prettiest fitness trainer over here:) Thanks for Tiffany’s
    good taste and style! I can’t tell you how I am sick of those topples
    chippendale trolls over…there….pfff….

    • Millionaire Hoy / July 27, 2015

      +Katalinka Saroltka Veszprémi LOL you’re too funny. I gotta admit that
      before doing YouTube videos, I preferred to workout topless – just due to
      the sweat and extra laundry it takes to wear tops lol – and although I
      don’t think there’s anything wrong with the human body, I try to keep this
      a family channel. I did three workouts topless and I can say that it
      attracts a different crowd lol.

    • Katalinka Saroltka Veszprémi / July 27, 2015

      +Millionaire Hoy Yes, I remember, and you’re right, it’s very comfy,
      anyway, the 6534th narcissistic exhibitionist upper body can be boring,
      while a tasty outfit can enhance the perceptual experience, trust me:)

    • Millionaire Hoy / July 27, 2015

      +Katalinka Saroltka Veszprémi Thanks, homie. Knowing that it matters to
      some, definitely makes all the extra sweat from wearing shirts worth it 🙂

    • Katalinka Saroltka Veszprémi / July 27, 2015

      +Millionaire Hoy Honestly, my comment was focused and based on the lower
      part, and the bottom is worth nothing without the top:)

  13. Nada Elsaedy / August 2, 2015

    Today I thought u won’t do any workout as I am so tired but I did the whole
    workout and thinking of jumping rope next … So killer and so brutal today
    +Millionaire Hoy 

    • Millionaire Hoy / August 2, 2015

      +Nada Elsaedy LOL I can totally relate to that. I have a theory that
      thinking about exercising beforehand only makes your brain think of ways to
      trick you out of doing it lol – might make a video on this one day lol.
      This is why I always just hit “play” and get started – even if I start off
      slow. Way to push through and get started without listening to that very
      convincing logic to not begin lol.

    • Nada Elsaedy / August 2, 2015

      Yes that what I did … I just press play and in such a day in first round
      I feel heavy and can’t move but just in middle of workout I just get
      energetic and thinking of what to do next after finishing the workout +Millionaire

  14. Александр Алексеев / March 22, 2016

    +Millionaire Hoy Hey, I have a stupid question. You often say something
    like “this is a fairy move”, but it’s probably not “fairy”, but some other
    word. What is it?

    • Millionaire Hoy / March 22, 2016

      +Александр Алексеев Hmmmm… I’m not sure. Are you sure it’s not “failure

    • iawia / March 23, 2016

      +Millionaire Hoy Yeah, this is it probably. Thanks!

  15. alpha fam / April 22, 2016

    excercise with u everyday! awesome workouts!

    • Millionaire Hoy / April 22, 2016

      +alpha fam Thank you, alpha fam. truly appreciate your support. Keep up the
      awesome work 🙂

  16. WeGottaSituation / May 6, 2016

    Those 15 second rests were LIFE!!!! lol thanks for the killer workout!

  17. Nada Elsaedy / May 23, 2016

    Done again and struggle and my leg stiff right now 🙁 but love that finish
    it u always rock

  18. Anna Teittinen / June 5, 2016

    Day 16 now done! Oh the Goblet Pulses and Wall Squats… major LEG
    BURNERS!!! LOVED this workout! Thank you as always, Millionaire Hoy! Have a
    Wonderful Sunday! ?

  19. lynn Amel / June 22, 2016

    Day 16 DONE !!!!

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