30 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout

This 30 minute workout uses dumbbells to shape and sculpt your full body, while keeping your heart rate up in the process. Options for all fitness levels.

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  1. Yvonne Hill / February 16, 2016

    when you did the lunge at 4:29 you only did one side. what about the other
    quad and butt cheek? I can’t do this workout because of this. looks good

    • BodyFit By Amy / February 16, 2016

      +Yvonne Hill We do the other side at around 10:05. It’s a circuit style so
      we do one side, followed by a few other exercises in the circuit, then do
      the other side 🙂 Hope you get to try the whole thing! Thanks!

    • sarita hernandez / April 12, 2016

      +BodyFit By Amy I love your workout thanku in advance im 200lb I started
      doing weight training but im afraid of the scale going up how many pounds
      more am I going to see go up ppl been telling me im slimming down im also
      doing zumba and watching my calories intake should I stop the dumbbells and
      lose more pounds first I only have lost around 8lb in almost 3 months but I
      just added the dumbbells 2 weeks ago im not the healthiest so im not that
      strong and also can I use the same size of dumbbells?

  2. Whimgypsy / March 4, 2016

    omg Just did this full workout & I’M HYPED!!! Also super tired from it!

    amazing workout, great instruction!! 😀 THANK YOU SO MUCH AMY

  3. JankembreyaDHill15 / May 6, 2016

    Today was my first day, I made it to 20:17 lol.

  4. logie bear / June 1, 2016

    im doing this today. i’ll come back 2 weeks later to tell you how i feel 🙂
    omg im so excited

    • logie bear / June 29, 2016

      you should try it +suparna samaddar ? it works for mee hahaha

    • logie bear / June 29, 2016

      great ! it works hoho +fmard ??

    • Kayla Büchner / June 29, 2016

      +logie bear that’s awesome ?

    • Zara Qayum / July 17, 2016

      hey how much did you loose

    • suparna samaddar / July 18, 2016

      +logie bear yeah… I’m doing modified strength training…which is going
      great with me..last 2weeks..
      strength training rocks

  5. Rock Star / June 11, 2016

    Is। that going to lose fat or gain muscle?

    • African Child / June 19, 2016

      Probably both, but id guess its mire muscle building since you use weight

    • BodyFit By Amy / June 20, 2016

      Definitely both, but it won’t make your muscles big and bulky! Because
      we’re moving fast and keeping your heart rate up your burning calories as
      we strengthen the muscles!

    • Nathan Wallace / August 4, 2016

      This workout will do exactly ‘Nothing’ for all but the totally sedentary.
      Focus on strength training (with some cardio sessions also) and controlling
      your caloric intake. Find a Strength&Conditioning coach in your arena
      they’ll take you through everything…. You’re welcome.

  6. Elizabeth Contreras / June 18, 2016

    Day 2! Was able to do all of it except only 1/2 the plank set. Planks
    suck!!!! Had to hit the pause button a couple times because my toddler kept
    trying to climb on me but I still did it!

  7. fmard / June 28, 2016

    can i build muscles with this workout if I’m very thin??

    • nytterai / July 17, 2016

      i don’t see why not

    • fmard / July 17, 2016

      +nytterai because this exercises seems to be really fast like it
      concentrate on burning fat more than building muscles I’m doing them like
      twice a week though I think I would have to work harder to see any results

  8. Gianne Torres / July 4, 2016

    hi I just started doing this today! what do you suggest on how long should
    i keep doing this routine? and when should i step it up and try another one
    of your workout routines?

  9. Juliette Psycdellic / July 4, 2016

    i super love this workout!!

  10. D.R. Q. / July 7, 2016

    Holy crap!!! Is this entire thing SQUATS???!!!! Calm down crazy!!!!

  11. Rajawi Zayer / July 9, 2016

    Amazing workout! I started to workout n eat clean since jan this year and
    so far ive lost 80 pounds but then i hit a plateau! I was doing mainly
    cardio n i bet thats the reason y im not losing anymore.. So i found this
    workout 2day n im gonna start doing it 3 times a week along with cardio to
    try n beat this stupid plateau! Wish me luck!

    • Michelle Eduarte / July 28, 2016

      hi can i ask u about the right db,, i will use f i make this work out

  12. Dominique Azaria Douglas / July 11, 2016

    I am loving this workout. How heavy are your dumbbells

  13. oegunim / July 19, 2016

    Going to do this workout with my 15 lb dumbbells tomorrow. ^^

  14. Ann P / July 23, 2016

    Love your workouts. Love the fact that they are at a slower pace. Thank

  15. Francis Madira / July 25, 2016

    guys if i say 4kg dumbells does that mean 2kg in each hand or 4kg in each

  16. Nina Adams / July 27, 2016

    fun fun fun!!! thankyou 🙂 x

  17. Nina Adams / July 27, 2016

    fun fun fun!!! thankyou 🙂 x

  18. clauditaluna / July 27, 2016

    great workout! my legs are already killing me haha

  19. Michelle Eduarte / July 28, 2016

    hi ms, amy in db,, can i ask how much weigh of db ,, proper 2 use

  20. Sharon Lloyd / August 2, 2016

    hi amy i just want to ask i dont have the trx bands i think thats what they
    are called which exercise can i substitute it for thanks

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