300 Spartan Workout Routine To Help You Get Six Pack Abs

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300 Spartan Training Workout. Home Version. This is my home version Spartan training that anyone can perform from home. The rules are simple. Perform the exercise shown in any order. Perform 30 reps for each one. Perform 30 reps per exercise. Complete a total of 300 reps combined.

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  1. Ifchickenugget / March 28, 2008

    ur ment to that once a day 30 times each exercise 7 days for 1 week then go
    onto training number 2 an so on for 16 weeks. i think

  2. Nicholas Livesagain / April 12, 2008

    this seems very good i liked it!

  3. rookiestyle011 / April 26, 2008

    cool. i wanna try!!xD

  4. Sawnduz / February 21, 2009

    just one question, how & when do you know its time to switch to training
    set 2? and so forth with the other training sets?

  5. Sawnduz / February 21, 2009

    Just one questions….. How & when do you know your ready to move to the
    next training set ?

  6. Anto2156 / February 22, 2009

    do u only do this once or do u repeat the workout

  7. blackflytr / March 2, 2009

    looks cool, ill try at home =)

  8. mtk139 / March 3, 2009

    hey everybody i wanted to ask a question i am18 years old 225 pounds and 6
    feet tall in my research i read that in order to gain muscle you need to
    eat about 6 times a day andi want and need to lose weight but also gain
    muscle so if to build muscle you must eat and to lose fat you must eat a
    little less does anyone have info or tips for me please reply to this thank

  9. HotSauceFan9 / March 3, 2009

    You workout in a hat?

  10. ReflKnight / March 6, 2009

    Its wery good! I;l try it! ^^ video 5/5

  11. CallMiMr / March 11, 2009

    So, are you supposed to do workout 1, 2, 3 every other day with a day’s
    rest or are you supposed to do 1 through 7 everyday?

  12. Reece Carvin / March 17, 2009

    getting a 6 pack is not hard at all.

  13. blatent101 / March 21, 2009

    Lol! Prison Squats!!!

  14. Brandon Schemmel / August 24, 2009

    you pick one of the three and do it. They all work wonders.

  15. Keeny Newton / September 3, 2009

    30 pull-ups! woah

  16. Thugsvideos / November 4, 2013

    If u cant do 30 of something bring it down to like 15 or 20 and then next
    week try to go up to like 20 or 25

  17. Ace Balthazar / November 5, 2013

    IT BURNS!!

  18. Ace Balthazar / November 5, 2013

    293 people are very lazy

  19. Arthur Bello / November 13, 2013

    tks bro i now i try do this every day

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