7 Styles of Barbell Curls For Bigger Biceps

Get Ripped Muscles Fast:

Hey Guys,

It's Mike with Six Pack Shortcuts. Today I wanted to show you seven ways to do a Barbell Curl to get bigger biceps!

A lot of people are always asking how to get their biceps bigger. Whether you have big arms or small, biceps are built with the same set of exercises! One of the best is to do a Barbell Curl.

Today we are going to go over the several different ways to do a Barbell Curl, so that you can get more gains in your biceps and build bigger arms!

Video Breakdown:
So here we go… 7 Different Ways To Do Barbell Curls:

1:49 1 – Wide Grip- Unlike 'Standard Grip' where the grip is lined up with your shoulders, anything held wider would be considered 'Wide Grip.' I usually like to be 2-3 inches wider than my shoulders.' 'Wide Grip' will work in the inside of your biceps.

2:45 2 – Close Grip- 'Close Grip' is going to work on the outside of your biceps. To get to 'Close Grip' hold the bar in 'Standard Grip' (lined with shoulders) then move your hand so that your thumb is where your pinkie is. This is going to bring your grip a little closer than shoulder width apart, and again, work the outside or outerpart of your biceps.

3:36 3 – Wrist Back/Forward- Your wrist plays a big part in bicep curls. If you are grabbing a bar and you curl your wrist back, you will be putting a lot more emphasis on your biceps. If you put your wrist forward, then you will actually be working on your forearms vs your biceps. If you want to work your biceps, then make sure to leave your wrists back. If you want to work your forearms, leave your wrists forward.

4:47 4 – Forward Range Negative- You will do a curl up, then your goal is to move your arms outward, when you come back down. This will put a lot more emphasis on your biceps than a normal curl. Curl up and out, curl up and out, curl up and out, etc.

6:22 5 – Half Reps, on the bottom half and top – Half reps are basically when you limit the range of motion in your curl so that you are either working on the top or on the bottom. The difference is when you are working on the top, you are working on the contraction on the muscle that is right at the contraction of the bicep. When you are working on the bottom, you will be working more of the lower.

Your body will respond to the type of exercises that you do. If you train a certain way, your arms will build a certain way.

7:51 6 – Cheat Reps- 'Cheat Reps' are where you are cheating the form. A perfect form bicep curl, would be chest out, elbows next to you, bar in front if you, just curl up and down. The 'Cheat Rep' form means that you are doing something that is breaking the rules for the perfect, standard bicep curl. In trade for that, you are adding more weight or more reps. A little swing or rocking a bit can be an example of this. The bad part about 'Cheat Reps' is that you are not working your full range of motion, BUT the part of your bicep that you are working you will be getting in more reps or you are using a heavier weight than you can usually work. This allows you to big bigger muscles and help you break plateaus. 🙂

Note: Just make sure you are doing it right! If you are a beginner, get your perfect form locked down and don't try to cheat. Learn how to bicep curl correctly before moving to 'Cheat Reps.'

10:30 7 – Negative Tension Sets- 'Negative Tension Sets' are when you are holding the negative part longer than your positive. The muscle tears in the negative which will allow bigger muscle growth. This will let you get the most out of each bicep curl without having to switch up the exercise or have to do something different.

You can do any of these and swap them out! These are just 7 methods to help you big bigger muscles with Barbell Curls.

The goal of today is that when it comes to building big biceps, you don't have to try fancy new equipment or any new exercises. Your main focus is to learn how to do a basic exercise, like Barbell Curl, and to do it in a way that works your biceps more and more.

Thanks for watching this video today guys, and try some of these methods out the next time you do some Barbell Curls!


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    hello! Ive been working out with dumbells and I wanted to know, is it
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    • K Ray Thompson / June 19, 2016

      More Weight, Less Reps no more than 8-12 Reps. If you can do more than that
      in each exercise, then you aren’t using enough weight. Very Important!!

    • K Ray Thompson / June 19, 2016

      +K Ray Thompson Also you lift slow and squeeze the muscle. If the weight
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  9. MOURIS BOFFICIAL / June 19, 2016

    Do we train this 7 exercises in one day ?

  10. Ali Hamza / June 20, 2016

    If we r beginners can we exercise for 2 parts of our body like arms and
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    • Owen Balding / July 12, 2016

      You can do any variation of a workout. For example Chest and back,
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      It’s not really necessary, but do variations every now and then

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