8 Min Abs Workout how to have six pack

8 Min Abs Workout how to have six pack has been designed to specifically work on the abdominal muscles and have perfect 6 packs.
It can be done by anyone who exercises regularly, both men and women. There are no particular requirements for this abs workout; you just need to know how to properly perform the ab exercises involved and you will ready for get perfect six pack!

Perform Abs workout every second day (e.g. Mon-Wed-Fri) for at least two weeks. Then you'll be ready to perform the next level of this ab workout.
Good Luck to get six pack!

1. Working aerobically on your abdominal muscles for over 7 minutes stimulates the capillaries in this area. These in turn increase the blood flow.
2. A greater blood flow means a greater flow of oxygen – and fat only burns in the presence of oxygen.
3. Toned ab muscles need more calories (kcal) to stay active. Our organism tends to release these calories from the area near the active muscles. So it burns fat in that area.

1. This abs routine is designed to work the abdominal area 'aerobically'. Performing it straight after an aerobic workout (e.g.: running, spinning, swimming or other aerobic activities) will improve the positive effect.
2. Learn the instructions for each ab exercise of this abs workout. Ensure you perform exercises properly to get perfect six pack.
3. Pay attention on the correct breathing while performing the abs exercises. It is very important and will help you achieve the best results possible.

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    • mario palomino / July 16, 2016

      +TechnoMasterBoy how long did it take you to actually see results

    • Deegiee Gie / July 31, 2016

      +Grace Johnson me neither I’ve been doing this 3 months thogh

  4. Muhammed haitham Ayyoob / April 30, 2016

    Who else is reading comments in recovery

  5. Sadik Meah / May 17, 2016

    The recovery time is not enough for the administering of steroids

  6. sponge bob / May 20, 2016

    I watched this video twice, and where is my six pack? O’_’O

    • sponge bob / June 16, 2016

      I just simply watched this. XD

    • iLoveGlue / July 8, 2016

      +sponge bob if you watched it then why do you not have the fucking 6 pack..
      I watched it too and no six pack.. I’m disliking and unsubbing till I get
      my six pack

    • Tupac Shakur / July 29, 2016

      +iLoveGlue LMAO

    • Agnesa H / July 31, 2016

      +Tupac Shakur lmaoo. Pac, is this u? ?

  7. Kevstah / June 6, 2016

    Rip my neck ?

  8. DarkNinjaz Edits / June 9, 2016

    Got a headache from this

    • Itz Phantom / July 6, 2016

      omfg dark ninja you did this omfg you may not know me but ice been with you
      since 2014 on vine my vine is knock out

    • Samy Rh / July 30, 2016

      +Alex FC yea fr thts what i did

    • DarkNinjaz Edits / August 1, 2016

      +Alex FC been doin sit ups and have core strength but this video just got
      me fk up

    • Samy Rh / August 1, 2016

      +DarkNinjaz Edits fr i couldnt finish it

    • DarkNinjaz Edits / August 1, 2016

      +Samy Rh lol I finished it but didn’t give up

  9. Eva T. / June 11, 2016

    it works!! I saw result from the first 2 days

  10. elma jojojo / June 14, 2016

    Thank you for this workout, i finally got abs….. on my neck

    • M Smith / July 27, 2016

      +zNeoSnipez True.

    • Chinbayar Chingun / August 3, 2016


  11. Jonathan Solomon / June 16, 2016

    Try it at 1.25speed

  12. NX berry / June 18, 2016

    Damn this sick beat
    “1 2 1 2 1 2″

  13. mofit / June 22, 2016

    IF YOUR NECK IS HURTING! Don’t put your chin on your chest and bend your
    neck when you do the exercise. Keep your head still and your neck neutral!
    Keep it inline with your body like when you’re standing upright and look up
    at the ceiling, rather than down at yourself! :)

  14. Ellichia Morris / June 24, 2016

    it’s funny reading all these comments about people’s neck abs xD

  15. Mohammed Ibrahim / July 11, 2016

    i am Coming back after 3 Years when i was 12 i got my 8 packs it amazing
    worth it

  16. GameSenter / July 18, 2016

    Ive been doing this for about 2-3 months! and all i have to say is if you
    pay attention on what you eat..and just eat healthy things then this
    actually works! i had a bit of a stomach before starting this but when i
    started my Healthy diet and these exercises every day i can rly tell the
    difference i can now say that im a proud owner of a 6pack! and if you want
    to lose body fat then jogging 3 times a week allows you to lose belly
    fat..alot of people dot give a crap about my comment but i just wanted to
    write this for people that really want to give this a go! Trust me the
    outcome is one hundred percent worth it!

    • Leonardo Markosky / July 21, 2016

      were you doing 2 sessions a day or just one ?

    • not Ali A / July 22, 2016

      In the holidays I did this 10 times a day 4 in morning 4 at lunch and 2
      before bed. Trust me the neck pain goes away… Eventually

    • Simple Dan / July 23, 2016

      +GameSenter what was ur diet like what foods did it contain

    • Dominic JONES / August 1, 2016

      +not Ali A do u have a 6 pack now

  17. mike will / July 18, 2016

    If you’re having neck problems while doing this workout…place your tongue
    at the roof of your mouth. You should also look up and try focusing on a
    single object like the ceiling.. hope this helps!

  18. Jaden Sensei / August 3, 2016

    Starting this today, wish me luck! :)

    • Passion4Profession / August 5, 2016

      Great! Don’t give up! 😉

    • Angel Guevara / August 7, 2016

      LETS DO THISSS !! Day ONE>!

  19. Firefox Playz / August 5, 2016

    Ah my abs burn so much oh yeah thanks :)

    • Passion4Profession / August 5, 2016

      Keep on training…Don’t give up! 😉

    • Salem Bin Amer / August 6, 2016

      +Passion4Profession when do we move to level 2?

  20. KittyTrax / August 7, 2016

    This mixtape is fire what’s the band name?

    • KittyTrax / August 7, 2016

      One, two. One, two. OHHHH YHEEAAAH

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