A Simple Daily Ab Workout

1 weird way to get rock solid abs.

In today's video, we are going to do an awesome ab workout that can be done alone or after your daily training. And make sure you do this quick workout so you can get one step close to having the ripped abs of your dreams.

Workout breakdown:

25 Sit ups/Crunches

25 Reverse Crunches

25 V- ups

25 Toe Touches

Let's get it done!

And if you really want to get abs fast, check out this video I just posted.

It's designed to get you a ripped body and six pack abs faster than any other workout program.


Well if you don't know yet, I used to have a flabby body that held me back from living a good life. I mean I was embarrassed about how my clothes fit and even worse I had no confidence to talk to women. It wasn't until I was able to develop this one weird "trick" that gets you ripped fast, that I finally changed my life and got the ripped body of my dreams.

Check out that weird "trick" here:

Train hard,


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  1. Bobby Spencer / December 10, 2013

    Hey, im 16, pretty short and skinny, whats a good workout routine i could
    do to build muscle, and how should i eat?

    • Holtii14 / December 10, 2013

      lol you really have no clue at all.

    • Ruben Izembrandt / December 10, 2013

      maybe go to your local gym and ask men!

    • Six Pack Shortcuts & Abs After 40 / December 10, 2013

      Training: start off by picking a 4 workout video from my channel. first vid
      would be working chest and arms. 2nd is a back workout. 3rd is a leg
      training. 4th will be abs and cardio. Do one workout a day and train 4
      days a week.
      Eating: general rule of thumb is making sure every meal has protein,
      carbs, veggies. for ex: chicken, rice, broccoli = 1 meal. or steak,
      potatoes, asparagus. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Vivek Anand / March 29, 2016

      +Six Pack Shortcuts i couldnt find those videos can u please name them?
      ,because there a tons of them!!

    • BestDerockN A / May 8, 2016

      +Vivek Anand agree

  2. MaoSanitY / December 10, 2013

    Ive been doing this stuff for over like 2 months not contiously but yeah, I
    found that my biceps have gotten a bit bigger but my abs havent showed up
    but i can feel them so that is great!

    • Yael Martinez / September 21, 2015

      It takes time to get your abs..

    • Olayinka Olatunde / September 27, 2015

      +Six Pack Shortcuts In your ” Top 20 Muscle Building Exercise” video, how
      many reps do we do? And do we do all the 20 exercise? Sorry for making this
      comment here, I just thought it would get to you faster.

    • John Mackey / May 30, 2016

      Also if you have a little bit of a higher body fat percentage you will feel
      the abs but not be able to see them. Cardio will help A LOT with that.
      Also, avoid desserts, lots of bread or foods with high cholesterol, don’t
      eat too much meat but meat in one meal is fine. Also it all depends on your
      body fat percentage and metabolism.

  3. Nelson Tj / August 1, 2015

    Here in my garage, just bought this new lamborghini

    • mikey coyne / August 14, 2015

      I like to take it out up here in the hollywood hills ?

    • Singhie / September 30, 2015

      +Nelson Tj ya know whats more important than money? knowledge

    • Bahau Bgs / October 30, 2015


    • jarjarlove22 / February 15, 2016

      Here in the bathroom, holding my weenie

  4. prettyboy tana / October 18, 2015


  5. erlock21 / November 16, 2015

    nice to know sit up are a curse even for the fittest

    • Dugout / January 6, 2016

      I don’t really understand why people say sit-ups are so hard, maybe it’s
      just me having done a lot of them and stuff, but I don’t ever remember them
      being that hard

    • camtasia1000 / February 21, 2016

      not to be that guy lol but 120 sit ups is still beginner
      +Mitchell Windsheimer

  6. Ameen Hamzeh / January 5, 2016

    damn, glenn got ripped

    • Emily Hope / May 5, 2016

      I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought he looked like Glenn! ?

    • Pepe Coronel / June 24, 2016

      HAHAHAH You need to go up to the top.

  7. Emronaldo / April 4, 2016

    I hate toe touches, they are just too damn hard

  8. gray / April 13, 2016

    background music?

  9. Gijs Vonk / May 7, 2016

    idk how to do the excersises good i have a feeling im not doing it the
    right way

    • FusionX / June 30, 2016

      It’s probably because u just started doing them I felt the same way but
      I’ve been doing this but my dad is training me I wasn’t used to it but the
      more u do it the more it seems like a pattern everyday

  10. Wade Morton / May 14, 2016

    How long until they start to show

    • Steezy McCheezy / June 1, 2016

      5 years at least

    • Steezy McCheezy / June 1, 2016

      ………. at least……

    • Apollo is Swag / June 6, 2016

      +Steezy McCheezy Lmao, you just destroyed that person’s hopes and dreams

    • Ben Duncan / June 7, 2016

      +Steezy McCheezy Lol thats not even close to accurate. Maybe if you start
      at 400 pounds, it took me about 4 months to get a six pack when I was
      running track. Just eat clean, do cardio, and work them out plenty so they
      punch out

  11. Jaime Salazar / May 29, 2016

    sad he retired everone in S.P.S are good trainers but I started out
    watching the channel with mike.

    • KuriousKoopa Troopa / August 6, 2016

      +The Law YT wdym? I don’t see him anymore in any videos

    • KuriousKoopa Troopa / August 6, 2016

      +The Law YT that sux he was the best imo

  12. Swampy AJC / June 21, 2016

    Does dropping weights on you toes make them stronger ;)

  13. Zoomified x20 / June 23, 2016

    Hey shortcuts, I have heard rumors that it’s actually bad to work out your
    abs everyday, it’s called “muscle confusion..” is this true?

  14. Rae “raederps08” Derps / July 1, 2016


  15. Yash Boodhooa / July 8, 2016


  16. Noah Hull / July 18, 2016

    Ma boi look like lue kang from mortal combat ?

  17. Koby Porter / July 31, 2016

    If I do this everyday how long will it take (approximately) for results to

  18. Sean Potgieter / August 3, 2016

    Do you have any intermediate ab workouts?

  19. paran kumar / August 4, 2016

    what is that footwear called
    your cmmnt will be appreciated

  20. michael head / August 7, 2016

    Nice Asian body

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