Abs Workout how to get six pack abs

Many people want to know: "how to get six pack" or "how to Abs". Answer is easy: "Perform this Abs workout" three times per week. Your Fitness instructor now is free. Just click PLAY, watch this video and follow the music.
For best results please learn the correct perfomance of the each exercise involved in the abs workout (please, pay special attention to the correct breathing).

Use this best workout to get perfect abdominals. Flat stomach and six pack abs fast and easy!

Updated video (in HD) –

After 2-4 weeks you'll be ready to move to the LEVEL2:
Level 3:


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  1. ‫לאה אלפסי‬‎ / January 6, 2014

    מעולה למי שרוצה קוביות בבטן ולחזק את שרירי הבטן

  2. Ploki777 / February 9, 2014

    I use this workout and now I have the six pack, thank you soooo much ^^. I
    won’t lie, it’s hard but if you get through it definitely worth it.

    • Mohamed Amr / February 13, 2014

      how many days you train ?
      how long have you been training ?
      what was your weight before getting six packs ?
      What is your height?
      Thank in advance .

    • Black Goku / March 5, 2014

      +Mohamed Amr brah do these exercises three times in a week and set a
      recovery day in between the training days .. do not perform it everyday !
      eat good and train .. you`ll see the results within a week ! all the best !

      NB : your abs won`t show up until you achieve a low bodyfat .. measure your
      bodyfat percentage and maintain a good diet .. then you can have a good
      looking six pack abs ! 🙂

    • Black Goku / September 7, 2015

      +last_killer you gotta lower your bf% under 10 to see your abs clearly. you
      may see the outline at 15%

  3. U. Carrillo / February 28, 2014

    a hernia I will get lol xD

  4. Roeland van den dool / March 15, 2014

    I cant get of the ground with my back enough, i just come of the ground
    with my shoulderblades and around 4 inches from that, what can i do to get
    better off the ground, or is it good? Or do i need some training first?

    • Tehhslayer / March 25, 2014

      Het gaat er geloof ik om dat je zo ver omhoog gaat dat je het voelt in je
      buikspieren na een paar keer.

    • AgentmetdeFlaporen / September 29, 2014

      gewoon trainen joh!

  5. Habib Zahid / April 9, 2014

    Is it 30 seconds break or 30 minutes

  6. Ivan Pushkarev / May 17, 2014

    Please more movement on his feet. 

  7. Diskaka / May 18, 2014

    Im starting today! About 4 weeks i will come back and Confirm if it
    works!!!! Wish me Goodluck Guys! xD 

    • HaMaD506TMiMi / February 23, 2015

      +The fifanerd worked for me too

    • HaMaD506TMiMi / February 23, 2015

      +The fifanerd
      how many times u do this at week

    • Diskaka / February 23, 2015

      5 days in a week, and i do it 3 times per day!

    • Crownses / May 21, 2016

      +The fifanerd so u got nice abs now?

  8. Evan Nunez / June 18, 2014

    More like 8 ways to kill your neck

    • Jackie Marrima / December 4, 2014

      When you are cruching you need to focus on have the CORE do it’s job, make
      sure that when you are cruling up you press your belly bottom toward the
      spine then lift your shoulder blads off the floor keeping your eyes on you
      stomach….make sure to breath in when you are lifting up and breath out
      whem going down,


    • danding / December 5, 2014

      +Jackie Marrima
      pretty sure you breathe out when going up, and breathe in going down.

  9. Samo Nogomet / June 24, 2014

    i have 4 pack abs and i will come for 1 months later and i will tell your
    diference …

    • Samo Nogomet / July 4, 2014

      after 10 days i have nice changes 😀

    • Samo Nogomet / July 4, 2014

      i am working every 2. day

    • HaMaD506TMiMi / September 2, 2014

      +Samo Nogomet And now?

    • HaMaD506TMiMi / February 23, 2015

      guys i worked it

      and now finally got the 6 pack

  10. Fernanda VG / September 19, 2014

    The video is amazing. Me ayudo mucho mucho. 

  11. mastervule / February 19, 2015

    Every single person in comment section that says they will come back and
    say does it work dissapears XD Idk shoud I do this extrecise haha. JK of
    course. I have done one today.. Though it took me 25 minutes actually cause
    I’m super weak :L Well hope it will give me some results anyway haha

  12. Rachida lf / March 30, 2015

    wow its worked i have 4 pack

  13. DeusNoctua / April 22, 2015

    How many times a week should this workout be done?

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    • Susan Byrne / June 10, 2016

      yeah ??

  14. DeusNoctua / April 30, 2015

    I been doing this since Tuesday 4/21/15, I work out between 4-5 days a
    week. Now, i been getting use to the work out but don’t get the wrong idea
    it does hurt, yet I don’t feel that soreness anymore. And overall I been
    wondering, is it because I got used to it and need to take it to the next
    level or because I’m doing something wrong? I would highly appreciate if
    someone who has gotten results from this workout could answer my question
    please, you would become my hero.

  15. Malik Johnson / June 23, 2015

    I got a 10 pack

  16. yali segal / June 27, 2015

    its a fucking robot in the video…no1 can do what he did

  17. yonatan cohen / July 6, 2015

    How soon see the results?

  18. Owen Batten / July 9, 2015

    I’m 11 5.1 stone how long will it take me if I do this every day?

  19. xsol1dsn4kex / October 30, 2015

    ATTENTION: If you cant complete this workout is because you’re under fited.
    Try jogging for a few weeks, make it a habit, push ups, and sit ups may
    also help you on this one, then comeback and try this. This workout is
    effective but you need the pshysical condition to perform it as shown in
    the vid. Although a six pack is a matter of genetics and good nutrition.

  20. Andrejs Embriks / December 12, 2015

    i like it it’s workout is so good. But how soon wait to result?

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