Andy Haman’s New Big Arms DVD

Andy Haman's new DVD pumping arms. Available now at
Background music is Beyond Paranoia. Composer Jon Dal. Publisher Jon Dal.

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  1. newboldspawn / October 10, 2012

    how many of you guys looked down at your arms after reading this?

  2. reinoaventura1988 / October 22, 2012


  3. Guppusmaximus / October 27, 2012

    Even if you did all the hard work you couldn’t get THERE without steroids.

  4. Alexander Gallo / October 28, 2012

    it takes them further than the natural genetic potential but its still hard

  5. Guppusmaximus / October 28, 2012

    Agreed. But that doesn’t negate my point…

  6. Alexander Gallo / October 28, 2012

    you have a point but we should not focus on steroids but the beauty of the

  7. Guppusmaximus / October 29, 2012

    Again, I agree,but, steroids are their “dirty” little secret. And,no, I do
    not have the same ignorant viewpoint towards steroids nor do I despise
    them. I just feel like a lot of these bodybuilders do not present an
    accurate picture. In other words, they try to make people believe that it’s
    strength without a supplement or “boost”.

  8. Alexander Gallo / October 29, 2012

    i see your point. but i don’t think its a secret. they don’t talk about it
    like their protein powder sponsor but it is well know that hormone boosters
    are a part of the sport on the top level

  9. TheMrDanielPetersen / November 1, 2012

    Gotta love the roids..

  10. Pav RS / November 1, 2012

    lol his nipples are like needles 0:26

  11. Poul Wrist / November 7, 2012

    Yea, what a rolemodel for his kids.

  12. William Chin / November 10, 2012

    can i have his old big arms

  13. Vishnu Shankar / November 16, 2012


  14. paul sarver / November 21, 2012

    No I just gave you motivation to work out.

  15. Corey Brokaw / January 15, 2013

    very smart haha

  16. Zorminator X / May 1, 2013

    This guy takes all kinnnnnnnnnnnndz of steroids………aaaallllll

  17. Ankit Paudel / July 15, 2013

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