Arm Muscle Exercises : The Barbell Forearm Extension Arm Exercise

Learn how to do the barbell forearm extension and the proper technique in this free how-to video on arm exercises.

Expert: Manny Castro
Bio: Manny Castro received his BS in Health Education/ Exercise Physiology and Athletic Training from Florida International University, and completed several internships in cardiac rehab, and strength and
Filmmaker: Manuel Castro

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  1. 719FoxRider719 / December 30, 2008

    thanks a lot. this will help so much. good explanation

  2. arasten / March 29, 2009

    experience isn’t about the body, it’s about the brain that u have.

  3. Wrathorn / April 29, 2009

    A lot of people I know can NOT bend their wrist in a straight bar that way
    in the correct range of motion needed. This exercise is best performed
    using a curl bar.

  4. DOEBOY546 / May 17, 2009

    He’s a physiologist not a bodybuilder

  5. alleystang2000 / May 31, 2009

    You’re so fucking dumb.

  6. alleystang2000 / May 31, 2009


  7. alleystang2000 / June 4, 2009

    Useless…are you crazy? Anyway, proper form = no wrist injuries.

  8. Damian Yampolsky / August 24, 2009

    Why using pronation and big bar? No point

  9. sondre63 / October 13, 2009

    where can you buy the Hercules bar in Norway!?! need help!!!!

  10. zzyzxDUFFY / August 20, 2010

    The muscles you work here are exactly the same as the one’s you use for
    drumming, I only have to train my inner forearm ’cause the drumming does
    the rest for me 🙂

  11. jdpennington1976 / March 3, 2011

    So because the guy is’nt built like a IFBB competiter he does’nt know what
    he’s talking about?LoL,I guess Joe Weider should have thrown in the towel a
    long time ago then huh?Even though he is considered the “father”of
    competitive bodybuilding and brought Arnold Schwarzenneger to America to
    compete,he did’nt knowq what he was talking about though because he is’nt
    big like Arnold was lol.Not everyone who lifts weights does it so they can
    look like a pro bodybuilder.

  12. karolmpl / May 23, 2011

    His name is Fidel Castro!

  13. Matthew Quigley / June 26, 2011

    @Prophetelf Not for your forearms, abs or calves, as they are fast twitch
    muscles. You should use low weight with high reps.

  14. Vlad Viktorson / August 6, 2011

    @idunnooooooo Firstly, try with small weight. Or just with an only bar.
    Keep your training up and everything will be Great.

  15. thespark07 / July 14, 2013

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