Arm Workout-How To Get Bigger Arms

Arm workout to discover how to get bigger arms, get big arms, biceps and triceps

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Jimmy's 5×5 workout:

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If you want a good arm workout or bigger arms then you must follow some advice. A good arm workout should involve reverse curls as well as various sets and reps. To get bigger arms you must train with intensity and higher reps. Arm workouts that don't use low reps won't give you big arms.

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  1. ImpactFrame / March 22, 2009

    Damn bro, your workout vids are pretty damn helpful. Youre more
    straightforward than most people on youtube. I myself have just started
    myself, and I see what I need to improve on in this and your tricep video.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. joycejjames / March 24, 2009

    Wow, Jimmy you are the expert on muscle building. Thanks for the clear
    explanation. This is great stuff.

  3. Jimmy Smith / March 24, 2009

    Happy you like it!

  4. Jimmy Smith / March 24, 2009

    Let me know if I can help you in any way bro.

  5. Jimmy Smith / March 25, 2009

    I love both but reverse curls are my favorite for packing on size fast!

  6. Mike Delon / March 27, 2009

    pull ups are the best biceps excercise period

  7. Mike Delon / March 27, 2009

    anyway you really know what ur talking about ur vids are pretty helpful
    congrats man!

  8. uglynakedboi / August 18, 2009

    Yea seriously thanks for making it easier to understand most of the
    workouts. I do a lot of the workouts that you do but always have trouble
    finding more that actually hit it. Everyones just like “MORE CURLS! MORE
    WEIGHT! lol

  9. hjohnny21 / October 15, 2009

    hey jimmy, i pretty much wanna build upper body strength like biceps
    triceps shoulders and abs so whatt do u reccomend will help me do this fast
    and easy?

  10. jdjc11 / January 28, 2010

    Jimmy, my sis just said you look cute. I guess it’s meaning she likes your
    looks but it’s your choice to look into it. Love the videos man, can’t stop
    and will not quit with these workouts, thanks!!!

  11. sanjay toppo / February 8, 2010

    this is awesome workout and really works.

  12. locfel / February 24, 2010

    super video….your really likable …go on like this!

  13. Shino / October 22, 2010

    @hjohnny21 man there’s nothing that gonna be fast and easy. well at least
    not easy!

  14. MrStephensmitty / October 30, 2010

    what size weights are those?

  15. Jimmy Smith / January 17, 2011

    @jdjc11 Thanks buddy! Tell your sister thanks too.

  16. Jimmy Smith / January 17, 2011

    @33arnie Happy you liked it!

  17. Jimmy Smith / January 17, 2011

    @locfel Thanks!

  18. EKspec / June 1, 2012

    Hey jimmy just wondering is that the complete workout or is there any other

  19. Jimmy Smith / June 1, 2012

    Hey, you can find more in my info box

  20. Auriville Faubert / August 11, 2012

    Thanks to your video guide, I now have bigger arms! 🙂

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