Arm Workout | Steve Cook | Aesthetic Arm Assault

Arm Workout | Steve Cook | Aesthetic Arm Assault

Today is arm day and we are getting back to the original Swoldier nation workout. Today we are focusing on making sure we hit each part of our arms, and really getting a nice workout.

Make sure you rest about 1 and then get right back into that Arm work out. The first part of this work out is close bench press with incline bicep curls. Make sure you can never touch those shoulders, if you do go harder, maybe even increase that weight.

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The second part of this workout
is hammer curls and incline skull crushers

Make sure on the skull crushers you lock those wrist and touch the top of your head. It is key to really stretch those triceps.

Third part of the work out its
Incline preacher curls with dumbbells.
Make sure you go up as high as you can alternate each arm

Triceps extension
Make sure that you back is parallel with the ground and reach as far as you can!

When working out make sure you get the pump. You need to make sure you keep you body fueled. If you aren't hydrated and you aren't eating right you aren't going to feel that pump that you are looking for.

Would you guys like more health tips? leave in the comments below!

Triceps extension on the cable
Bicep Curl on the cable.

These you are doing a complete burnout you are going until you can't go then you are dropping the weight.

Overall this workout is great because you are hitting all the points on our biceps. Let me know again what I can do to help you guys out!





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  1. Steve Cook / March 3, 2015

    Arm Workout | Steve Cook | Aesthetic Arm Assault,,

  2. Steve Cook / March 3, 2015

    Don’t forget to let me know what kind of new videos you would like to see!
    Health tips? more vlogs? let me know!

    • James Royal Apple / June 21, 2015

      I want to see you shout my name out James Royal Apple because that would be
      awesome. Thank you! Haha

    • chavy cavanlit / December 25, 2015

      Wazzup steve can u tell me wat program to do to build aesthetic body? Reply
      steve .from philippines by the way

    • chavy cavanlit / December 26, 2015

      Steve give a program to be a aesthetic body please reply

  3. Quang Tran / March 3, 2015

    Steve sick arm workout! We need day of eating videos!

    • Quang Tran / March 3, 2015

      10k calories challenge *

    • Anthony Lewis / March 3, 2015

      Yes! That’d be awesome

    • calvin m / March 3, 2015

      Maybe some tips on getting lean healthily for summer?

    • Julian Lloyd / March 3, 2015

      +Steve Cook No, no, no. He wants a day of EATING VIDEOS. I hear they have
      a great macronutrient profile (especially VHS).

    • gaurav soni / March 4, 2015

      +Anders Åmodt Best comment lol … the fork is definitely the secret he is

  4. Julian Perez / March 3, 2015

    2:20 she almost died mirin 

    • Nik Brudar / March 15, 2015

      +Julian Franco thank you, bro! That’s what bros are for.

    • Jordan Johnston / May 18, 2015

      I loled!

    • Randy Patlan / August 8, 2015

      Lol that was great. They be mirin on arm day.

  5. Puro Arte TzoDeMiVida / March 3, 2015

    Hey Steve when are you and Christian Guzman doing a collab!?

    • Hipsu / March 3, 2015

      +Tea Why Jelly Yes he is. A lot bigger

    • Fernand Wagayen / March 3, 2015

      Half of that weight difference is on the legs though… CG’s only flaw in
      his physique is his delts and legs, he is strong for his weight though.

    • Jacob Barton / March 20, 2015

      +Puro Arte TzoDeMiVida Heck yeah do a collab with Christian Guzman!

    • Alex Browley / September 5, 2015

      +Puro Arte TzoDeMiVida Tis time.

  6. Kamar Rafiq / March 3, 2015

    solid workout, gonna try it!

    • Steve Cook / March 3, 2015

      thank you for believing in me:)

  7. Bro_iits_pacman / March 3, 2015

    Steve Cook is officially a soccer mom.

    • Kevcbe / March 3, 2015


    • Joseph Windell / March 3, 2015

      If a soccer mom is totally fucking yoked and pounds whatever snatch they
      want, then yes. Steve is a swagged out
      soccer mom.

    • Kevcbe / March 4, 2015

      +Joseph Windell calm down fan boy it was just a joke…

  8. TravieBASED / March 3, 2015


  9. Steve Cook / March 3, 2015

    Thanks guys for the feed back you have given me! I’m taking all of it into
    consideration! Love you guys and piece! #swoldiernation

    • chris71388 / March 8, 2015

      whenever I lift legs i feel way too sore. I would like to see an in depth
      process on how you stretch/ warm up/ foam roll. Thanks

    • rupert s / March 11, 2015

      +Steve Cook steve, what camera do you use? Love the interaction with the
      audience btw. Great Video!

    • Nino Brown / March 19, 2015

      Can you do a vid on what drugs to cycle?

  10. anishbabuxl / October 4, 2015

    that last exercise for biceps was unnecessary and also you did it in the
    wrong way, it should have been done like a bend over barbell row..

    • William McStruthers / October 24, 2015

      +anishbabuxl stfu…

  11. Zaragoza Motivation / January 20, 2016

    That’s a great workout! Thanks Steve! :)

  12. Michael Cooper / February 6, 2016

    Hey Steve! just to let you that I personally think you should have more
    subscribers. You have a great personality and give out expert advice. My
    hats off to you brother. Keep up the good work.

  13. Nico Portugal / February 29, 2016

    Wheres that headband is that from Steve? looks cool!

  14. Garr Ball / April 8, 2016

    Excellent arm workout. Can’t wait to try it out! Thanks Steve!

  15. Wasim Abbas / May 5, 2016

    Destroyed my arm braj. Good stuff thanx for the pump Steve!

  16. gleative / May 10, 2016

    u da best <3

  17. 5N19ERG0D / June 9, 2016

    Looks good! Gonna those beats on in the gym too and try this workout!

  18. Scott Goudy / June 29, 2016

    Hi Steve, just wondering where your headband in from and what brand? Cheers

  19. LiamsGaming Cuhs / July 16, 2016

    2:18 those chicks looking at Steve 😀 :D

  20. Robby X / July 23, 2016

    Steve, do you find the headband helpful during cardio on the treadmill? I’m
    growing my hair out but I’m experiencing hair coming into my hairs which
    distracts my running session. Any brands you recommend?

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