Barbell Bench Press – Chest Exercises For Bodybuilding

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  1. rundat / April 16, 2008


  2. sred14 / January 14, 2009

    Does any one know how to make a guys nipples smaller?Serious question i
    heard push ups works just woundering if it does.

  3. Yoloswagger / April 21, 2009

    Lose fat? Don’t know if you have much fat or anything. But losing fat does
    work. Not sure if you’re super skinny though.

  4. Colin White / May 2, 2009

    well depends if there just naturally large tightening the peck can help but
    if its from suplements ur f’ed

  5. Nick P / July 15, 2009

    lmfao nah dogg I don;t think theres any “exercise” to shrink the nipples. I
    think u should talk to a plastic surgeon for real

  6. mrmrlee / July 26, 2009

    It depends, if your chest is large from fatty deposits it will
    shrink/tighten up from the bench press/ pec dec/ dumbell press as shown
    here. Flat/ incline/ decline bench will work the upper/ lower/ mid chest
    area. I was carrying some extra weight when I started lifting, and I
    noticed my chest flattened and firmed with lifting, pushups will help, but
    do weights if u can.

  7. Jborie9 / August 6, 2009

    I’ve subrived, excelet vid’s

  8. 2066241 / September 23, 2009

    benching does not help you biceps at all…but a lot of people think the do
    but they dont…mostly the chest but some triceps…but a tri cep bar is
    way better for them!!

  9. TheRbarnard / October 8, 2009

    i got told that if you pull on the nipple it will stretch it out, so that
    the nipple will become longer but smaller curcumfrance. pull it for
    10seconds 4times a day for 1month, then 20seconds 4times a day for a month,
    etc for 6months. then it should be fine mate

  10. ghettobeats / December 13, 2009

    is that considered wide grip?

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