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  1. Haaris Majid Training / August 6, 2015

    It’s cuz we sit in our asses all day lol

    • Haaris Majid Training / August 6, 2015

      +navabeasy LOL we have the same sense of humor. Touche!

    • Haaris Majid Training / August 6, 2015

      +Compton2952 ~above 50% of overweight/obese america. How do you think the
      rest of the world sees America?

    • Dysangel Games / August 7, 2015

      +Compton2952 we is most of the modern world who have desk jobs, and sofas

  2. Evan / August 6, 2015

    I hate the titles of your videos.

    • Alan Chen / August 10, 2015

      +Gains And Glory if you really believe that about him then you can give it
      the benefit of the doubt right? and just say that Bart accidentally blocked
      you while trying to block some else. you’ve seen their behind the scenes on
      the jk crew personal channels right? you know they’re busier than the
      average people so im sure it was a mistake that wasn’t top priority so he
      didnt give it a second thought. come on dude you cant assume when you
      weren’t there with him right?

    • Gains And Glory / August 10, 2015

      +Alan Chen you may be right, but I have a strong feeling it was
      intentional. Regardless, it isn’t a big deal. I’m still going to support
      him and his channels. I guess maybe he just thought I was trolling him and
      insulting his gym. Sometimes things are just misinterpreted on the
      internet. Emojis help with that, but they are so overused now lol

    • Richard Oswell / August 13, 2015

      +Get Huge clickbait

    • Not Important / August 28, 2015

      +Compton2952 “TYPICAL RUSSIAN RESPONSE when talking about American’s. Its
      funny how they and others will GENERALIZE AN ENTIRE NATION of people.”

      do you know what Irony and Hypocrisy are?

  3. Russel Nguyen / August 6, 2015

    someone’s been watching a lot of im 100% guilty of that
    as well

    • DaZeD Merlin / August 20, 2015

      +drunk1kangaroo I’m sure it’s a big improvement, but don’t confuse my mom
      with Rich Piani’s butt, that’s just not fair towards Rich.

    • drunk1kangaroo / August 20, 2015

      +DaZeD Merlin oh I would never… rich is far more handsome and he doesn’t
      do anal dp

    • DaZeD Merlin / August 20, 2015

      +drunk1kangaroo Hmmm, you kinda checkmated me there…

    • drunk1kangaroo / August 20, 2015

      +DaZeD Merlin whoa thanks you’re a great guy

    • DaZeD Merlin / August 20, 2015

      +drunk1kangaroo You owe it all to yourself. 🙂

  4. Ima WreckU / August 6, 2015

    Chick with the pink knee pads needs to call me if she’s single lol.

    • CronoQuantum / August 16, 2015

      What you need to do is jerk off and go cook some more chicken.

    • Ima WreckU / August 17, 2015

      I already had my chicken for the day lol I still wanna meet this girl! 😀

    • galanoth17 / August 21, 2015

      +Ima WreckU now choke your chicken

    • Arjie Vinyls / November 12, 2015

      I’m with u bruh, hit us up with that insta

    • Matthew Kuch / November 13, 2015

      +Ima WreckU Bart really needs to give you her name. We all know he has it :3

  5. Ji Soo Song / August 6, 2015

    Question: Wouldn’t the above parallel pause squats only teach you to
    decelerate out of the hole? Never done it before so I wouldn’t know if
    there were any benefits, but that’s one concern I would have.

    • PwntsRocksU / August 7, 2015

      +Ji Soo Song if anything pausing above parallel is useless 100%.
      pause in the hole if u want to pause, otherwise dont pause at all

    • chidori8291 / August 7, 2015

      +Ji Soo Song Would doing some kind of modified exercise with chains where
      the load quickly gets heavy when you rise to the sticking point be a better
      solution to the above parallel squats?

    • Ryan Renehan / August 7, 2015

      Do only the pause out of the hole as your only squat would but if you run
      it with normal squats as well it becomes more of a position queue. Just
      like a pause deadlift from 1 inch off the ground. If you have the issue of
      your hips shooting up in the squat pausing there with light weights for
      reps will strength that position and then you will no longer have to change
      your leverages to complete the lift.

  6. Brandon Himself Vlogs / August 6, 2015

    I’m going to train hamstrings twice as hard today because of your title.

    • Jackson Meade / August 7, 2015


    • Elohim Aaron / August 14, 2015

      +Jackson Meade dildo

    • Turnt Rollins / August 18, 2015

      +Jackson Meade Dildo Faggins

    • [LAB] LoL / August 20, 2015

      +Turnt Rollins u mean yourself? Cuz ur face sure does look like it:D

    • Turnt Rollins / August 20, 2015

      +[LAB] LoL Ouch, that stung. Well, it would have if this pic was me. Lol
      off the internet bud, wait until you’re at least 13.

  7. RLprod / August 6, 2015

    Pin squat > Pausing mid concentric

    • Richard Evans / August 6, 2015

      Nah because you may as well get the benefit of full ROM in my opinion

    • RLprod / August 6, 2015

      +Richard Evans No this is a bad idea because you are training yourself to
      slow down. If you want full rom workload do it separately. No point in
      learning a bad motor pattern.

    • Tony Dudley / August 19, 2015

      +RLprod I agree, because you mentally have to make that movement happen and
      as he was doing them the pause got shorter and shorter each rep. The only
      legit pause squat is in the bottom below the normal ROM.

  8. John T / August 7, 2015

    My neck hurts watching you squat 

    • Why Can't I Think Of A Name? / August 7, 2015

      +John T Definitely a strange head movement

    • TheWhoDatWhoady / August 19, 2015

      +John T retract the chin for the win!

  9. tony wroten / August 7, 2015

    Order 66 vegan gains !!!

    • james burke / August 7, 2015

      Vegan gainz you are such a vegan bro

  10. hallmonitor98 / August 7, 2015

    hamstrings pfff i got hamm ropes

    • FitGranticus / August 15, 2015

      +Roy Pones I have hamstrongs

    • John Doe / August 15, 2015

      +anon I love you

    • Quaad Future / August 15, 2015

      +Roy Pones ayy lmao sounds like something Dom would say

    • wrestlepetey / August 17, 2015


    • [LAB] LoL / August 20, 2015

      +That Guy With the Pointlessly Long Username That You Are Wasting Your Time
      Reading Right Now sick username bro??

  11. kobyashi / August 9, 2015

    @1:22 The chick on the left looks cute af.

  12. Joe11Blue / August 18, 2015

    Dem legs at 1:22
    Dat booty at 2:36

    This has been your lifting booty time marker.

  13. The Lord & Savior Thunderf00t / August 18, 2015

    the music name u soab

  14. jacob carley / August 19, 2015

    That’s like saying Asians have small dicks…..

  15. JunJunisKing / August 24, 2015

    ayyy, its the girl wearing the pink kneepads.

  16. Christian Benda / June 11, 2016

    What does ghr stand for?

  17. Aleksa Sosic / June 21, 2016

    Love these old vids

  18. Russian heavy Hammer lifter / July 20, 2016

    Americans have no muscles bro

  19. Russian heavy Hammer lifter / July 28, 2016

    Thats why everybody hates American bodybuilders

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