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  1. Ali .Z / October 23, 2015

    its official , its now the “BB talk show” and no longer the CAPITAL LETTER

  2. MrAgoles / October 23, 2015

    If I had a gun with only 2 bullets and I was in a room with Geo, Hitler and
    Osama Bin Laden. I would shoot Geo twice.

    • Tailong / October 23, 2015

      +MrAgoles LMFAO!!!!!!! I love you Geo, but that’s one of funniest comments
      I have ever read!!!!
      Sounds like something David So would say.

    • xlBreeZzy / October 23, 2015

      +MrAgoles It’s from the TV Show, The Office. Michael says it to Toby!

    • Justin Ejimah / October 23, 2015

      +xlBreeZzy thanx

    • Piggy Housey's FAT MOLE / October 26, 2015

      +MrAgoles HAHAHAH ME TOO

  3. Silent Mike / October 23, 2015

    Lu’s neck exercise looked like the exorcist

    • AlphaMale / October 23, 2015

      When you already came but she still suckin

    • Deven Fuentes / October 26, 2015

      +AlphaMale lolol so true

    • Oli Mercer / January 26, 2016

      +Deven Fuentes Pause at 1:39 ?

    • brizzle x / February 2, 2016

      +Silent Mike He’s exorcising semen demons

  4. TeamRICHEY / October 23, 2015

    Neck Extensions…

    • Daniel / October 23, 2015

      yes I do sneck exercises brcause good for mma since a strong neck helps you
      from getting your brain rattled in your head from either takedowns or
      strikes. It also helps you in the clinch

    • Kaleb Schmidt / October 23, 2015

      +Daniel Poursasan when I wrestled we focused a lot with neck exercises for

    • Daniel / October 23, 2015

      +Kaleb Schmidt Bar far my hardest workout was one that was an hour of
      hitting the pads. 30 min sparring, then finishing of by training the neck
      for like 20 min, by the time the “neck training” was done I had to throw up
      and I literally couldnt move for a good 10 min. Then on the bike ride home
      I basicly collapsed on the as my neck and upper back couldnt hold me up
      anymore so I had to lay on the grass for some while… Dunno why I wanted
      to share this…

    • Kaleb Schmidt / October 23, 2015

      +Daniel Poursasan Surprisingly I know that feel, we would do neck bridges
      for 30 seconds initially then it got to where we would do it for up to 2
      minutes to make sure our necks were really able to support us and then we
      would do it with someone trying to pin us, it was hell but man did it help
      when it came to wrestling in a match.

  5. Colossus / October 23, 2015

    Omar cut that hideous racoon tail from your head.

    • wolf moon / October 23, 2015

      +TheAcolossus i like his long mane

    • Plague Doc / October 23, 2015

      +IshverC Someone clearly cant take a joke. Nice to see a fairly decent
      insult tho, i’ll give ya props there.

    • Courtney Hayes / October 23, 2015

      +Plague Doc that was a hoooorrible joke. in no way should that situation be
      turned humorous

    • IshverC / October 24, 2015

      +MiZTiiX Ironic….

  6. BaoSik / October 23, 2015

    0:37 dat wingspan. geo can probably scratch her shin without bending over

    • mtktm / October 24, 2015

      +Kat your arm span can be developed to be a little longer.

      lat, shoulder, upper back, traps, and chest exercises help build up the
      upper body, which usually results in more scapular (shoulder blade)
      separation, i.e. wider shoulders.

    • Fox Front / October 24, 2015

      +Kat yes it’s really true I was supposed to be 5’9 but I grew to 6’8
      because I plans basketball and my wingspan is 7’2

    • Devin Royce / January 24, 2016

      +mtktm Im 5’7″ and my wingspan is 6’2″, and ive been doing chinups since i
      was 6. i dont know if the two are related tho

  7. Lord Nutzz / October 23, 2015

    geos deadlift

    • sir piggerlottle / October 24, 2015

      watch your back lol

    • Lord Nutzz / October 24, 2015

      +sir piggerlottle i don’t have to, i deadlift properly

    • sir piggerlottle / October 24, 2015

      +Lord Nutzz no….watch out for geo lol

    • WheyTooManyGainzz / November 7, 2015

      +Lord Nutzz snap city

    • cantwontshouldntok / June 3, 2016

      +D Cruz came here to say this. Even though I’m super late, school is life..

  8. Son Bui / October 23, 2015

    I think Geo’s form makes an exercise useless….

    • MrVictorywins / October 27, 2015

      +Son Bui If you compete at powerlifitng meets then go ahead and give advice
      if you dont then focus on yourself because you dont look lke you can lift
      more than she does.

    • Chaz / November 6, 2015

      +Son Bui Here we go again

    • Son Bui / November 6, 2015

      +imCamberr Yeah I know.. I’m an awful human being 🙁

    • Al Capone / February 13, 2016

      +Plague Doc why

    • AllThatJazz / May 15, 2016

      +Son Bui stop jumping on the bandwagon?. go back and draw

  9. Jon Snow / October 23, 2015

    All of geos exercises are useless

    • Mike Diamonds / October 23, 2015

      Her exercises will give you a one way ticket to snap city

  10. dealwithfit / October 23, 2015

    Those intros are getting just a tad old.

  11. TheBoss2288 / October 24, 2015

    These used to be good, now they’re just goofy and stupid . Where’s Alex! ?

    • mjoto / October 27, 2015

      +Budy Budderson i came to this channel because i respect these guys for
      honesty, dedication, strict form and proper training. i didnt come here to
      laugh at 13 year old mentality jokes. i do that on my own.

    • L / October 27, 2015

      +Buddy Budderson some people actually want advice. They are very funny and
      entertaining and can do whatever the hell they want, but it isn’t the same
      without Alex.

    • mjoto / October 29, 2015

      +LazyIndieGamer Well I came here to see if I did any useless exercises…
      But youre right Im wasting my time.

  12. TheCanadianBiker / February 5, 2016

    Useless would be this video, got nothing from it just 4 adults acting like
    8 year olds!

  13. Cameron Stone / May 19, 2016

    lmfao. this episode had me dying.

  14. Dan G Malarkey / July 14, 2016

    Crunches. Vince Gironda kicked people out of his gym if they did them. This
    was in the 50s-60s.

  15. FINISH2START / July 19, 2016

    Well this was pretty useless…

  16. Icecoldham cold ham / July 24, 2016

    squats are useless for me

  17. iDontWonnaBe Hodeda / July 29, 2016

    leg extantion.
    this exercise destroys the knees and make imbalance
    in the quad muscles.

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