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Complete Muscle Building System

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If youve been around Diesel for a few years, you know we incorporate a TON of grip training exercises into our programs. It is not enough to be able to display one facet of grip (crush, pinch, support, wrist postures, hand health, dexterity), you must be able to integrate this strength into full body power.

If I can improve my grip my deadlift, squat and bench will go up and I will play my respective sport(s) better and stronger. Most lifters / athletes forgot about this important fact. They do train their arms, but with conventional exercises.

You dont want to spend endless hours in the gym hitting tons of volume. You want to optimize your time in the gym and do the most effective exercises while youre there. This is called training economy. Increase the intensity and you can decrease the time of your workout.

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Complete Muscle Building System

Innovative Strength Training

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  1. DanReborn / January 14, 2010

    @bajsmannen92 3 sets for each

  2. Renato Figueiredo / February 9, 2010

    It’s too much exerciser for a day . How I choose 3 or 4 of them ?

  3. mtroy0620 / February 20, 2010

    Cool exercicses, thanks PS Sounds like in every gym there’s at least one
    jackass who sits around running his yap the whole time.. : )

  4. Jean5tar / February 22, 2010

    stop crying and do all of them!

  5. Jean5tar / February 22, 2010

    hmm…..ive learned 1 or 2 new workouts from this

  6. Dertygian / February 25, 2010

    I would suggest to mention: switch the hands on that hammer curl (ie. the
    one that grips the handle first) each time. other than that 5*

  7. ScommyWommy / February 25, 2010

    Err…All those exercises are for the forearms. They’ll exhaust the
    forearms and give the bis a bit of a pump. Also prevent cramp by eating
    kalium or consume 1-2 bananas. Have fun.

  8. gordonculp / March 5, 2010

    towel thing is hard to do

  9. apna2002 / March 15, 2010

    Excellent vid, some great workouts, just curious, whats the difference of
    doing a double grip hammer curl with one dumbell vs doing regular singular
    arm hammer curls? Thanks 🙂

  10. mr3pointspecialist24 / March 16, 2010


  11. swamidasswamidas / March 21, 2010

    Good explanations!

  12. furiousmat / March 21, 2010

    about the pronation.. biceps indeed is used for the pronation of the
    forearm but its exterior pronation.. the way you pronate here doesnt work
    teh bicep. u probly feel your bicep working because you’re also partially
    flexing your elbow while doing it..

  13. WhiteGirlsAsianPLZ / April 18, 2010

    You guys are saviors! I was working on a bicep work out for tomorrow and
    hit a wall. This has some new exercises I never have seen before and I am
    so tired of doing regular Bicep curls on a cable machine as to get bigger
    you need to use weights so thanks!

  14. ballsdeepingurmom / April 23, 2010

    @robiiiiee harder on your forearms.

  15. ballsdeepingurmom / April 23, 2010

    @robiiiiee harder on your forearms. easier to grip and harder to do. having
    to stabilize your body by holding 2 seperate things instead of 1 bar.

  16. Street Fighter Vega / April 26, 2010

    A good gym that plays The Beatles? Sounds like my kind of place.

  17. slayerguitar / May 6, 2010

    what the purpose of the towels? grip strengthening as well?

  18. SamZTV / May 25, 2010

    i am 15 years old, i can lift 25 lbs on a incline hammer, thanks for the
    ideas for my bicep workout, my bicep workout is pretty stale,but thanks!!

  19. Marcio Garcia / September 3, 2010

    sick man, very good. cant wait to start with these

  20. jakelovesguns / December 27, 2012

    Thanks for the vid I will start this training along with my other exercises
    as in incline tread meal and bench I’ll sub ur vids thanks agin – jake

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