Bicep Workout w/ FaZe Censor

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  1. FaZe Censor / April 27, 2015

    Like if you want to get BIG Biceps!

    • Trexxzy•_ / June 3, 2016

      How many rep u do faze censor and I did 35 rep for 3 set or u did something

    • Tina Shea / June 10, 2016

      I am a big fan of faze and I want some g fuel

    • CHIEF BUNNY / July 9, 2016

      Censor is the best gamer and fitness.

    • Tyrone Biggums™ / July 11, 2016

      stick to trying to hit clips bruh. or else call this channel “Censor
      Gains”. ?? #wtfhasvideogamingbecome?

    • Ulysses De Leon / July 29, 2016

      +CHIEF CHIEF he has really bad form.

  2. Giody Dio / April 27, 2015

    Hey doug is it ok to start going to the gym during summer? my friend told
    me to wait until september but idk why.. i’ve got nothing to do during
    summer time besides having fun or other things so i guess going to the gym
    would be ok

    • Dougyy / March 22, 2016

      +alpha bah im going to the gym now even when it gets hot then cold cause
      the heat expands your muscles and cold contracts them right ? just like
      with cold or hot showers?? if this makes any sense lol

    • FuzuzaFitness / April 29, 2016

      +Will Webb what? lol

    • jake newberry / June 25, 2016

      +Murca crossfit is for pussies who don’t want gains

    • Tyrone Biggums™ / July 11, 2016

      +jake newberry you have low self esteem?

  3. Trumby / February 15, 2016

    dude theres no one at ur gym

    • itdepends / February 24, 2016

      +Snoopy aint that nice then?

    • Trumby / February 25, 2016

      chur fam

    • Alejandro Rojas / February 28, 2016

      +Snoopy sure*

    • Trumby / February 28, 2016

      +Alejandro Rojas nope

    • kickinhard101 / March 2, 2016

      I worked at LA Fitness and this is definitely after hours times. They must
      know someone who works there to unlock the door for them to go in. I used
      to workout at after hours ALLL the time

  4. INFJ / March 14, 2016

    What kind of chump warms up for curls

    • Ross Cairns / March 16, 2016

      Considering it gets blood to the area that provides all the minerals your
      muscles need including oxygen which is needed for the creation of ATP( your
      muscles fuel) it’s pretty important, not to mention avoiding muscle tears…

    • Ross Cairns / May 24, 2016

      there is a difference between the micro muscle tears that build bigger
      muscles and a large cut in one

  5. fardin sharifi / March 23, 2016

    Your elbows are all over the place bro

    • fardin sharifi / April 13, 2016

      +Monni Koira many people would argue that the form and contraction is more
      important than the weight. He’s big but he could get even bigger if he
      simply keeps his elbows stationary. Remember bodybuilding isn’t about how
      much you can you but how much you look like you can lift 🙂

    • That Raw Guy / May 21, 2016

      +Monni Koira do you know anything about weightlifting

    • Monni Koira / May 21, 2016

      +That Raw Guy no..

    • Tyrone Biggums™ / July 11, 2016

      right? should.. wait, needs to stick to video games osrs. ?? this is just

  6. Frederick Ashtons / April 16, 2016

    whats the song called in the background?
    can anyone tell me please and thnx

    • AdamCarl7 / April 16, 2016

      Durade – sandstorm

    • Frederick Ashtons / April 16, 2016

      thanks alot m8

    • Hans Müller / April 17, 2016

      +Frederick Ashtons
      spectrem – shine (ncs realease)

  7. thess89pnthrs / May 11, 2016

    this jzpr kid should try hitting something other than arms, he looks super

    • thess89pnthrs / May 24, 2016

      +Skanky Grandpa not really sure how id do that and i dont need an apology
      from some rando on the internet

    • Merlin Hogwart / July 5, 2016

      +thess89pnthrs still waiting on that bodybuilder body

  8. Jhonn / May 29, 2016

    Dang I wish my gym was that empty.

    • Mccallish M / June 25, 2016

      This looks either EARLY in the fucking morning or late at night to me

    • XxXxXxXx / July 1, 2016

      I usually go downtown at like 12 am or so it’s usually pretty empty

    • WizardOfOps / July 17, 2016


  9. Devansh Bhatnagar / June 3, 2016

    Hey Doug, the form on your dumbbell curls is not right.
    When you rotate (supinate) your wrist as you curl, your forearm is doing
    most of the work on the curl instead of your bicep. You’re not getting that
    isolation on your bicep. Don’t rotate your wrist, while curling.

    • Thomas Rogers / June 17, 2016

      One of the functions of the biceps brachii is forearm supination.

    • Akiyo P / June 30, 2016

      …? have you ever done curls? changing the head of the bicep is what youre
      suppose to do, the muscle is still in isolation, also curling the wrist at
      the top helps mind muscle connection and activates the bicep more

    • Frosty :3 / July 8, 2016

      shut up arnold

  10. Nicholas Dibble / June 4, 2016

    Hey whats up guys its Doug Censor Madio ?? start of video

  11. Jack Wilson / June 5, 2016

    The best way of building you’re arms or any muscle for that matter is to
    find a challenging but comfortable weight, also don’t bother counting your
    reps just do as many as you can until you can’t do anymore then have a 30
    second-1 minute break then do another set, then repeat for 3-4 sets 2 times
    a week ,also keep a good structure and when doing your reps only use the
    muscle your working on instead of using your whole body weight. Hope this
    helps all of you

    • HeroSkaters cellio / July 23, 2016

      Parts you said are right but others are wrong

  12. Jack Gordon / June 12, 2016

    how old are you?

  13. Jorden Robinson / June 19, 2016

    hey faze censor I workout every other day and I have a muscular physique
    but I have a hard time gaining mass to my muscles. can you make a video
    with some tips?

    • gavin albertini / June 21, 2016

      Eat more and lift heavier

    • Jorden Robinson / June 21, 2016

      +gavin albertini should I drink my protein shake before or after my workout?

    • gavin albertini / June 21, 2016

      +Jorden Robinson after your workout

  14. Blood Titan / June 19, 2016


  15. FribbeTV / July 8, 2016

    At 4:00 Wtf man, you need to go all the way down……..

  16. Aaron Mason / July 11, 2016

    Hey I’m starting the gym tomorrow and I was wondering what your nutrition
    is ? And what supplements you take?

  17. Hyper Frags / July 18, 2016

    anybody no the first song? ?

  18. HeroSkaters cellio / July 23, 2016

    elbows everywhere

  19. Cammy Dearie / July 30, 2016

    jesus, that elbow extension though… or lack of should I say. Basically
    zero range of motion on those 21’s. All Medial deltoid work

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