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This video explains the difference between hammer curls and biceps curls using dumbbells. Both exercises if done correctly can produce excellent results. The hammer curl is an"old school" technique for developing arms, specifically, the brachioradialis, a prominent muscle in the lower part of the arm. If the hammer curl is done with a tight grip, then you will feel the exercise greatly in the lower part of the arm. However, is an easier grip is used, one can still feel the movement in the biceps. Also, leaning forward will also cause more tension in the lower part of the arm, while leaning back or straight will cause more tension in the upper part of the arm. 
The "old school" dumbbell curls is a terrific exercise for the bicep. If a lighter grip is used, one can really feel a tremendous sensation in the biceps. If a tighter grip is used, even the traditional dumbbell curls will be felt in the forearm.

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