Big Biceps ADD 1 INCH in 1 WEEK Workout by ConikiTV

I'll show you how to add 1 inch to your biceps in just 1 week with this routine. Stop wasting your time and learn how to build the body you want. Visualise it, then build it with expert instruction by Constantine Mitropoulos & Niki Mitropoulos of Coniki.TV

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  1. Expedito Sousa / April 29, 2014

    Never, but never move your wrist man… this can make some problems in

    • ExerciseHowTo / April 30, 2014

      Forearms are crucial to growth of the Biceps as both the forearms and
      biceps must grow together otherwise you will eventually get muscle
      imbalance. Keep in mind that this routine has been designed to achieve a
      specific goal of adding size.

  2. Xperia Matej / April 30, 2014

    1:53 not correctly exercise. You must not to raise this to your neck but to
    25cm of your neck,so biceps is more under increasing pressure!

    • ExerciseHowTo / April 30, 2014

      When your posture is perfect and your range is not compromised, tension can
      be held on the biceps throughout full range. Those that have poor posture
      should avoid bicep curls and instead focus more on their back for a while
      or alternatively do pull ups with an overhand grip. Chances are you will be
      weak in that exercise if your posture is poor and hence your bicep
      development will be unbalanced compared to the rest of your body. Many
      gymnasts have awesome biceps AND forearms !

  3. PlutoTheGod / November 23, 2014

    This is so sad… Lmfao if you curl the bar to your neck… No hope 

    • ConikiTV / November 23, 2014

      If you have the range by maintaining proper thoracic posture then curling
      to your clavicle is an advantage, recommended and appropriate. Those that
      cannot maintain proper thoracic posture should work within the limits of
      the available range and should focus on developing a strong shoulder girdle
      and strong external rotators as these are the two areas that are limiting
      your range. Intelligence and common sense will determine if you see this or
      not, and those that don’t should try and learn rather than ridicule.

    • pwalker / August 28, 2015

      hhmmm… Go and check out a vid of Flex Lewis lifting it to his forehead.
      Don’t try and say someone is wrong just because you read it in a Men’s
      Health magazine one time.

  4. Alvaro Grados / December 3, 2014

    idk why so many ppl are hatin about his way to do the barbell curls.
    personally i also like to take the bar to the max where i squeeze my
    biceps. i think the last part is what pretty much gives you the peak .

    • ConikiTV / December 3, 2014

      At last someone that knows what they are talking about. Hating is for those
      that have something to prove unfortunately rather than focusing on the
      benefits and what they can learn. As they say, you can lead a horse to
      water but you can’t make it drink, so I suppose the haters will eventually
      get sick of hating and hopefully start loving what’s out there to learn. As
      I say, do it right, do it first time, and you’ll be happy at the result.
      Regards Con

    • Clash Gaming Force / November 14, 2015

      No it doesn’t work the peak

  5. Ronel Go / December 28, 2014

    im gonna try this tomorrow.

    • ConikiTV / December 28, 2014

      Pay attention to the little details throughout the video and it will make
      your experience very worthwhile.

  6. ConikiTV / March 5, 2015

    Ego kills, let the reps dictate the weight.

  7. Adam Othman / May 24, 2015

    Good excise tried it 4 my self and it works!!! share some more videos

    • ConikiTV / May 25, 2015

      +Adam Othman Thanks, i’m glad it was useful for you.

  8. Ian Bigballs / June 2, 2015

    The video does not suit the title tbh. But fair play to you for making it
    all the same… If it does help 

  9. Beto Angulo / June 16, 2015

    Look at your arms first before posting a video on how to make gainz
    …hilarious !! 

    • ConikiTV / June 16, 2015

      +Beto Angulo The truth is that some people, like yourself, need to see
      things to believe them rather than look inside themselves for motivation to
      achieve them. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, however it will mean that
      you will always need to follow and find great hardship when trying to lead.
      Put another way, your glass is either half empty, half full, or just a
      glass with some water in it. What you see is what you choose to however
      that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to see what the rest see also. Ponder on
      that one for a while.

    • GamingGodzilla / July 7, 2015

      He’s not on juice he’s legit all the other guys are

  10. ali hesham / July 3, 2015

    can Iuse dumbells

    • ConikiTV / July 3, 2015

      +ali hesham yes you can however I designed this routine specifically with a
      barbell. It will be challenging to prevent the dumbbells from rotating
      internally so imagine that there is a bar between the dumbbells and keep
      them aligned. You will need to reduce the barbell weight by atleast 10%
      when using dumbbells instead of a barbell. Ofcourse the reverse curl will
      be difficult to do however as they says, where there’s a way there’s a
      will. Let me know how you go. Good luck, Con & Niki

  11. pwalker / August 28, 2015

    thanks for this! good info 😉
    to everyone else, since when does a personal trainer HAVE to look like a
    pro athlete??! go and have a word with yourselves!

    • david C / October 22, 2015

      Would you want to learn how to stay thin from the fattest man in the world?

    • Con Mitropoulos / October 23, 2015

      +david C Hi David, listen to the words, the instructions, and follow the
      program exactly after having adjusted the weights as i have suggested, but
      don’t let your EGO teach you a lesson though. I think you’ll be pleasantly
      surprised at the outcome however somehow I get the impression that you
      won’t, let”s see shall we.

    • david C / November 7, 2015

      If you truly didn’t care what peoples opinion was you wouldn’t have the
      need to insult people just for an opinion they have. As a trainer that is
      very shitty of you..These replies you are giving to these comments are
      making you lose subscribers and people who are willing to try this program
      so fix your bitchy attitude.

    • Con Mitropoulos / November 8, 2015

      +david C Opinions are for those that need to make them.

  12. T Boogie / September 1, 2015

    Couldn’t find the link to the pdf, could you please forward it? Thanks in

  13. Con Mitropoulos / October 25, 2015

    This is a video that teaches you how to build muscle, period. What type of
    person are you to use a tutorial video on Youtube to beat your chest and
    hate. If you’re one of these people then you’re just making a fool of
    yourself and wasting your life. You CAN be better than that.

  14. T Boogie / November 19, 2015

    Is there a link to download your pdf for this workout?

  15. Frank Medgyesi / March 19, 2016

    (sorry for my bad english)
    yo,what should I do if I don’t have this kinda 2 handed dumbell? I got 4
    single handed dumbells,2 is 8 kilos (each) and 2 is 4 kilos (each)
    can you give me some kind of tips? thanks

    • ConikiTV / March 19, 2016

      +Medgyesi Frank Sure, if that’s all you’ve got then you can always make a
      light weight very heavy by simply moving it slowly. Move it slowly like 2
      to 3 seconds up and 2-3 seconds down. Also in the absence of a barbell then
      dumbbells will work, just keep them both inline and level as you lift them.
      Hope that helps.

    • Frank Medgyesi / March 19, 2016

      +ConikiTV thanks but maybe can you give me a set of this kinda workout? I’m
      a 17 years old skinny dude wanting to get a bit more muscle. And with a set
      I could gain some. Hope you can give me one 🙂

  16. BluePrintTrainer / June 16, 2016

    Great video! I like taking bits and pieces and including it into my own
    training routine! Keep it up and thanks for posting :)

  17. lion Roar / July 29, 2016

    consistency builds muscles, don’t look for fancy exercises. if you perform
    the barbell curl in a correct way. use heavy weight that is challenging and
    within days you will see results. our muscles only respond to weight

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