BIGGER BICEPS! Why Aren’t You Doing These Exercises?



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  1. ScottHermanFitness / August 24, 2015

    Train smart guys.

    I feel like too many people are always looking for some ridiculous new type
    of exercises that nobody knows about to build muscle.

    It’s much easier than you think. #Natty4Life

    Join our community!

    • Tadalech Dinqu / August 25, 2015

      Hayat Mohamed

    • Javier Lopez / September 6, 2015

      +ScottHermanFitness smaht*

    • Shirley smith / December 3, 2015

      +ScottHermanFitness you really help

    • Names Samuel / December 15, 2015

      The one guy who claims natty and is actually natty

    • Ken W / January 12, 2016

      +ScottHermanFitness That is a true statement IMO…lifting weights and
      eating doesn’t have to be rocket science. My favorite old school
      bodybuilder was Steve Reeves. Look at the physique he had and look at his
      diet and workout routine. Pretty simple

  2. jibba jABBA / August 24, 2015

    Grab the bahbell

  3. Greg Norton / August 25, 2015

    Coming from an Aussie, your accent is strangely familiar haha, don’t hold
    back Scott!

    • ScottHermanFitness / August 26, 2015

      +Greg Norton Haha nice man, no holding back anymore!

    • Steve Mcqueen / August 27, 2015

      +ScottHermanFitness greg naughton

  4. Nigel Wankstrong / August 30, 2015


    • ScottHermanFitness / September 1, 2015

      +Matt Thomas BAAAHHBELLL!

    • Nigel Wankstrong / September 1, 2015

      +ScottHermanFitness yooo, you replied! To the stupidest comment ever, as
      well. Love the content dude, keep it up! ?

    • Jbtherapper / March 23, 2016

      +ScottHermanFitness u don’t have a bit of muscle

  5. p3r0uE / August 31, 2015

    grab the baaah-bell

    • p3r0uE / September 9, 2015

      +Kevin Concepcion In one of his recent videos, he said it’s his natural
      accent, which he staaahted hiding a while ago when he decided to staaht
      acting. He also said that his natural (Boston) accent comes back when he
      gets really excited about something.

    • Kevin Concepcion / September 11, 2015

      thanks 😉

    • p3r0uE / October 21, 2015

      +Lrdvltr his words, not mine haha

  6. Roast. Channel / September 12, 2015

    what kinda juice you on, where can i get it.

  7. Overhead4477 / September 19, 2015

    Just wondering, but why do you switch between saying “bar” and “bah”?

  8. SamsTaller / October 17, 2015

    So what happens when you get good at doing these kind of lifts and your
    body adapts to them??

  9. El Toro / November 16, 2015

    Stupid advice
    Thanks but no thanks

    • harris aziz / November 21, 2015

      +Zynum Luke why is it stupid

    • El Toro / November 21, 2015

      +harris aziz Because I don’t believe it’ll stimulate biceps growth it’ll
      just make the exercise harder, less efficient, and as a result will yield
      less results. You want to put your muscles in the best ergonomic way to
      put the most weight on them. Putting them at mechanical disadvantes I
      don’t believe stimulates new fibers.

    • Emil Oliver Hamborgstrøm / November 24, 2015

      +Zynum Luke It is all about hitting your muscle fiber from all different
      angles, then you grow

    • El Toro / November 25, 2015

      +Emil Oliver Hamborgstrøm u must be small

  10. TheGhostWithoutAName. / January 6, 2016

    He’s right, it is “hahdeh”.

  11. Jeff Ibane / January 7, 2016

    nice apron.

  12. Mario da Silva / January 30, 2016

    @ScottHermanFitness Due to me only having one hand (other arm goes to the
    wrist) I can’t do plenty of exercises, can I train the inside and outside
    biceps with regular dumbbells? Thanks in advance.

  13. Ray Rivera / February 21, 2016

    if he’s shouting in an empty gym, I’d love to see him in a full gym? xD

  14. Jose B. / February 21, 2016

    I have a question, I’ve been lifting for about 5 months. I love how I’m
    getting results in strength and toning but for some reason, I’m not getting
    as cut and big with my biceps. Though I am getting stronger with weights in
    dumbell and straight bar reps, but I just don’t see a lot of big defined
    results with my biceps. Fortunately my triceps are getting some great tones
    and a lot bigger but biceps, nope.

    Also I’m starting to eat a lot more protein as well, started last week in
    my increase of protein intake.

  15. Camperoftehintrowebz / March 1, 2016

    So. Tell me.
    You went to Jersey didn’t you?

  16. Aris Salvanos / March 14, 2016

    Good channel,
    props for focusing on proper form
    and execution of exercises,cheers/

  17. Rasmus Rönkkö / May 5, 2016

    I don’t ego lift, I workout at home and nobody sees me working out. I also
    do close grip chin ups, you can really feel it

    • Rasmus Rönkkö / May 5, 2016

      Don’t really like barbell curls because I cant feel them as well as I feel
      db exercises

  18. harry balls / May 11, 2016

    my bawwwwww ston accent is wickeddddawwwwwsome

  19. fasportsturnagain / July 16, 2016

    But ur biceps are small…!!! dude! :-|

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