Bodybuilding exercise: home barbell curls workout

The barbell curl is a great mass building exercise for the arms you can do at home with just an inexpensive barbell set. Form is key on this, most folks at the gym use terrible form. In this exercise, your elbows are pinned to your sides – the do not move one bit. Nothing moves except your your forearms. Your back, legs, head are all completely motionless. If you have to swing or bounce then you are using way too much weight.

As with any dumbbell exercise, form is key if you want to maximize your muscle building efforts and minimize the chance of injury. Don't use too much weight, if you can't do the exercise slowly then you need to go lighter. Count aloud "one onethousand, two onethousand, three onethousand" on the way up and the way down, if you cant do this on this exercise then you are using too much weight. The reason this exercise method maximizes your muscle growth is because it confines the motion to the muscle you are trying to work out, if your body squirms, swings, and kicks, all you are doing is taking the focus away from the muscle you are trying to exercise.

Anyone can be healthier, have more energy, sleep better, and feel better about themselves through bodybuilding. Bodybuilding doesn't have to be expensive or take a lot of time, gyms are great but home workouts can save you time and money. A cheap dumbbell set from a garage sale or walmart is all it takes to get started with your home workouts.

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Limitation of Liability: Consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program! I am not a medical professional. It is your responsibility to critically evaluate this information and with the help of your physician decide if it is appropriate for you.

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  1. scooby1961 / April 7, 2007


  2. steveee6t9 / May 14, 2007

    im glad to see a guy on youtube thata ctuly does the exercises correctly
    and doesnt cheat by using ur back and swinging. thanks for the advice champ
    keep up the good work!

  3. CheaterNLaw / May 26, 2007

    wow cool 😀

  4. Jordan Ryan / May 27, 2007

    nice man i do most of your excersises now and only after a few weeks im
    noticeing a difference, nice job and nice website also

  5. Balazak / May 28, 2007

    I didn’t think it was a harsh comment, just his opinion and observations of
    Schwarzenegger’s technique. I am actually in two minds about fast or slow
    as I usually go quite slow but recently saw Arnie going fast. I guess if
    going slower helps keep correct form then I should stick to that and Scooby
    proves that slow doesn’t hurt the end result at all. Keep up the good work
    man. Great videos =)

  6. scooby1961 / June 5, 2007

    Great to hear!

  7. scooby1961 / June 5, 2007

    I’m not convinced there is anything you can do to make the bicep ‘thicker’,
    you can just make the whole thing bigger which makes it wider. Many people,
    myself included, cant do barbell curls with a straight bar because it hurts
    our wrists so we are stuck with the ez-curl bar.

  8. liam tompkins / June 8, 2007

    Hi nice strength and thanks for the tip. I usually do them too fast oops..

  9. ssj3goku87 / June 15, 2007

    i dont understand why you use low weights is it better to use low weight or
    high weight >_> or do u just lift your maximum..

  10. scooby1961 / June 15, 2007

    I think deadlifts and squats are an excellent exercise if you are young and
    have an experienced coach or physical therapist who can show you how to do
    them without seriously injuring yourself, for the rest of us I would say to
    avoid them.

  11. scooby1961 / June 15, 2007

    You use the most weight you possibly can and still lift with perfect form
    for the desired number of reps.

  12. ssj3goku87 / June 15, 2007

    alright that helped a lot thanks, you saved another life scoob! lolc

  13. ssj3goku87 / June 15, 2007

    so are you suppose to lift the weight until you cant lift anymore?

  14. scooby1961 / June 15, 2007

    When you are doing a set, you keep doing reps till you cant possibly do
    another. Then for added intensity you can either 1) go Really slowly down
    on the last rep (15-30seconds) 2) do a drop set, that is, without rest drop
    to about 50% less weight and do another set or 3) have a spotter help you
    do 3-4 more reps.

  15. ssj3goku87 / June 16, 2007

    thanks scoob i will try that

  16. GTADRZ / July 28, 2008

    lol i workout out for about 5 hours today and stopped when my arms went
    numb and started to spasm but i was doing same thing with 80 and 90 pound
    curls lol

  17. aldemar868890 / July 29, 2008

    Man, I don’t know why you are so kind giving all this advice for free with
    the website and the videos, but it helps a whole thanks, really.
    You really make sense and provide good advice. GOD bless you!!!

  18. edbn24 / August 6, 2008

    scooby, just to tell you, your the best and i hope that the people that try
    to steal and use your videos to make money will be caught and severly
    punished =-)

  19. Get Rekt / August 16, 2008

    scooby a few questions, i cycle for about 1 hour, about 15 km a day, and
    then head home for weightlifting, whats your advice on this?

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