Bodybuilding How to Get Big Lats, Arms, Chest, Legs, Back and Shoulders

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How to Get Big – It begins in the mind – It begins with a vision.
Bodybuilding beings with a vision. A picture in your mind. Victor Costa is a Master Trainer that specializes in helping people gain muscle intelligently.
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  1. John Doe / October 9, 2013

    Hey Vic, great messages you send… Packed with motivation. Anyway, my
    question for you is, I am an older dude (55) who used to be in shape when I
    was in my thirties. Over the years I have slowly let myself go, but am now
    reddy to change all that. I have plenty of weight to loose, about 70lbs. Is
    there still hope that at my age I can turn my body around to resemble
    yours? Anyway, I’d appreciate hearing what you have to say. Also, how old
    are you? You got it rocking bro!

  2. vicsnatural / October 10, 2013

    Hi friend- It is never too late. For me to tell you what you are capable of
    is not my place- only you can tell that story. I would imagine that if you
    want your house to be built like mine, you would have to use the same
    materials for as long. We all have different lifestyles, different
    advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you- send me an email if you want more advice than I can put here. Peace, Vic

  3. RonBurgundy209 / October 10, 2013

    I just recently strained my shoulder and was advised by a physical
    therapist to stay away from lifting for a bit. This is my second week not
    lifting and I was wondering if there’s anything I might be able to do to
    maintain muscle. My lats are really starting to take shape and I don’t want
    to lose any progress I’ve made since my accident.

  4. BLASIANfitness1 / October 10, 2013

    Excellent advice no hype just the simple truth thanks Vic

  5. djrawdogg312 / October 10, 2013

    I am 5’9 210 age 31 been lifting for 7 years have always gone heavy with
    weights and been bulky, but now am switching it up to be cut I am a
    mesomorph so I put on muscle easily but my chest has always lacked to where
    I think it should be. My question is I have very large shoulders and a wide
    back are these factors prohibiting my chest muscle growth?

  6. fckingstu / October 13, 2013

    Hey buddy, think about it. Do you think no one your age in the entire world
    has EVER accomplished those goals? Of course they have. So it’s possibile.
    If you want to do it, and you know how to do it, then there’s nothing left
    to do except to do it.

  7. John Doe / October 14, 2013

    Thanks fckingstu – I’m giving it my best shot!

  8. jonathan espanol / October 27, 2013

    hi! i’m 40 y/o i used to be athletic when i was a teenager i do cardio a
    lot then.. i just got started going to gym a couple of month ago and still
    going… i’m doing a 3 day split workout… what is the best combination of
    workout? and can i still achieved the physique that i want, like yours or
    probably how many years in order to met my goal?

  9. Fliegendes Geheimnis / October 30, 2013

    I totally agree with Hulk Hogan part.

  10. fmlapa / October 30, 2013

    Victor tens nome portugues, és decendente?

  11. drumsanddrumming / November 8, 2013

    1. for me the hard thing is dieting. 2. the lesson to learn is to not give
    a damn about lifting heavy but instead concentrate on form and feel. I
    admit it is hard even for me to do that, seeing others lifting much heavier
    but sloppy form. But I never ever sacrifice form for weight.

  12. Jakub Kameš / December 7, 2013

    I subscribed to your channel today. A lot of useful advice. Your channel
    deserves more subscribers.

  13. Daniel Rodriguez / December 30, 2013

    I like t bar row and lat pull down i just do 3 sets of 15 

  14. twopax17 / April 16, 2014

    One of the most legit trainers online. Vic, i really appreciate your
    advice. Thank you. 

  15. I see dumb people / May 3, 2014

    If you want to get big you have to lift heavy weights end of

    • jason stewart / January 16, 2015


    • I see dumb people / January 16, 2015

      +jason stewart your saying you think training light will get you big! lol
      ,share how u think that works

    • jason stewart / February 6, 2015

      Its a theory that lifting high reps and or short rest periods will fill the
      muscle with more fluid increasing its shape or size. Although, I do agree
      that lifting heavier to get bigger makes more sense. I am wishful thinking
      because my injuries don’t allow for much heavy lifting these days.

  16. Renan Marcatto / August 9, 2014

    Hey Vic, how are you doing?
    How many muscles should I train per day?

    • vicsnatural / August 10, 2014

      There are 2 primary routines- full body and split routine.
      So at minimum 2 body part and maximum full body. I would not train one part
      per day. Peace, Vic

    • Renan Marcatto / August 12, 2014

      +vicsnatural Thanks so much for your answer, i learn a lot with your

  17. Joe Husk / September 25, 2014


    • jacesaces15 / September 30, 2014

      awhhh someone is a bit jealous. this guy is extremely natural looking, how
      you think he is on juice is beyond me, you need to do a bit more homework.

    • Joe Husk / October 11, 2014

      no bec i am built myself 6f3 1/2..237….broad and big and tall all three
      hes taken something do your homework as well ok thank you im a bodybuilder
      and know whole lott so plz leave it at that and will be just fine thank you
      most bodybuilder wish they had fram and ht i have peace out

  18. jonwiley / October 26, 2014

    His body is beautiful… but I’d have to see the lower body development
    before I’m a true fan.

  19. MorningCoffee / December 3, 2014

    Nice video, touched on a subject that i’m really interested in.

    Motivation has always been a problem for me. I’ve been working out on and
    off for the last 6 years. I’m constantly starting and stopping with no
    cumulative progress. I need a more permanent motivation to keep me going.
    I’m trying to have a more positive outlook on sustaining the idea of what I
    could be instead of sulking in what I am now. I guess I never really
    embraced the vision.

  20. tisho angelov / August 8, 2015

    You are probably the most underrated fitness youtuber! You deserve millions
    of viewrs and subscribers, not CT Fletcher or Mike Chang..

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