Britney Spears’ Ab Workout Revealed Video

Britney Spears Abs Routine. Exercise like Britney Spears with this workout celebrity personal trainers have prescribed for the mother of two.

This quick and easy ab routine will have your core and stomach looking flat and toned in no time. Fit fitness into your daily routine for best results.

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  1. Anavrix / November 26, 2012

    Actually, bicycle crunches are one of the best ab work out routines. Not
    regular crunches, but bicycle crunches are very effective.

  2. omar zel / December 30, 2012

    Britney Spears’ Ab Workout Revealed Video

  3. Chandler Brown / February 6, 2013

    In anyone in crucial pain right now and still going to continue?????? Im
    doing this everynight? Lke if you agree!?!?

  4. Luna Girl / February 10, 2013

    When you do crunches, put your hands BEHIND your neck to avoid neck pain.

  5. CLICKME19 / February 25, 2013

    Thanks for sharing this Britney Spears workout.

  6. Mr.Original / April 2, 2013

    Where is Britney? This is very bad, bad video. Dislike! And please thumbs
    down for my comment. Thank you.

  7. Kristina Drinkwater / April 4, 2013

    pull up with your core, not your head

  8. TheIdo1992 / April 15, 2013

    Did you actually see her or are u blind? her stomach is fucking amazing.

  9. TheIdo1992 / April 15, 2013

    She just uploaded a picture on her facebook, go look at it!

  10. Schikane07 / May 23, 2013

    How do you know this? Because it doesn’t look like it’s coming from
    personal experience 😉 And for the record, crunches are great, they are the
    basis for all abdominal exercise routines. You will never build a decent
    core without crunches.

  11. Benjamin M / June 7, 2013

    Cool cool, keep up the vids!

  12. steve Fowler / June 30, 2013

    I disagree, planks do nothing (or very little) for someone with a strong
    core…when you can easily do more than 60 seconds of a plank it really
    isn’t doing anything.

  13. diethealth / August 9, 2013

    This video was uploaded in 2008 😉

  14. Nathan Anderson / November 2, 2013

    Side boob at 1:38

  15. Matthew P / February 23, 2014

    This was Britney Spears ab workout when she did slave 4 u. Check out her
    slave 4 u vma video. She has amazing abs.

  16. / March 16, 2014


    Thanks for the awesome video!

  17. popsingerstar / September 2, 2014

    i love bicycle crunches! they’re my fave exercise & i do them almost every
    day! :D

  18. Neyde Spears / January 28, 2015


  19. saset sasha / July 11, 2016

    Do it for months, look awesome and then be an slave forever like brit
    because the moment you go back to your old habits you will just get fatter
    exactly in those abs!

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