Build Bigger Triceps with Close-Grip Bench Press

The Close grip bench press along with dips ( ) are the best exercises you can do get bigger triceps or to increase the mass of the back of your arms.

When doing close grip bench presses do not put your hands side-by-side each where they are touching each other as this could cause wrist damage. At the minim you need to take a grip that is a little bit narrower than shoulder width to no more than your hands being 8-to-14 inches apart.

Close grip bench press are based on the same concept of diamond pushups or close grip push-ups where the main focus is on your triceps and making your triceps muscle much bigger.

Remember than your triceps represent 2/3 of your total arm size so it make send to include close grip bench presses for bigger triceps instead of focusing more on curls for your biceps which although may look impressive do not account for the majority of the arm size found in your muscles.

Tip: try doing one and one fourth close grip bench presses where you lower the bar to your chest and push it all the way back up but you only come down a fourth or half way down and then all the back up again and then you go all the way down for one rep or one and one forth or half rep. doing one and one fourth close grip bench presses will give you a more intense triceps workout.

Best to do close grip bench presses with heavier weights for sets of 6-to-12 to really make your triceps get bigger

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  5. Whattheproblemis / July 28, 2014

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