Can You Build Big Arms (Biceps) Naturally?

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  1. Garrett Anglesey / October 15, 2014

    Omar, I remember when you had under 100K subs, it’s so great to see this
    channel grow and so many people are realizing what good fitness channels
    are. PS, can’t wait for the the next Long and Loose Q&A!

    • OmarIsuf / October 15, 2014

      Garrett I appreciate the support man, I’m thankful for the massive support
      by all the subscribers. The next Q&A will be the Longest and Loosest yet
      (inb4 massive wasp invasion).

    • Japanirish21 / October 15, 2014

      +OmarIsuf you gotta buy that bug-a-salt shotgun that I suggested in your
      last Q&A!

  2. WestCoastDon448 / October 15, 2014

    im not so sure about small wrists = small arms. my wrists are skinny yet my
    forearms biceps triceps are all big. its also a blessing in a way to have
    smaller joints as well makes your muscles look alot bigger

    • Lloydatup / October 15, 2014

      Do you take steroids?

    • kipsta1993 / October 15, 2014

      Corerelation is not an equation go back to SQL son

    • WestCoastDon448 / October 15, 2014

      No im natural. Im 6’2 185 I just have a different bone structure. I have a
      skinny Waist but broad shoulders. My bones are long but skinny. Im sure its
      just a genetic thing because all my family have skinny joints and big arms.
      I also have skinny legs and can only get a 4 pack so not saying I was
      gifted everywhere. I also call bullshit that you can only get 16 ” arms
      naturally. I come from a family of farmers my grandpa had at least 17″ arms
      as well as my uncles. They also raised their own livestock and grewtheir
      own veggies so maybe that had something to do with it too

    • FrancoCT15 / October 15, 2014

      +WestCoastDon448 I can relate also 6″2, with a high metabolism and a wide
      upper back pushing my shoulders out giving me a v shape look, abs arent the
      best but thats due to my b.f% as im still bulking.

  3. Jesus Gonzalez / October 15, 2014

    So Omar, if you have a higher insertion would it be better to do preacher
    curls as your main movement and if you have a lower insertion would it be
    better to do regular barbell curls (p.s make the same video for how we the
    members of team no calves can expect how big are calves are gonna be)

  4. MattDoesFitness / October 15, 2014

    Nice vid dude. My wrists are pretty small but have 17.5-18 inch arms.
    Genetics are definitely the key factor in my opinion though

    • Ghost Nappa / October 15, 2014

      Mine went from 13 to 16half in my first year and a half (which is where im
      at now as ive only been training a year and a half lol) i have arms like my
      gramps, genetically lucky to make that much progress quickly.

    • Jake E / October 15, 2014

      How big are your wrists, Matt?

    • Diego Sheish / October 15, 2014

      “In Pavel’s, Ph.D., opinion…” you know, I’m just making that up, but you
      can actually write about someone else’s opinion.

    • legalkillerkev / October 20, 2014

      I think genetics are the key factor. There I stated your opinion and
      everybody knows its an opinion because I said “I think”. There are ways to
      express your opinion without having to redundantly say “in my opinion” like
      a nitwit.

    • Teringventje / December 12, 2014

      +legalkillerkev maybe your cancer moms opinion?

  5. RedgraveKennedy / October 15, 2014

    “if you have long arms, you won’t look as big, but you’ll be able to
    deadlift a lot” so that explains Garrett Gonzales.

    • RedgraveKennedy / October 20, 2014

      +harun hashi LONG ARMS NOT HEIGHT

  6. Turnip Patrol / October 15, 2014

    Omar you forgot to mention the most important part – these measurements
    refer to the arm size in contest lean condition. People who have 18″ arms
    at 15% bodyfat may only have 15-16″ arms by the time they are in contest
    condition. It’s crazy how much weight has to be lost, and people who’ve
    never been shredded don’t realize the amount of weight that has to come off
    all over the body in order to reach contest condition. Someone who’s uncle
    had a “big arm” or whatever probably had a fat arm with a bit of muscle
    underneath. Which is a far cry from a 16-17″ arm with striated triceps

    • DigitalHaze65536 / November 25, 2014

      Just like genetics for arm size there are genetics for fat storage. Some
      people store more fat on their arms then others even at the same body fat
      percentage. Also, how many gym rats actually even care to or ever get
      “contest ready”. So this whole shrinking arm thing is mostly a myth
      compared to most of our realities. Gym rats actually compare themselves to
      other gym rats, not guys in magazines or on the internet. They THINK they
      do, but most of us really care about our own little “pond”.

    • Turnip Patrol / November 25, 2014

      +DigitalHaze65536 “So this whole shrinking arm thing is mostly a myth
      compared to most of our realities”

      Not sure what you mean by that, but the measurements referred to in this
      guy’s calculator refer to someone who is very lean. If you are not very
      lean then you can have much bigger arms

    • DigitalHaze65536 / November 25, 2014

      +Turnip Patrol
      What I meant is most people that lift don’t take their bodyfat THAT low
      anyway, so most people that “cut” (diet really) don’t need to buy into the
      doom and gloom about losing their arm size. Look, hardly any of us compete
      so just getting the fat down enough to look good to the general public is
      good enough! I really don’t care what my arms would be at 5% because I’ll
      never be that low. 10~11% will be just fine for a 43 year old factory
      worker that never takes his shirt off in public :/

    • Turnip Patrol / November 25, 2014

      +DigitalHaze65536 I understand that, but the pessimism people have about
      their arms only getting to __ size according to this calculator is exactly
      what I’m talking about. Your arms can be much bigger than what this
      calculator says as long as you do not cut down to extreme levels of leanness

    • DigitalHaze65536 / November 25, 2014

      +Turnip Patrol
      Agreed. It’s all about what make us happy! Most people are happier at
      12-15% bodyfat and “big” arms then 8% bodyfat and smaller but “cut” arms,
      no matter how many stupid “but you’ve got fatceps” comments there are on
      youtube. Under clothes lower bodyfat but smaller arms don’t look as good
      as normal bodyfat and larger arms………since most of us don’t parade
      around shirtless in public 🙂

  7. Stevie Russell / January 19, 2015

    5′ 2″ male here, and I loved this video. ‘Manlet’ LMFAO 

  8. Luca Quark / June 25, 2015

    I can burn my gym badge after this vid

  9. Jarbou youseF / November 21, 2015

    yea i buld without protine shake

  10. Ilyas Husain / December 20, 2015

    A smaller wrist size is ideal, its all about proportions. Even if the
    bigger wrist dude has the larger actual arm size, its the same visually as
    a smaller wrist dude with a smaller actual arm size. BUT the smaller wrist
    dude is gonna be more aesthetic since smaller joints = better muscle pop.

  11. Abikchi Kader / February 15, 2016

    do you even lift dude!!!

  12. smelikechildren / March 10, 2016

    The 2 photos reverenced at 1:58 shows different posses. I you flex your
    wrist parallel to your arm your create more peak. Flex your wrist 90
    degrees and you’ll create more forearm thickness. Just try it. Bad example.

  13. Patriarchal Shitlord / March 19, 2016

    Work your triceps to make your arms bigger if you have trouble growing
    biceps. Also do lots of hammer curls to make your arms thicker.

  14. Sebastiaan Berk / June 3, 2016

    Got tiny wrists. Long limbs. Bad genetics. FML

  15. rprimbs / July 4, 2016

    I totally agree with you. I’m 6′ 2″ 230 lifetime drug free, and I have
    naturally huge wrists and arms. My biceps are about 17-1/2 and I’ve had
    them up to 18. Not from hard work, but just genetics. My body weight was
    close to 250 when they were 18. Curiously my forearms — which measure
    15-1/2 — look much bigger than my biceps, and people tell me that I am
    “all forearms”.

    • rprimbs / July 17, 2016

      They’re lean and ripped. No fat whatsoever. This is youtube I suppose I
      could post a video. My two year old son has arms just like me.

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