Chest and Biceps – Circuit:
Move quickly through combination of chest and bicep exercises to maximize fat-burn and Hypertrophy (lean muscle development). Keep Core engaged throughout each exercise. Perform each exercise consecutively for prescribed rep count, no more than 20 seconds between each exercise 3 times through entire circuit. You can add any exercises from previous videos to increase workout duration & intensity.

• Chest Press on Stability Ball (Up & Down): NO BOUNCE. HIP POSITION STAYS CONSTANT. 15 x each angle (hips down & hips up)
• Three Grip Bicep Curl: Lean back against wall to avoid swinging. Hitting all three Bicep heads. 10 x each grip, maximum 10 seconds rest between grips.
• Walking Inverted pushups: (Advanced), hip level should change dramatically. Hitting pectoral muscle at both moderate and extreme angles emphasizing Clavicle Attachment Point. 10 x each hip angle. REGRESSION or Alternate option, inverted pushup. 15 x total
• Cross Body Hammer Curls: NO SWINGING, CONSTANT ENGAGE BICEP, DB stays right along body. 15 x each arm
• Decline Fly & Press SuperSet on bench: Hip position should remain elevated, engage your abs, pick a weight you can perform 15 flys, NOT accounting for Press that follows. 15 x Flys & 15 x Press.
• Bentover Isolation Curls: Finish things off right! Elbow position is critical and remains strategic position throughout. 20 x each arm.

Quick Tips to Stay Lean through the Summer:

Staying lean through these summer months is a true challenge, but implementing these 4 Tips should keep you lean and tone.

Eliminate Carbohydrates & Sugar 6 days a week
High Intensity Interval Training
Limit the effects of Alcohol
Small Portions, Frequent Meals
Big Lift weekends… more specifically it's important you get a big resistance training workout in on days you know diet is going to be off the charts. This will help your body utilize excess calories from carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores. This will essentially fill out your muscle, trust me girl or guy, this is a good thing. Getting a strong boost in metabolism on these "cheat days" from an intense workout will go a long way to burn excess fat calories.

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    • jman8498 / April 20, 2014

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    • Aztecas X / May 16, 2014

      He misstated that. He is talking about the bicep (long head and short head)
      AND the brachialis which is sometimes neglected. It does contribute to
      bicep size! Thats 3 heads total bro!

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    you can chest fly with and go for it. im sweating now,nice work!!

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