Complete Tricep and Bicep Workout for Mass

Big Arms Workout High Volume Muscle Pumping Routine.

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In this video you're going to get a complete muscle pumping workout that will help add mass to your triceps and biceps. The full routine is as follows:

Tricep Workout:
Rope Tricep Push Downs: 3 sets of 8-10 reps
Dips: 3 sets of as many reps as you can do
Lying Tricep Extensions: 3 sets of 8-10 reps
Straight Bar Tricep Push Downs: 3 sets of 10-12 reps

Bicep Workout:
Straight Barbell Curls: 3 sets of 8-10 reps
Dumbbell Preacher Curls: 3 sets of 8-10 reps per arm
Alternate Dumbbell Curls: 3 sets of 8-10 reps per arm
Reverse Grip EZ Bar Curls: 3 sets of 10-12 reps

I recommend doing this arm workout once a week. The triceps and biceps come into play as secondary and supporting muscle groups for your chest, back, and shoulder workouts. So 1 high volume arm workout per week is plenty to stimulate growth.

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  1. pordoncojinhoeface “George Jackson” totardio-millsniffius / August 18, 2015

    LEE!!!!!! You’re awesome!

  2. Brandon Himself Vlogs / August 18, 2015

    5:04 my favorite workout for biceps!

  3. Ahmed Naanish / August 18, 2015

    lying close grip triceps press is a isolation exercise

  4. FrankA1948 / August 18, 2015

    Lee – I take it that you do the 3 sets per exercise before going to the
    next one. What is the rest time between sets? Thanks

  5. TheBestbackingtracks / August 18, 2015

    Hi Lee! Great video! I cant seem to do Reverse Grip EZ Bar Curls for
    forearms anymore! I used to love that excersise but these days when I try
    it I have an intense pain in my right forearm somewhere between the bicep
    and forearm, feels like a bone is broke its that bad!……..I thought it
    would go away but its still here weeks after my initial discovery! Do you
    have any idea what it could be?

  6. fillip smithy / August 18, 2015

    Lee, For the tricep extension exercise(skullcrushers) why have i always
    been told to extend the bar over my head and lower it to the floor ?

    But yet you do it to your forehead, is there a difference ?

    • Lee Hayward / August 19, 2015

      +fillip smithy It’s just a different variation of the same exercise. I
      recommend you try both ways and see which one feels the best to you and
      allows you to get the best pump in the triceps.

  7. Nelson Cheung / August 19, 2015

    should I do rich pianas 8 hour arm workout.

    • Lee Hayward / August 19, 2015

      +Nelson Cheung That all day arm workout has been around since the old days
      of bodybuilding, but I’ve never tried it myself. The old timers referred to
      it as the Neural One-Day Blitz System. If you feel you’re up for it give it
      a go. I’d love to hear how it works for you.

    • MrKillerkid1990 / December 7, 2015

      +5%ER FOR LIFE rich is on gear

  8. Dominic Toretto / August 19, 2015

    Nice to see the home gym finished! Looks good Lee!

    • Lee Hayward / August 19, 2015

      +Dominic Toretto Thanks, there’s still some minor cosmetic stuff that needs
      finishing, but the major things are all done (i.e. walls, lights, flooring,

  9. Sky's The Limit / August 19, 2015

    I am a begginer and when I do bicep curls my forearms get full of blood and
    hurt alot. Also my body barely flexes the biceps at all during the
    exercise, and i find my forearms and wrists are doing most of the lifting.
    What do I do ?

    • Vote 4Pedro / August 19, 2015

      +Sky’s The Limit quit while you can brotha! JK

    • BubbyPWN / August 20, 2015

      Remove your thumb from holding the bar. Only your fingers

    • Alfonzo Russ / August 21, 2015

      +Sky’s The Limit its your forearms doing a lot of the work.I bet you
      probably do liltle to no forearm workouts.Try Chris Jones Forearm routine
      to get some strenght in those forearms.

    • Bruno Martel / August 28, 2015

      +Sky’s The Limit Try using an EZ-bar. It will put less stress on your

    • danilo osiris / December 20, 2015

      +Sky’s The Limit “when I do bicep curls my forearms get full of blood and
      hurt alot.” that happens when you curl your wrist while doing curls. your
      mind muscle connection is weak. “i find my forearms and wrists are doing
      most of the lifting. What do I do ?” what you do research how to do proper

  10. jeff amo / August 20, 2015

    thanks Lee Hayward,, i will try this tricep n bicep exercise,, i do this
    for 2 yrs now but for me it doesnt work,, do i need supplements? anyway
    i’ll give it a go for this time,, tanx

    • Bruno Martel / August 28, 2015

      +jeff amo You don’t need supplements. Supplements are used when you can’t
      meet your nutrients and calories intake for the day. If you can eat enough
      real food, this is much better than using supplements. Make sure you hit
      your nutrients and calories need ever day and be consistent with it, then
      your arms will grow stronger and bigger (if you also train properly and

  11. Oscaraleptico / August 20, 2015

    if time is an issue for me (new son, hectic work schedule), is there a
    problem with doing the biceps/triceps lifts as supersets?

    • Bruno Martel / August 28, 2015

      +Oscaraleptico There is no problem doing that.

  12. Richard Britton / August 20, 2015

    How many times a week should I do this workout? Thanks Lee!

    • Bruno Martel / August 28, 2015

      +Richard Britton Since arms don’t contain big muscles such as legs or back
      for example, you can do this workout 2-3 times per week without any problem.

    • Richard Britton / August 28, 2015

      +Bruno Martel thanks man

  13. DjK Productions / August 27, 2015

    Great workout vid!
    Lee, can you tell me which will give better bicep mass, a straight bar with
    plates (free weights) or straight bar on a low pulley cable attachment?

    • Bruno Martel / August 28, 2015

      +DjK Productions When using free weights, there’s a lot of stabilizing
      muscle that will be used in addition to the biceps. In my opinion, free
      weights are better to gain overall muscle strength than using machines.

    • DjK Productions / August 28, 2015

      +Bruno Martel I understand what you are saying but I do powerlifting and
      only do bicep training as an accessory, so I only want to hit my biceps as
      I’m not concerned about stabilising muscles. With that being the case,
      wouldn’t cable curls be more effective?

  14. ASHOEFORDREW / November 27, 2015

    Hey lee. What kind of rack is that? Thinking about building my home gym

  15. Ana G / January 25, 2016


  16. Harrison Jones / February 21, 2016

    amazing home gym, wish i had one like this !

  17. HAMPI / April 17, 2016

    Why do you start with doing 4 tricep exercises in a row instead of doing 1
    tricep exercise, then 1 bicep exercise, then 1 tricep exercise and so on…
    so that the tricep can rest while you’re doing the bicep exercise and vice
    versa. Pls answer if anyone knows.

    • Paweł Skw / May 9, 2016

      you do that to achieve complete muscle contraction failure. dont let your
      muscles fully recover between sets if you want to achieve hypertrophy.

  18. George Ciprian Popa / May 30, 2016

    I’m a begginer and i have a question : doing this workout .. you raise the
    weights after every set on an exercise ? Is this right? Or is there another
    dividing of the weights?

    • Lee Hayward / May 31, 2016

      That’s right, start with light weights. This is what’s considered a warm up
      set. Then gradually increase the weights with each set.

  19. Fahad Humayoon / June 8, 2016

    Thank You very much Sir for an other great video for ARMS.

    I will try your workout today.It really feels great to see different arm
    training variations…

  20. Jamie Lee / June 25, 2016

    thank u for this video !-! by the way my left arm is smaller than my right

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