Deadlift Fundamentals- Hip Drive (Barbell)



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  1. Jimmy thesparky / August 23, 2013

    That’s. OT an rdl it’s a stiff legged deadlift

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  4. siggilum.diaboli / August 31, 2013

    watch out for hyperextension if you hyper extend, you’re gonna have a bad

  5. Vaibhav Saxena / September 22, 2013

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  7. Philip Fox / October 18, 2013

    Can you please speak up in your next video?

  8. m / October 19, 2013

    Hey, when i’m doing conventional deadlift like you are doing in this video,
    the barbel always hit’s my knees and I don’t like this. Therefore I use
    Sumo-deadlift. However I feel like conventional deadlift gives me a better
    work out. Do you have any solution for not hitting the knees. I notice in
    your video that your barbel is hitting your knees as well. What is going
    on? what should i do?

  9. Sharifun Naher / October 31, 2013

    Yo yo… Outstanding vid. My brother was formerly a fatty. He went from
    283lbs of fat to 213 lbs of complete lean muscle. I found myself shocked. I
    just subscribed myself because I’m seeking to get big muscle mass. He made
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  10. cheesedips / November 28, 2013

    Ur squattin the weight up

    • Murray M. Burns / September 29, 2015

      +ScottHermanFitness You ARE ‘squatting’ it up. i.e. Your hips start fairly
      low, and the angle of your back doesn’t change until the bar gets past
      knees. After that, your knees are almost locked, and the second half is
      like a Still-Leg/Romanian DL. The way you are when you set the bar down at
      4:06 is more of the way you’re ‘supposed to’ start/finish a DL.

    • Mochachino / May 15, 2016

      +Murray M. Burns for me to have that kind of position with my height, I
      would need to have my shoulders below my hips

  11. pete singh / February 2, 2014

    Really helps. ..Thank you scott

  12. gavstang / February 17, 2014

    Really enjoy your videos, keep up the good work bro

  13. Brian Tuckanow / February 18, 2014

    Im confused; I was told when coming back down to RDL the weight to my knees
    then drop straight down

  14. Richie Rich / February 23, 2014

    What percent is your Romanian deadlift to your conventional deadlift

  15. malawigw / June 10, 2014

    your voice is so distrubing 🙁 Cant you speak with in a darker, more manly,

    • Stoffendous / July 3, 2014

      I mostly hate he’s always screaming.

    • am / July 20, 2014

      +Stoffendous probably because he’s not using a mic so he has to scream for
      the camera to hear him clearly.

  16. Kingofheavyweights / September 2, 2014

    i’m wondering why I hitched half way up my hips have always been a problem,
    my legs are all banged up from wrestling but it’s all good. 

  17. inda mitchell / May 19, 2015

    Thanks Scott, solid video on form mechanics. I appreciate it! 

  18. tuanomsoc / September 15, 2015

    If you’re watching this and thinking “I don’t need to watch those” then you
    of all people need to watch them. That got me to pause and watch them. Well

  19. arikeer / June 11, 2016

    hey Scott. I swear I have watched every how to deadlift known to man and I
    still cannot get this move right! it’s come to the point of frustration and
    just not trying to add that in my routine. Even when I use lower weight
    (20lbs 10 e side) it just feels ridiculous. I wonder if you ever came
    across someone who just doesn’t seem to get it.

  20. Kriss Carney / June 16, 2016

    hey thanks scott,i tried deadlift first time today and this video really
    help me a lot ;)

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