Dumbbell Biceps Workout: What Exercises Can I Do?

Biceps are one of the most favorite muscles for men to work out. Why? You tell me! In this video I will show you 5 good biceps exercises you can do. This is the first video of the dumbbell workouts. I will make videos about all muscle groups you can work out with the use of dumbbells.

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  1. JeromeFitness / May 14, 2013

    Why 5 days? I think I clearly state in the video or in the description that
    this routine shouldn’t be used more than 3 days a week. Since biceps are
    small I wouldn’t even do more than 2 days a week actually. Never 2 days in
    a row. That’s what I recommend. There is no way I can tell how long it will
    take for your biceps to grow. The weight should be heavy and light enough
    at the same time, to enable you to do 8 reps or so. The last reps should be
    (very) difficult to complete. Maintain good form!

  2. Bruno Andrade / May 14, 2013

    Thank you very much…i started with dumbbells 6 days ago , now i’ll do
    this exercises mondays , wednesdays and fridays every week with 6kg
    dumbbell…sorry for my bad english , im portuguese…thank you

  3. Limemill / June 8, 2013

    Why can’t you do it everyday? In my case, however hard I exercise my biceps
    one day, I don’t feel any pain the next one and as the muscles “deflate”
    and get back to their post-training shape I have the itching to do byceps

  4. JeromeFitness / June 9, 2013

    Overtraining. Your muscles always look bigger right after a workout,
    because that’s the blood that all went to that place. When you work on your
    arms the blood will go more to the biceps and it will get bigger. That’s
    just a very oversimplified explanation, but it’s why you look ‘pumped’
    after a workout. Your biceps won’t grow much if you work them out daily.
    The same is true for any muscle group! Maximum 3 days a week and never
    train the same group 2 days in a row!

  5. Limemill / June 9, 2013

    But hey, isn’t the tell-tale sign of overtraining is muscle pain? What if I
    don’t feel any discomfort in my byceps the next day at all? Still,
    shouldn’t work them out?

  6. JeromeFitness / June 9, 2013

    Nope, it is not. You do not need to be sore to be overtraining although
    it’s pretty common that it will occur. General tiredness, hitting plateaus
    and not making progress can also be signs of overtraining. Just don’t work
    out the same muscle group 2 days in a row. There is more than enough
    science and BroScience that tell you not to do that, so don’t.

  7. ocelotl / June 29, 2013


  8. JeromeFitness / July 9, 2013

    Building muscle mass is a pretty slow process and questions like this one
    can’t be answered correctly or satisfactory.

  9. joe foss / July 11, 2013

    is that a german accent? just want to know..

  10. joe foss / July 11, 2013

    Thanks I’ve been seeing improvement

  11. jakeman1135 / July 12, 2013

    Do hammer curls work the biceps good? I find them the most challenging.

  12. JeromeFitness / July 12, 2013

    Actually they are more helpful for the other part of your upper arms. You
    have the triceps, biceps and brachialis muscle. The brachialis is what you
    work out mostly with hammer curls and x-hammer curls.

  13. Armando Garza / August 14, 2013


  14. Ed Briscoe / August 25, 2013

    Thanks a lot man. I looked at tonnes of videos for a good regime. I
    literally just bought some weights and want to try dumbbells and working
    out. I think i’ll try doing a regime of one set for each of these exercises
    and see how I get on.

  15. JeromeFitness / August 25, 2013

    Good luck with that!

  16. bryan gonzalez / September 3, 2013

    What kind of pull up in the background I want one that connects to the wall

  17. JeromeFitness / September 4, 2013

    So Google: wall mounted pull up bar.

  18. Pangpang Zhifeng / September 6, 2013

    Thank you for the ideas!

  19. Cody Mcqueen / October 7, 2013

    14 year old maybe 15 lbs

  20. andrea bianchini / August 19, 2014

    Hi Jerome it’s Andrea from Italy,I would like to ask if you are a
    professional trainer and if you realize training programs.
    Thanks a lot.

    • JeromeFitness / August 21, 2014

      +andrea bianchini Hi Andrea, yes I am a certified personal trainer and I
      make personal workout and nutrition plans if you’re interested. You can
      contact me about that via: http://jeromefitness.com/personal-training.
      There you’ll also find more information about it.

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