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-Dumbbell Circuit training is one of the best ways to challenge the entire body in all three ranges of motion. Dumbbell Circuit Training also forces you to stabilize, balance, accelerate as well as decelerate. High intensity Dumbbell Circuit Training can also be a great metabolic workout as well. This workout plan I designed consists of five exercises. The exercises we will go over include 1. Lunge 2. Squat 3. Rows 4. High Pulls 5. Shoulder Press. The final exercise of the Dumbbell Circuit Training includes the Plyometric 3-D lunge. The goal of this workout program is to hit the entire body, while burning calories while addressing mobility and flexibility. Next I will go over all the exercises of the Dumbbell Circuit Training.
:15 Exercise intro
:31 Lunges
:58 Squat
1:15 Bent over rows
1:33 High Pulls
1:47 Shoulder Press
1:56 3-D Lunge

Dumbbell Circuit Training 1. Lunges- Lunges is a lower body exercise. When lunging (forward) make sure your back knee gets close to the ground as possible. Make sure the knee of the front leg is positioned behind the toe of the same leg when lunging forward. Make sure you control the weight and the body at all times.

Dumbbell Circuit Training 2. The Squat is the best overall leg exercise. For our Dumbbell Circuit training you will use Dumbbells as opposed to barbell weight. During the descending potion of the Squat keep your chest up, your eyes looking forward and keep your weight on your heels.

Dumbbell Circuit Training 3. Bent Over Rows. The rows exercise is an upper body back exercise. Since you do not have a utility bench, and you're using two dumbbells at the same time maintaining good posture might be a bit more challenging. Make sure you keep your elbows close to the body when rowing and keep your chest up as well this will help with the posture issue.

Dumbbell Circuit Training 4. High Pulls or the first of the explosive movements. The High Pull is the first movement used when performing the Hang Clean. When performing the High Pull pay attention to the amount of weight you use as well as your range of motion. If you use too much weight that will prevent you from doing the movement properly.

Dumbbell Circuit Training 5. The Shoulder Press is the recovery exercise of the circuit, if there is such thing. You are working the smallest muscle group and the movement is the most basic of all the exercises. The issue with the Shoulder Press may be fatigue. Make sure you maintain good posture and perform the exercise throughout the entire range of motion.

Dumbbell Circuit Training 6. Finally we have the most complex yet what I consider the most important exercise of the circuit. The 3-D Lunge is a great lower body exercise that hit the lower body in all the planes of motion. This exercise really challenges your flexibility, your body control, balance, your ability to accelerate and explosiveness with the additional plyometric movement when returning to the starting point. When performing this exercise make sure you pick a moderate weight. This will allow you to move throughout the full range of motion.

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  1. BigDog012012 / January 17, 2012

    some of those exercises can be extremely dangerous even for the most
    advanced lifter… there are much better ways to target all the muscles you
    are targeting with those exercises and in addition to hitting them, you can
    hit them much more effectively and even include explosive type movements,
    but those are just ridiculous… i see where you are trying to go with
    using those, but i would highly recommend as a CPT in sports, MMA, &
    bodybuildin that you dont recommend those exercises to anyone

  2. Ronnie Kenyatta / January 19, 2012

    Thanks for the feedback.

  3. twintron4 / January 22, 2012

    i like this especially the 3d circuit, im gonna try this right now!

  4. Ronnie Kenyatta / January 25, 2012

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I believe there is no better way to work
    the hips and hamstrings in all three plains of motion then the 3D lunge
    circuit. Adding the jump also incorporates additional acceleration and
    deceleration mechanics.

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  6. Larry Porter / April 7, 2014

    Great informative video Ron! This can be very helpful for me as well.

    • Ronnie Kenyatta / April 7, 2014

      Thanks again Larry……you’ll see more of these for sure.

  7. deepak thapa / May 6, 2014

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  8. Jerry Smith / March 22, 2016

    The form police is going to arrest you!

  9. Jerry Smith / March 22, 2016

    Good video!!!

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