Dumbbell Circuit Workout: How to Get a Full Body Workout with Little Weights?

Circuit training is a great way to get in good shape with a little amount of weight. I added combination exercises in each of these circuit training videos, so you will safe even more time and will work out every muscle with only 5 exercises.

Perform all 5 exercises in a row without weight, so make sure the amount of weight you use can be used for every single exercise or that you can use an extra set of dumbbells.
After performing 5 exercises for each exercise you take some rest and repeat the whole round for 2-4 times.

The workout:

10 repetitions of Push Up Rows
15 repetitions of Goblet Squats
12 repetitions of Crunch & Press
10 repetitions of Curl & Press
12 repetitions of Lunge & Twist

If you are unable to do the amount of recommended repetitions you can do less. Just go as far as you can get before going to the next exercise.


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  1. TheRjw18 / July 10, 2012

    im not as fit as i thought i was haha pretty sore from doing this but i
    suppose that means the workout did it job.

  2. titanoboa100 / August 4, 2012

    Good workout.

  3. anglekan / September 3, 2012

    what does the lunge twist do? is it only a leg exercise or does it work the
    lat muscles as well?

  4. JeromeFitness / September 3, 2012

    It works the abs as well. The twist comes from the abdominals (if performed

  5. Eugene Kew / September 3, 2012

    hey the push up rows does it hit the chest also?

  6. JeromeFitness / September 3, 2012

    *Push up* so yes.

  7. rezOnanceUK / December 12, 2012

    My shoulders are fucking killing haha

  8. titanoboa100 / January 2, 2013

    I have been doing this since last July 2012. That first exercise is the
    best for getting the heart pumping. I do this workout after my 10 mins of
    mens health circuit training.

  9. TheShinobi32 / January 15, 2013

    You left out how many reps to do for each exercise.

  10. JeromeFitness / January 15, 2013

    How many reps for each exercise I do you mean? That’s in the description.

  11. TheShinobi32 / January 15, 2013

    My bad i did not see that before but you should have put the info in the

  12. Sean Steppenwolf / March 13, 2013

    Thanks for the workout!

  13. Craig Empson / June 27, 2013

    Im going to try this, I am just a beginner and I’ve been trying quite a lot
    of things I have seen in guides and videos – this one looks better though ,
    I like that you have combined 2 exercises into one.

  14. JeromeFitness / June 27, 2013

    It really depends on what your goals are. If you want to gain muscle mass
    this isn’t the best way as you use light weights. These are rather useful
    to combine some strength and cardio in one workout, giving you a pretty
    effective overall workout. Just saying 🙂

  15. Craig Empson / June 27, 2013

    Thanks for a reply, I have pretty much been skinny and weak my whole life,
    im 23 now and I finally bought some dumbells a few weeks ago so a full body
    circuit with light weights is perfect for me right now, the only problem
    was the crunch & press hurt my back, think I need to get a mat since im on
    laminate flooring but I will do this workout from now on thanks.

  16. endlessbasher / August 20, 2013

    circuit training is the way to go! it might take 20 mins but the Amount of
    calories u burn from it is way more than going to the gym for 2 hours

  17. JeromeFitness / August 21, 2013

    On the long term I think it does, yes. However, a 20 minute circuit
    training burns maybe 300-500 kcal tops. Whereas going to the gym for 2
    hours burns about double that amount or more. If the circuit training
    intensity is higher than the gym work, then you will probably burn more
    energy in rest though.

  18. Fjerid / September 2, 2013

    Heck I’m already getting a full body without any weights. Legs? 100 yard
    sprints, jump and pistol squats. Chest and triceps? close and wide push
    ups, elevated push ups and dips. Back and biceps? Close & wide grip pull
    ups and chin ups. Shoulders? handstand push ups.

  19. Tony / March 26, 2016

    Thanks for the video 🙂 If I did this on the weekend for a cardio workout
    would it halt any progress from my regular training? I train full-body 3x a
    week but like to do cardio on the weekend like this with circuits

    • JeromeFitness / March 27, 2016

      +Tony Not by much I reckon, but I would say it’s best to have one day of
      rest before doing the next full body workout again, so you can get the
      maximum out of that workout too.

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