Dumbbell Punching Plyometric Exercise : Exercises to Stay Fit

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A dumbbell punching plyometric exercise is a great way to work out a few different parts of your body. Learn about dumbbell punching plyometric exercises with help from an Olympic-certified boxing trainer, fitness expert and speaker in this free video clip.

Expert: Cary Williams-Nunez
Bio: Cary Williams-Nunez is a current Olympic-certified boxing trainer, fitness expert and speaker.
Filmmaker: Dustin Kuepper

Series Description: Staying fit is easy, as long as you make good use of a few specially designed exercises on a regular basis. Get tips on exercises that you can do to stay fit with help from an Olympic certified boxing trainer, fitness expert and speaker in this free video series.

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  1. ctsd623 / March 9, 2013

    She might know boxing, but is talking out of her league when it comes to
    strength and conditioning. This is the farthest thing from plyometrics, a
    horrible bastardization.

  2. TheTomster333 / October 5, 2013

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    minute in the gym, then you have to look at this online video SIXPP.COM I
    am glad that the country world…retains a power to use our English tongue.
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  3. Groovemaster2k / November 2, 2013

    Bruce Lee did this and he was one of the fastest punchers

  4. Jason PT / February 24, 2014

    Not plyometrics but yes a good exercise for speed practised by Bruce Lee
    published in his book “Art of expressing the human body” for resource. It
    does work for speed as I would know from research and personal experience
    as a boxer.

  5. M Lee / March 21, 2014

    cute lady a bit slim for my liking though, I want to smell her hair.

    • RealisticAndOptimistic / May 17, 2014

      Well that wasn’t creepy at all.

    • M Lee / May 17, 2014

      hahahahahha nah i wouldnt do that

    • RealisticAndOptimistic / May 17, 2014

      +M Lee

  6. Anya Dytz / November 20, 2014

    If there is one kind of American woman I adore it is this girl…Sexy face
    and a body to match!….Pure Joy.
    PS, I am doing your punching exercise with a small barbel….and not
    thinking of you when I am punching!

  7. Stefan Rasmussen / September 10, 2015

    It Will not help your punching, as gravity pulls the weight downwards, and
    you would want to generte force horizontally. Cabel machines that Can be
    adjusted to shoulder height makes Nice says to rotate. It would proberbly
    help to hold up hands.

  8. Nicholas Schultz / October 14, 2015

    she is so wrong on everything. not plyometric. and the don’t hurt yourself
    with this exercise but I am going to show you it now.
    not certified, just on a diet and can spare.

  9. Errin Mora / December 22, 2015

    You need to lift a lot more than 5lbs. You look good, but you could look so
    much better.

  10. Christopher Scott / July 20, 2016

    +Stefan Rasmussen, I agree and disagree. Downward pull will also activate
    not only the core’s upward force utilizing legs, hips, etc, but it will
    also work the traps, rhomboid, clavicular pectoralis, scalene, rotator
    cuff, and biceps tendons (distal and heads). As well as the work put into
    the additional stabilizer muscles. I would say cables would be better for
    isolation of serratus and core. Core is the force and upward momentum will
    be the explosiveness in the limb from those fast twitch fibers. I’m not a
    boxer but I’m 35 and have been in Martial Arts, Wrestling, and MMA
    cumulatively for 30 years and studies a bit of kinesiology at KSU. I’m only
    including that so you know I am not the average internet know it all. I
    could be wrong, but from a kinesiology perspective, gravity plays a MAJOR
    factor in plyometrics. Also, sorry for the massive run-ons lol.

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