Explosive Exercises: Dumbbell Snatch & Split Jerk

In this video I'm working out with Strength Coach Jason Paris. He is a Division 1 football coach. In the video Jason shows how to do some Olympic weightlifting exercise variations; the dumbbell snatch and dumbbell split jerk.

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  1. chapnasty / November 24, 2009

    You can tell these things work, that dude is looks all cut up

  2. Jerry Khachoyan / November 25, 2009

    ya looks like a dumbell powerclean the first one

  3. John Wallace / November 25, 2009

    Nope, not cleans at all. The weight goes straight overhead, not pausing at
    the shoulder.

  4. Sathomas / November 25, 2009

    we did this at a velocity camp over summer thats cool

  5. funkrock27 / November 25, 2009

    lol its a clean

  6. Tom Gray / November 25, 2009


  7. 13AlbinoRhinos / December 7, 2009

    i’m pretty sure that a 240 pound body building competitor that deadlifts
    and squats more than twice his body weight knows a little about lifting
    weights. Criticize all you want, but his body tells no lie.

  8. 13AlbinoRhinos / December 7, 2009

    if you didn’t know, i was talking about lee.haha, i don’t know anything
    about the jason dude, but if lee hayward uses him in his videos, then he
    must know what he’s talking about.

  9. Chaaarge / November 18, 2010

    another one that the olympic weightlifters do is the push-press

  10. C .Jacobsen / January 23, 2011

    Great video Lee, can you tell me what muscles the dumbbell snatch works?

  11. fnchdrms87 / June 9, 2011

    i love that there is someone doing bicep curls in the background of this
    video. For what particular sport would bicep curls be good training for,
    besides body building?

  12. ernyfromlatvia / November 16, 2011

    He is jumping and making negative presses for ‘snatches’

  13. AMPepin1992 / January 27, 2012

    6 people hit themselves in the face doing the snatch.

  14. pnutbutrncrackers / April 4, 2012

    To me it seems that if you were to start with the dumbbell on the ground
    you would add significantly to the training value of this exercise, since
    it would force the hip-thrust to be explosively activated — w/a much
    greater range of motion than seen here.

  15. Barry Bland / April 6, 2012

    Someone has weak lateral stabilizers and an inability to control his power.
    hmm.. :-/

  16. BCoolThailand / October 16, 2012

    8 people aren’t explosive!

  17. adoboFosho / January 19, 2013

    arm wrestling, any jiujitsu or off shoot, wrestling, any grappling in
    general, boxing hooks and uppercuts (bas rutten’s mma audio tape uses bicep
    curls) etc

  18. Ricardo Flores / February 28, 2013

    Steve-O got muscles now?

  19. Anonynononymous / December 14, 2013

    @fnchdrms87 Bicep Curls are a decent supplemental exercise for BJJ
    practitioners who need strong elbow flexors…

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