Front Dumbbell Raise- Shoulder Exercise / Exercício para ombros

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*This is not the resistance weights i use for my regular routines. The weights used in the video are only for showing the workout routine. Add the weight that you can do these exercises properly

Workout Rules:

1) Always stretch before starting for 5 minutes.
2) Start with a warm up
3) Copy exercises exactly how it is done.
4) "Super Set : Two exercises performed but count as 1 set.
5) Drop Set: 1 exercise that will be followed by a lower weight resistance. It can be lowered 2 , 3 , 4 times but it counts as 1 Set for the exercise.
6) 4 Sets per each exercise
7) Stretch in the end for 5 minutes


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* Este não é o peso de resistência que eu uso para minhas rotinas regulares. Os pesos utilizados no vídeo são apenas para mostrar a rotina de exercícios. Adicionar o peso que você pode fazer estes exercícios corretamente

Regras para a malhação

1) Sempre alongar antes de começar a por 5 minutos.
2) Comece com um aquecimento
3) Cópie o exercicio exatamente como ele é feito.
4) "Super Set: Dois exercícios realizados, mas contar como uma so repeticao.
5) Super Set: um exercício que será seguido por uma resistência menor. Ele pode ser baixado 2, 3, 4 vezes, mas ele conta como um so Repeticao para o exercício.
6) quatro jogos por cada exercício
7) Alongue no final por 5 minutos If you have any question, register in our website as i will be answering all question there.

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  11. A Smith / January 23, 2014

    What your are demonstrating is a basic exercise. Why not show how to target
    all three heads of the delts with one exercise for efficiency instead of
    isolated movements that target one ?

    • Marcos de Andrade / January 24, 2014

      this is a single exercise focusing on a single muscle part. For full
      shoulder exercises visit the channel , thank you

  12. Bovas Melvin / February 16, 2014

    putchh urrr hands up in the aeeirr..

  13. leon hood / May 3, 2014

    good demonstration, mirin 

  14. Bajarang Konatham / May 9, 2014

    nice..but you are swinging a bit.. I don’t think so that’s perfect..

  15. Deny Demise / July 28, 2014

    May I ask a question? Why after front and side lateral raise, my delt dont
    feel any soreness, however just my trapezius muscle feel the pain? I want
    to build bigger deltoid btw

    • felixthefox / September 5, 2014

      i have good advice for you – do side lateral raises instead, use a weight
      that you can only do 3 sets of 8 reps (8x 3) with (if you can do 30
      pushups, use 3% of your body mass in each arm). and unlike the guy in the
      video, keep your shoulders down and pushed back wards (like you’re pressing
      your back against a wall). you might want to keep your knees locked to keep
      your back straight. and breath! exhale as you raise the weights above your
      lil nipples, and exhale slowly as you bring them down NEXT to your hips.
      keep the party going!

  16. Polyrytmi / October 16, 2014

    this is not for everybody, someple overtrain forearms, since forearms are
    included in so many other musclegroups. I would skip this

  17. Johnny Crespo / November 6, 2014

    Lol to all you noobs out there, don’t do what this guy is doing. He’s got
    what we call bad form.

  18. b rad / April 28, 2015

    one of my favourites thanks

  19. Bisho / May 31, 2015

    you one of my favorite, I like watching your videos… I got a lot of
    yours…Thnx a lot!!!!

    • Marcos de Andrade / June 1, 2015

      +ashwaqtear thank you man ! i appreciate your message

  20. Bisho / May 31, 2015

    we need more new videos of you dude!!!

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