Full Body Dumbbell Home Workout + Six Pack Abs Routine

brings you this powerful home dumbbell workout. If you are a beginner then this is the perfect workout for you. It will build all the main muscles in your body and even work your abs. So if you want to get ripped and build muscle at home, this is the workout for you! Designed by Home Workout Expert Peter Carvell

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    Excellent vid. Thanks

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  9. How to get rid of cellulite fast / November 6, 2013

    Good exercises

  10. Sanjeet Bhatta / April 3, 2014

    By looking at this I bought a dumbell

  11. siraj saxena saxena / May 2, 2014

    its too good trainer

  12. Ali Al-omari / May 8, 2014

    I’ll do it once a week for three weeks 

  13. Vesa Girsen / May 13, 2014

    no no no so many things wrong… keep it just slight under 45%

  14. Vesa Girsen / May 13, 2014

    if you keep and or shoot it up that its lose…

  15. Andread1996 / August 7, 2014

    Hardcore music…10 lbs!

  16. Giannis Mps / April 9, 2015

    Is that a daily routine?Or just 3-4 days per week?

  17. Manni A. Walton / August 2, 2015

    Good routine for the beginners…

  18. Edward NewGate / September 8, 2015

    Dude thanks i always did this everytime Igo home from school and before i’d
    go to school.It’s been a week since I used this method and I’m now seeing
    the sign of my hardwork.Thanks alot!

    • frikha ahmed / March 18, 2016

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  19. Deepak Dev / October 20, 2015

    Do I need to do all 10 exercises x 3 sets x 15 reps everyday? Or only 3
    days a week?

  20. Shiv Kumar / January 26, 2016


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