Get a Bubble BUTT with these Barbell Exercises!

Fitness Model Jessica Suarez is showing you some great exercises you can do with a Barbell to get a sexy round lifted butt and toned athletic thighs.
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  1. womensworkoutchannel / May 5, 2015

    Follow us on Instagram: 30DayButtTransformation

  2. Yhonatan perez vallejos / May 5, 2015

    Sexys Uwu

  3. Valerie J / May 5, 2015

    Doesn’t squats lifting weights or without weights make u smaller cause your
    compressing your spine in a certain shape???

    • womensworkoutchannel / May 5, 2015

      +Valerie J No. And she’s not using that much weight. 40lbs in this video.

  4. Prince James / May 5, 2015

    shes cute what is she 4’0 feet tall? adorable ha no really she seems to
    have a nice personality most girls are dumb and annoying she seems pretty

  5. killahtapes'93 / May 6, 2015

    Daaamn! this woman really does it for me!

  6. Sl33pSkillS / May 6, 2015

    LOVE U JESSICA!!! <3

  7. John Garden / May 6, 2015

    amazing booty!

  8. Nikkon Singh / May 6, 2015

    Is 20lbs enough weight to build a bubble butt??

    • womensworkoutchannel / May 6, 2015

      +Nikkon Singh Hi, It will be good to start and learn correct form. For many
      exercises such as lunges it will be enough but might be too light for
      squats. Vicky uses a 20lbs weight vest to build her butt. You can see her
      videos using this weight vest at

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