Home Bicep and Triceps Workout

1 tip you must follow to build huge arms:

Hey y'all,

It's Mike Chang and you better have your tickets ready for today's gun show workout.
This workout is going to show you how to blow up your arms and have you ripping shirt sleeves in no time. And with these huge arms, your going to have that powerful look women simply can't resist.

Workout routine:

**These exercises are done in super-set form for 4 sets of 10s
**Use a weight that will only allow you to do 10 reps
**Dips needs to be done till failure


Barbell or dumbbell bicep curls super-set with skull crushers:
Close grip barbell curls super-set with dips

This workout might look simple but I promise you it works,

And if you're serious about building huge arms, then check out this video now:

In that video I'll show you the most common mistakes normal guys make that prevent them from gaining muscle. And I show you what you can do instead to build the ripped, muscular body women love.

If building muscle is important to you, you NEED to see this:

Train hard,


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  1. Jack Hudson / December 23, 2015

    This is not a home workout. I don’t have any of this stuff ?

    • JOH / May 2, 2016

      +FCTA go to Argos, that’s where I got mine 🙂 you get get some decent ones
      for the price of a months gym membership(£20-30)

    • David Knox / June 5, 2016

      I use milk bottles and a metal pole

  2. ‫שון קריכלי‬‎ / January 18, 2016

    Is it ok to repeat the same workout over and over again ? Or should i try i
    different one?

    • Necroponent / January 22, 2016

      +‫שון קריכלי‬‎ Do a different one every 3 days

  3. Donald Trump / February 29, 2016


    • Zombie Extreme / March 1, 2016

      I should not be Laughing at this

    • wee brandon / March 22, 2016

      take an ice pack and put it on the injured part for at least half an hour
      and make sure to eat good nutrients food for the next few days to recover
      and avoid exercises if you feel nauseous during the next few days let’s
      just say take the next few days off and recover

    • Zenomorph xix / May 5, 2016

      Use a small loan to fix it

    • Curtis Gills / June 17, 2016

      die because your trump

    • Dustin R / June 27, 2016

      +Zenomorph xix ????

  4. Bani Malakian / April 25, 2016

    09:06 when all the bloods in your brain are now in your arms

  5. Brad Rad / May 6, 2016

    And I thought I was the only one who sounded funny while trying to count

  6. Amit Dey / May 10, 2016

    there u r, the bst

  7. Raiyaan / May 21, 2016

    i dont get why this is a home workout when you’re still having to use ‘
    equipments ‘ which r usually not in everyones ‘ houses ‘

    • burger5082 / June 24, 2016

      Go to a local decathlon and get that for like 20 pounds or 30 dollars.

    • LegenDarien / July 29, 2016

      I think as long as there aren’t any machines involved, it’s a “home”
      workout. I agree that it shouldn’t be called a home workout since you don’t
      see Dumbbells and Barbells just lying around the average house

  8. David Rakoczy / June 6, 2016

    So 4 sets with 10 reps and 4 sets with 10 reps again with the other

  9. Canned- Bread_ / June 26, 2016

    I have been doing this since April, and my arms still look like sticks. I
    have tried going up weights, I have been consistent, but damn, my stubborn
    arms will NOT grow! Can someone please help me?

    • louis short / July 13, 2016

      mate at 14 it can also be genetics. you might have to look into hormone
      levels. i was skinny till 18 then i started growing in mass after that.

    • lukomundo / July 27, 2016

      +Dustin R what was your rest time?

    • The Real Jesus / August 3, 2016

      When you jack off use both arms that should help.

  10. Jose Lopez / July 6, 2016

    does it benefit you to drink a cup of protein even if you don’t work out
    that day?

    • Roryyy Mercury / July 10, 2016

      you need protein regardless.

  11. Mohid Khan / July 11, 2016

    Nice tips

  12. Girley Kawauchi / July 14, 2016

    y dislike?…mike chang’s been helpful to us beginners

  13. Barrack Bananas / July 22, 2016

    More like “Mini home gym Bicep and Triceps Workout”

  14. z davis / July 27, 2016

    Bruh I’m 13 doin this it hurts

    • john dingleberry / July 28, 2016

      +leggo city I’m also 15 but I’ve been doing this for about a month it
      really helps!

    • GamingRants / August 1, 2016

      +john dingleberry arms any bigger?

    • john dingleberry / August 1, 2016

      +GamingRants my arms are shaping out

    • Vanita Mane / August 4, 2016


  15. Connor smith / July 29, 2016

    This workout was sick

    • LegenDarien / July 29, 2016

      Ikr I almost threw up just watching it!

  16. sawyers / August 1, 2016

    he’s cute af

  17. Hunter parker / August 4, 2016

    Did anybody notice that he was flexing his man tits while he was talking…
    Or was it just me…

  18. snoo puza / August 4, 2016

    Yeesss broooo ;-)

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