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I used to be FAT…here's how I finally got six pack abs:

In this video I show you a quick home workout you can do for chest and back. This is a great workout to get started with at home if you don't have a gym membership. And I will sometimes do this workout when I don't have time to go to the gym, or when I'm traveling and don't have gym access.

Here's the workout:

SIDE TO SIDE PUSHUPS — 10 REPS. Move your hands wide apart as you go down, and close together when you reach the top of the pushup. Alternate sides, so that you are traveling side to side as you do your pushups.

DUMBBELL FLYS — 10 REPS. Move the dumbbells up and down in a CIRCULAR motion, not a PRESSING motion like a bench pres. Keep your arms slightly bent. Isolate your chest as much as possible — you should feel your chest muscles squeezing together as you do this, and minimal tricep involvement.

BENT ARM SIDE LATERAL — 10 REPS. Keep your arms bent at a 90 degree angle. Raise your arms upwards and to the side. You should feel this in your deltoid (shoulder) muscles primarily. If you are advanced, do this explosively like I do in the video. If you're a beginner, use slower, more strict form and isolate your shoulders more. Be careful with too much back involvement if you're first starting off (it may lead to injury if you're not conditioned to explosive weight lifting moves).

BENT OVER SIDE LATERAL — 10 REPS. Bend over at a 90 degree angle, so that your back is flat like a table top. You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings as you do this. In this position, contract the muscles of your back to bring the dumbbells upwards in a circular motion. Really contract your back as much as possible at the top of the repetition to get the most out of it. Again, use more strict, slow form than I do in this video if you are a beginner — use more explosive form if you are advanced.

DUMBBELL FRONT RAISES TO CEILING — 10 REPS. Keeping your arms bent VERY slightly (almost straight), raise the dumbbells from your legs to vertically above your head. Once again, use strict form if you are a beginner and do not initiate the movement with momentum from your back. If you are advanced, explode from the bottom with a small amount of back involvement, and use a heavier weight.

DUMBBELL GOOD MORNINGS — 10 REPS. Hold the dumbell to your chest. Bend over from your hips, being careful not to round your back excessively. Go down until you feel a stretch in your hamstring, then keeping your back straight return to the standing position.

And that's it! You can do this once for a quick workout, or 3x for a more thorough workout.

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Thanks guys, and I will talk to you in the comments to answer any questions!

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  1. Aussie Nomad / April 16, 2014

    Did this guy miss leg day?

  2. Daniel Bautista / March 27, 2015


    • adityadagr8 / April 2, 2015

      +Daniel Bautista Yeah mike looks like him

  3. KatsoulatorSkate / June 26, 2015


    • Ziad “Dovahkiin-Dk” Fahem / October 22, 2015

      +Mike Kotas … lol i gotcha

  4. Nname Withheld / September 16, 2015

    He used to get straight to the exercises like this. Now he just talks and

    • Liam Pernell / March 14, 2016

      +Nname Withheld You can just skip the talking if you want to

  5. snooze123321 / September 22, 2015

    What KG weighs do you use?
    And what would you recommend for a new starter to use of KG weighs? (Age
    17, about 175 hight, and weight 69kg).
    Please Help me out quick brah <3

    • Mi G / October 4, 2015

      normally IT is different for each body Part which kgs to use…maybe Start
      with 5kg

    • snooze123321 / October 4, 2015

      +Mi G Thaaank you <3

  6. Aabba Yaabo Yaabay / October 7, 2015

    how many liter of water i take
    srry am not speak englsh well
    any way tanks guys

    • ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) kermit my spermits / October 8, 2015

      1.5 liter for 1 day

  7. Bruno Magallanes / November 20, 2015

    What…isnt he doing, shoulders? Chest, shoulders and back?

  8. Michael Toma / December 20, 2015

    hey man can u hmu i need to build my chest please

  9. Giovanny Gonzalez / January 24, 2016

    How many times a day should I do this?

  10. Trev x / February 1, 2016

    i do workouts for my chest with dumbells all the time. but its always my
    arms that get the workout. i cant get it to where my chest is actually
    being worked and is sore after im done. i need some help.

    • AhMed MoUnIr / February 4, 2016

      at first u have to strengthen ur arms.. so work out on your bicebs with

    • Trev x / February 7, 2016

      +AhMed MoUnIr i do bicep curls and a workout for the back of my biceps
      daily literally

    • Aayush Dubey / February 12, 2016

      +Trev x Don’t do one exercise on each of your arms daily buddy. You’d want
      to do arms one day of the week for one hour, then legs for one hour of the
      week on a separate day, and the same idea for each muscle group (3-4 times
      a week on a different muscle group is good enough for a beginner, 4-5 if
      you get the hang of it). Also, eat a lot but also eat right, since 90% of
      your body should rely on your diet.

      You’re probably getting more out of your arms instead of your chest because
      you’re doing it wrong, or else you’re tensing your arms up too much that
      your chest is being worked out yet your arms feel the effect. When you work
      on your chest, you want to make the chest your target; you are lifting your
      dumbbells with your arms, but somehow you have to focus less on your arms
      and transition it more to your chest.

      If you’re sore, you must be overdoing it some way…how long do you do a
      workout? 1 hour is good enough (as said before). Also, try starting with a
      lighter weight: your muscles have to first get used to “weight” and not
      “heavy weight”, so trying a heavy weight will make your muscles sore. Drink
      lots of water, no juice or sugary drinks (use gatorade for running), an
      exception is a protein shake after you’re done working out but remember
      that no drink can ever replace water.

      You should probably just look up online what to do to get muscular, whether
      it’d be through videos like this or a fitness site. Especially find out
      stuff that helps with muscle soreness because that’s a bigger problem (it
      could mean that you’re losing the muscle you hoped to gain).

    • Trev x / February 12, 2016

      +Aayush Dubey​ i do workouts for my lower body, chest, and arms everyday
      and being sore is a good thing usually it actually means i got a workout.

    • Aayush Dubey / February 12, 2016

      +Trev x Like I said, everyday isn’t good for you: at least 2 days of a week
      should be for you to rest.

      Yes, being sore means you had a good workout but you’d still want to reduce
      that. Warm up a little before a workout, stay hydrated, do some cardio
      (helps blood flow to muscles).

      To “get sore” for your chest, start with lighter weights and keep your arms
      less tense (bend your elbows as well so that your joints don’t get the
      strain). Focus the weight more on your chest, and make sure no other muscle
      group is being worked on.

  11. Gloria Moreira / February 5, 2016

    ……..now this is porn for women……

  12. Jack Sanchez / February 25, 2016

    Blake vapes

  13. Sasuke Uchiha / March 29, 2016

    wew im sweating… doing this everyday before i go to bed xP

  14. Mirco Brunone / April 3, 2016

    How many kgs am i supposed to use?

  15. SOMETHING SOMETHING / April 6, 2016

    I cant do push up why.

    • Spaceegoat / / July 30, 2016

      find a nice mat, put your knees down and do as many as you can every 3
      days, change your width and placement of hands from time to time and once
      in a while, push yourself beyond limits, then when you are done with that
      wait 5 seconds and do a few more even though your body wont give you that.
      Eat three real and solid meals per day. You can probably do atleast 20
      pushups in row within 1 year or even 40, no doubt

  16. Luke Emanuels / April 18, 2016

    this sounds like a song in one of the dbz movies

  17. RaTaNa BoY / June 27, 2016

    what is the best time of workout morning or evening???

    • RaTaNa BoY / July 8, 2016

      +that One kid. oh thx and should i eat before workout or after ????

    • ray sam / July 10, 2016

      +RaTaNa BoY after

    • Swackyz / July 18, 2016

      Eat something small before like a banana or protein shake, then eat the big
      meal afterwards, doesn’t have to be instantly after but within like 2-3
      hours 🙂

    • Leon Palapies / July 20, 2016

      I heard that work out in the afternoon is 20% more effective

  18. Lalo Martinez / July 2, 2016

    what’s the best workout for chest and shoulders and triceps?

  19. michael dubuc / July 15, 2016

    can u make a video for working shoulder and back without equipment? as of
    now im using those big water bottles as dumb bells but they kinda light

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