Home Chest & Bicep Workout

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Hey Guys, Mike Chang here and I want to welcome you to my home for a crazy chest and bicep workout.

This workout is really going to help bring out the definition in your chest, biceps and even your abs. Definition is the key to looking ripped and muscular, along with the intensity of this workout you're really going to see your chest and arms pumped up.

Workout breakdown:

Repeat as many times you can for 10 mins

4 second pushups – 10 reps
Bicep curls on knee – 10 reps
Dynamic pushup – 10 reps
Front raises (underhand grip) – 10 reps

I suggest doing this workout a couple of times a week to really get your chest and biceps huge.

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  1. Rang Esabilo / May 1, 2015

    Hey guys, I’m still a foetus. How long till I get results?

    • sonu singh / May 15, 2016

      +Rang Esabilo foetus…………….nice sense of humour,, in that case i
      think i m zygote

    • sonu singh / June 23, 2016


  2. Cory in Da House / August 4, 2015

    I died while doing these. Thanks a lot 

    • blueprince makube / October 16, 2015


    • Venci Gechev / December 4, 2015

      +Cory in Da House u ruined my whole workout everytime i were remembering
      this comment i were brusting out of laught. xD 😀

    • Kalani Castro / March 20, 2016

      then you must be one of those smart zombies

  3. Deadpool / January 31, 2016

    He looks like Glenn for TWD

  4. Morgan Nisenboum / February 29, 2016

    very inspiring. Luv u!

  5. muhammad ali / March 21, 2016

    i need this nice shape for public appearance confidence

  6. Rivaltino Arron / March 27, 2016

    Im 15 i cant pushup properly because im weak at my class xD
    I will do this exercise every day after school. But i have small bedroom xD

    • PICK UP YOUR CROSS Mathew 7:21-23 / June 4, 2016

      Any results?

    • Louis Göres / June 21, 2016

      the go in to the living room or something.. ._.

    • AverageAsian HD / July 7, 2016

      I was weak too. But I built up slowly and now I’m seeing results.

    • Joel B / July 12, 2016

      everyday?? U gotta rest dude, otherwise u wont get any stronger at all

  7. George keenan / April 1, 2016

    Push ups are putting to much stress on my wrists , is there any way to help
    prevent wrist enjuries cause i really wanna start doing some push ups

    • Toilet / April 6, 2016

      Maybe you should warm up your wrists.

  8. MCWORLD PHILLIP / June 7, 2016

    My chest, biceps, and forearms are larger than my lift, I’m just looks like
    a charger from left4dead

  9. DuckVaderYT ___ / July 1, 2016

    Im 14. Can i already start trainning my biceps?

    • DuckVaderYT ___ / July 2, 2016

      +Venky Deivanayagam It won’t affect my growth or anything right?

    • DuckVaderYT ___ / July 2, 2016

      +Tim Okay thanks! 🙂

    • Jonathan Rios / July 14, 2016

      +Tim boy yes it does I’m short as a mf because I lifted when I was 13

  10. Julio Gomez / July 1, 2016

    everyone go checkout Athlean X chanel. it has more training tips and BETTER
    than this six pack short cut crap. i promise, you wont regret it!

  11. Patrick Mosby / July 8, 2016

    what weight should you get for video curles

  12. Joel B / July 12, 2016

    Who do so many people train chest and biceps instead of chest and triceps.
    When training chest u already train ur triceps indirectly, so who not just
    go with it and train tripecs while ur at it?

  13. Crazy Narcissist / July 18, 2016

    has these videos worked for u guys,cos i want to start but cant if it
    hadn’t worked for people

  14. Raktim Roy / July 23, 2016

    I am fifteen but I can’t touch my chest in the ground so can those workout
    will help me

  15. Charlie Mccullagh / July 23, 2016

    What would be a good workout for a young teenager?????

  16. Islam Today India / July 25, 2016

    take some rest and edit video ???

  17. Lois Pepito / July 27, 2016

    i notice that my right bicep only grew up

  18. Ceviche / July 27, 2016

    This is definitely vanoss.

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