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Jason Yun performs a 5 exercise 50/10 Circuit for you to burn fat during the holiday season or any season. This is workout #5 in the Holiday Guide.

This is a dumbbell workout. Sorry I didn't have any dumbbells for the video so I used sand filled PVC. Still you can use any type of equipment that gives you resistance.

50/10 Circuit
Round 1- Dumbbell Thrusters/Squats
Round 2- Rows
Round 3- Swings
Round 4- Russian Twists
Round 5- Wood Choppers

Repeat for up to 4 rounds. This circuit will help burn fat and shape and build muscle in your thighs, shoulders, core, 6 pack,
posterior chain, and back.

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  1. nikolasrules / December 21, 2009

    I like it very much, great man, but use dumbbells and show proper form.

  2. YunTraining / December 21, 2009

    @nikolasrules what exercise are you referring to for improper form?

  3. nikolasrules / December 21, 2009

    Everything is good but you dont have dumbbells. Just that! Take care. All
    the best.

  4. jochentje2 / January 26, 2010

    what song?

  5. YunTraining / January 27, 2010

    @jochentje2 hit the link in the info box and open up the holiday guide. the
    link to workout muse is in there.

  6. Nicholas Vaters / March 15, 2010

    itlooks easy enuff too figure out for dumbells just do the same movement
    and figure out were da bells wanna go lol

  7. YunTraining / March 27, 2010

    @Neobleh add a full body day, swings are low body exercise too. thrusters
    are more legs and your driving it up with your legs more then using your

  8. Lucky80026 / October 6, 2010

    This is just different enough from my other exercises that it’s pretty
    hard. I can only do 3 sets and I’m sweating like I’ve been sprinting. I
    haven’t been doing it that long so I can’t report effectiveness yet. I
    added it once a week to my usual routine.

  9. steve / May 8, 2011

    What size and length are your PVC pipes? What do you have in them?

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