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The Buff Dudes are back with episode two, and this one focuses on Biceps.

Brandon Myles White takes us through five classic arm workouts and takes us one step closer to becoming a Buff Dude by building those guns!

Here's a rundown of what we take a look at:

Barbell curls – Wide grip will help build the short head of the bicep and build peak. close grip BB curl will focus on the long head and brachioradialis. Size, mass, strength – this is why the BB curl is the favorite in total biceps builder.

BB curl works:
Long head
Short head
Builds – size, strength, and peak.

Hammer curl –
Long head
Builds – size, strength.

Alternating DB curl –
Long head
Short head
Tip – focus on the supinating of the hand.
Builds – peak and size.

Concentration curls –
short head
long head
takes the delt activation out of the equation.
Tip – always get the full range of motion from the complete stretch to complete flexion. making sure to get the extra supination at the top of the movement.
Builds – Mountain PEAKS

Spider curls –
short head
long head
Tip – focus on the stretch at the bottom position and bring the BB to the forehead.
Builds – biceps peak

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