How To Build More Visible & Blocky Abs!



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If you are looking to build more visible and blocky abs, then is time to boost the intensity of your abdominal workouts! Anyone can drop their bodyfat percentage to begin to see abs. But if you want them to really pop-out, you need to train them like you would any other muscle group in your body!

(0:43)- Frequency- Train your abs four times a week.
• Day 1: Rectus Abdominis
• Day 2: Obliques
• Day 3: Rest
• Day 4: Repeat Day 1
• Day 5: Repeat Day 2

(1:15)- Intensity- Apply maximum resistance while progressively overloading each set.
• 4 sets per exercise
• 12 — 15 reps per set
• Rest 60 — 90 seconds between sets / exercises

(1:55)- Choose Three Exercises: Days One & Four
(2:45)- Ab Pulldown
(3:46)- Dumbbell Hanging Knee-Raise
(5:07)- Ball Passes
(6:03)- Medicine Ball Floor Crunch
(6:54)- Dumbbell Toe-Touch Crunch
(7:53)- Ball Crunch with Plate

(8:46)- Choose Two Exercises: Days Two & Five- Obliques
(9:02)- Woodchopper
(10:45)- Standing Oblique Crunch
(12:06)- Alternating Floor Oblique Twist w/ Weight
(13:02)- Standing Oblique Twist With Dumbbells
(15:00)- Ask your questions about your abdominal routine here!

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  1. Scott Swift / June 16, 2015

    Your channel is awsome just kinda really getting into working out as a
    passion, you answer almost every question I have with your videos.

    • Viirus X / October 29, 2015

      +ScottHermanFitness I like ur videos and they help alot please speak less
      and get started fast thnx

    • Evan Petelle / December 1, 2015

      If anyone wants lower intensity I just do 200 sit ups with a 10 pound
      medicine ball in my hands. I am only 12 so i would say it is easy for others

    • Matthew Lorette / December 27, 2015

      +Evan Petelle I would be careful with sit ups, your young now but studies
      have proven that sit ups lead to lower back issues when you get older.
      There are lots of different exercises that are just as effective and won’t
      strain your lower back as much

    • Wilbert Montis / July 3, 2016

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      : –

  2. themovieguy44 / January 19, 2016

    McDonalds commercial before this video….

  3. LegitForEverything / March 8, 2016

    I was looking at the Abs the whole time.

    • Sudhakar Chiguruvada / April 18, 2016


    • TheRobotinator / May 11, 2016

      +LegitForEverything Well i’m not looking into his eyes… :p

    • Josh Pulley / July 19, 2016

      Cant stop looking at that neck vein

  4. DYnamite BEATS / April 3, 2016

    The ab pulldown looks so depressing haha

  5. 3am Breeze / April 4, 2016

    Make sure you all are breathing lol

    • Arbaz The Muslim / April 5, 2016

      +william jones Yeah ahah

    • UpRightRows FoUpTightHoes / July 16, 2016

      dont be like patrick in opposite day

  6. Joe Garcia / April 28, 2016

    Oh shiit I got ripped just by watching this video

  7. ThrtLvlJuke / May 29, 2016

    hes looks like Faze Censor

  8. 7topseven7 / June 3, 2016

    his vein on his neck is bothering me

  9. Harley Perez / June 12, 2016

    What about the serratus? lol cant forget that.

  10. Daniel Renard / June 20, 2016

    12:12 A heads up on the *Floor Oblique Twist* for everybody. Take it from
    me and *don’t try to overdo it.* (like doing 3~4 extra *sets* )
    I had my sciatic nerve pinched a few weeks ago on my right side of the
    gluteus maximus. When I woke up, second day after the workout, I was
    completely “wooden” from my waist to my toes. Getting out of bed was quite
    a chore as every movement would trigger jets of pains from the butt cheek,
    down the legs. It had gotten better after a few weeks, but somehow, this
    morning, it’s gone right back to square one, so this can really
    decommission your workout if you don’t watch yourself! Now I’m sniffing out
    sites and videos on sciatic nerve pain relief, before going back to these,
    full time again. ;)

  11. xXPatriceXx / July 6, 2016

    i feel low back pain when doing laying reverse can i avoid
    that?? what am i doing wrong?

    • samuel27781 samuel27781 / July 6, 2016

      Place a pillow underneath you for comfort? (Under your tailbone/coccyx)

  12. Jeff Parraga / July 12, 2016

    isnt this counter intuitive? i mean do you train chest, back or legs 4
    times a week? do you use 12 to 15 reps for hypertrophy when building mass
    in these areas? of course not. its considered an endurance rep range at
    that point.

    you say to treat them just like any other body part but then you come up
    with this excessive and lackluster mass building abs routine. abs are made
    of muscle tissue why train them infinitely different then training your
    triceps lets say? wouldnt a rep range of 6 to 12(hypertrophy rep range)
    maybe twice a week be better than this?

    • Drew LoConte / July 20, 2016

      makes sense.

    • tyler reynolds / July 25, 2016

      look at his results and tell me he doesn’t know what he’s talking about..

  13. Nick Archuleta / July 18, 2016

    How does one keep the medicine ball/weights balanced between their feet?
    I’m finding difficulty in keeping them between my feet.

    • Drew LoConte / July 20, 2016

      I would say that his abdominal is a lot stronger so he has a lot more
      Ballance with medicine ball.

  14. Danny Wilten / July 20, 2016

    Great video man thanks

  15. Guadalupe Garcia / July 27, 2016

    will do this

  16. Mateo Monetti / August 1, 2016

    wait so you only covered 6 days out of the week: abs obliques rest abs
    obliques rest. what do i do the seventh day? and also are all these
    exercises ab ones? which ones should i do on the oblique day?

  17. Pablo Eduardo delaFuente / August 2, 2016

    Thanks Scott, I’ll start with this today at gym.

    • ScottHermanFitness / August 2, 2016

      awesome man!! train hard!

  18. Aidan Grice / August 4, 2016

    Scott my lower back always hurts with ab workouts, any advice?

  19. Angel Marquez / August 4, 2016

    Do any of the most intense workouts in this video stun growth??

  20. Richard Race / August 5, 2016

    Do hanging sit-ups and eventually add weights if possible. These are good

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