How to Do a Barbell Curl | Arm Workout

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Okay, so today we are gonna go over how to do a basic standing barbell curl. Obviously it's to work the biceps. Now with the bar, you have different choices. There's an easy curl bar, which is the zig zag bar. Or you can use the straight bar. Both are just as efficient as the other. So, to start out with this exercise, what you wanna do; always start with your base, your feet. Make sure they, your knees are nice and loose, not locked out. And make sure that your arms are nice and loose, not locked out. And what I mean by locked out is you never wanna lock your elbow out, cause that could damage the joint. You always keep a soft elbow, slightly bent, no matter what, through your entire rep, and the entire set. So during this exercise, the hard part, the positive part; is coming up, squeeze, come back down through the negative. Always want to keep control of this exercise. You see a lot of guys with bad habits, throwing the bar up, letting the bar drop; doing nothing for themselves. So, the more concentrated you are on the bicep, the better results you are gonna get. So its up, squeeze. Back down. Notice my elbows are not coming all the way forward. You don't want to have to be picking up your arm like this. Cause then your are taking away from the bicep work. Its elbows remain locked in place. Bier side, come up squeeze, control back down. Control the negative. Breathing wise, when you get really taxed, you wanna make sure that you are breathing through the, all of your exercise. So you always breath out during the hard part, when you are working against gravity. So it's up, breathe out. Remember to squeeze that bicep at the top. Inhale on the way down. Come up squeeze, inhale on the way down. And that's your basic bicep exercise. Basic straight barbell curl.

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  1. jf1971 a23 / April 22, 2015

    Oh I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to lock out your elbows, I always did
    those after each rep to make each rep as difficult as possible, but that
    explains why my elbows can hurt when I’ve been doing a lot of curls lately

    • Mert Demirci / April 27, 2015

      Never lock your elbows. If you lock your elbows, you will injure yourself

  2. Nubias / July 13, 2015

    Remember this is what works for him,tailor your workout for you. I do mine
    differently,and it works well for me. I disagree with his breathing
    technique,and how he does not have his elbows locked to his sides to
    isolate the bicep. And yeah he has a .lot of body fat.

  3. Rocky Mohammed / July 18, 2015

    Should I train biceps together wit triceps or can be done on seperate day 

    • Rocky Mohammed / March 7, 2016

      +B – Kha97 thats nice.. i believe there’s different ways of training but
      the aim is the same

    • B - Kha97 / March 7, 2016

      +Rocky Mohammed Yep, I believe the same bro 🙂

    • Rocky Mohammed / March 7, 2016

      Great bro..wher u from

    • B - Kha97 / March 7, 2016

      +Rocky Mohammed UK, you?

    • Rocky Mohammed / March 17, 2016

      +B – Kha97 singapore bro.

  4. Manojit Choudhury / July 21, 2015

    this guy is Schwarzenegger’s body double in Terminator Genisys

    • J-G / January 30, 2016

      He is? Because he is a long way from arnie when arnie was in his prime

  5. Anupam Banerjee / August 12, 2015

    hi, as an average guy, 5’10″/78kgs, should i go for a EZ Bar of length 3ft
    or 4ft?

    • PORTRAYTHEVILLAIN / October 29, 2015

      +Anupam Banerjee use a straight bar.

  6. Roman Krivenko / September 12, 2015

    can i do biceps 4x a week?

    • tobspinnkiller / September 22, 2015

      +Roman Krivenko nope, you need rest. i suggest twice or trice a week.
      Nothing more

    • PORTRAYTHEVILLAIN / October 29, 2015

      +Roman Krivenko i suggest once a week.

    • Kb Kurosaki / March 19, 2016

      +PORTRAYTHEVILLAIN I do them 4 a week just don’t go as hard every day

  7. Mason Parker / September 13, 2015

    is it OK to use 20 pounds on each side

    • Mason Parker / November 16, 2015

      Well it can depend on whatvyou are trying to do for or with your body….
      If you lift heavy then you are trying to gain muscle and if you lift light
      yiu are just staying fit i guess +xXTheGam4rsXx​

  8. Joël Hendriks / September 29, 2015

    thx for this usefull video

  9. Azad rouzbayani / October 4, 2015

    my glutes hurt when I do a barbell curl

    • Cameron Petet / March 27, 2016

      Way too much use of your body. Make sure you are relaxed during the lift,
      except the bicep of course. Or perhaps you’re holding your breath. Breath
      throughout the exercise.

  10. Jason Valentini / October 27, 2015

    pushpush pull pull chest and tri shoulder and bi

  11. Camperoftehintrowebz / November 15, 2015

    What inch plates fit on those kinds of bars?
    That’s my only question.

  12. Brandon Carter / November 25, 2015

    I wanna look like that guy!!

    • Anas Afandi / February 9, 2016

      +Brandon Carter keep up the hard work

  13. fcr1209 / December 2, 2015


  14. BrutusYT / March 26, 2016

    What do you mean by squeazing? Like flexing? or what?

    • Jvier Audon / June 18, 2016

      No! Squeeze ur biceps when u bring the ez bar up hold for like a second
      then drop down but control ur negative. Basically control the weight and
      mind muscle connection

  15. Ant Live / April 2, 2016

    what size is that curling bar?

  16. Janine Henschel / April 24, 2016

    you should have the bar bell closer to your sides not far away for that is
    then working another muscle group

  17. Arif Erisz / May 7, 2016

    nice instruction tho

  18. Arif Erisz / May 7, 2016

    nice instruction tho

  19. Petyr Baelish / May 20, 2016

    very proper instruction. nice!

  20. Sanjog Nijjer / June 27, 2016

    is it important to exhale while lifting up ? does it help in muscle growth

    • Andrew Payne / June 29, 2016

      If you inhale and exhale properly you will be able to get a few more reps
      out and have good form. But it doesn’t alone help them grow..

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