How to Do a Barbell Hip Thrust : Weightlifting & Fitness

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A barbell hip thrust needs to be done in a very particular way for the most benefit. Do a barbell hip thrust with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

Expert: Tyler Tsujimoto
Bio: Tyler Tsujimoto is a Certified Personal Trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
Filmmaker: Tyler TSUJIMOTO

Series Description: You don't actually have to go to boot camp in order to get a great boot camp body. Find out how to lift weights and get fit with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video series.

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  1. looneyflight / November 23, 2013

    tsujimoto? sounds japanese. you dont look asian.

  2. Ron Scott / January 19, 2014

    I’m surprised he didn’t suggest proper shoe tying method prior to

  3. Daniel Alatorre / January 25, 2014

    Mista T: “PINCH ‘DAT PENNY FOOO!!!”

  4. Kerri B / May 3, 2014

    How do you properly get OUT of the form? 

  5. Get Fit Body - Nutrition, Workouts and Health / November 28, 2014

    This is pretty good for strengthening the lower back.

    • Randall Ball / December 14, 2014

      Yeah, and so are barbell curls if you think that.

  6. JeshhKahh / February 27, 2015

    Great video. 

  7. Juan Gonzalez Moreno / March 1, 2015

    Great explanation. It would have been good if he had showed how to get back
    to start position at end of set

  8. IntoBlackHouse / September 11, 2015

    I do hip thrusts as part of my exercise regimen for my glutes, but I will
    get tender and sharp pain, soreness, and tightness in my lower back while
    doing it. This is especially so if I am doing barbell hip thrusts.

    It’s weird because I should be feeling this exercise in my glutes, not my
    lower back. So then days after I do this workout, I still feel some lower
    back soreness and pain. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    I should also mention that I also get a soreness and pain in the knees as
    well if I am doing the hip thrusts with my shoulders resting on a bench.

    This pain and soreness I get in my lower back (and knees) causes me to stop
    doing the hip thrust, because it hurts. But what’s frustrating is that my
    butt isn’t burning or sore like it should be, it’s my lower back…

    Why am I getting these pains?

    • anglicantian / January 12, 2016


      Do you hyperextend your back? And how do you perform them?

    • IntoBlackHouse / January 12, 2016


      I may hyperextend once in a while, but not all the time. I’ve actually
      heard from several people (Bret Contreras may have even been one of them)
      that it’s ok to hyperextend.

      I have been to physical therapy in the last few months, and here is what
      they said:

      – I have very tight hamstrings
      – I have tight IT bands
      – I have tightness in my gastrocnemious and soleus (foot parts)
      – Tightness in pyraformus causing increased foot external rotation and
      lateral weight bearing
      – I have tight adductors

      My PT said that my IT bands are what is causing the knee pain most likely.

      So doing stretches for the IT bands have helped and should help you if you
      are experiencing the same issues.

      I believe the lower back pain to be associated with the tight hamstrings,
      as tight hamstrings causes the pelvis to tilt backwards, which leads to
      flattening of the lower back, resulting in back problems.

      Its interesting how tightness or inflammation in one part of the body can
      really affect another part of the body.

      I was also at a chiropractor for bruxisim (teeth grinding) and he said that
      tightness and imflammation with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can cause
      tightness in the lower back’s muscles (can’t remember the specific ones),
      and vice versa.

  9. Swaggy-C / December 1, 2015

    He talks too much.

  10. GrindOrDie / December 17, 2015

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  11. Jack Morrissey / December 24, 2015

    Great advice and help. Thanks!

  12. A Poker Life / December 30, 2015

    Make sure to, PINCH THAT PENNY.

  13. Denrarehund / January 17, 2016

    you dont have to extend in the lower back.. just go as far as you can with
    the glutes and hammies.. Dont start engageing your lower back..

  14. Anirudha Oke / January 28, 2016

    thank you very much

  15. No Racism / February 28, 2016

    What if I have a big penis between my hips?

  16. Taze Wezq / May 2, 2016

    Pinch that penny….

    • YELLOW HELMET / May 9, 2016

      +Taze Wezq And don’t drop the soap.

  17. Josh Veros / May 27, 2016


  18. João Fernandes / June 22, 2016

    You can excluded that one from your workouts and … with some help,
    include it in your sex life routines! … or, maybe not …

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