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The Bent Over Row is an exercise that tones and strengthens the lattissimus dorsi, the largest muscle in your back. Watch the video carefully ascorrect technique is really important- thanks for watching!

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  1. Lennyn Caro / November 9, 2013


  2. daniel ainsworth / November 10, 2013

    i thought that rows were supposed to touch the ground each rep

    • Michael Callais / November 18, 2013

      For Pendlay rows, yeah

    • daniel ainsworth / November 18, 2013

      whats the difference?

    • Michael Callais / November 27, 2014

      +daniel ainsworth
      What the guy in the video is doing is a Yates row. You have a closer grip
      and your back should be a bit under 45° to the ground. You should pull the
      barbell to the bottom of your ribcage. You don’t touch the barbell down.
      A Pendlay row uses a wider grip with your back parallel to the ground. The
      barbell should touch your chest. They’re harder and you won’t pull as much
      weight. Both have their uses. I prefer the Pendlay row. It’ll condition
      your lower back more if you do it right.

  3. Tony Soprano / December 24, 2013

    that should be teaching people to be bringing the bar to their waste… not
    there chest … dorian yates rows are best, this is from my personal
    experience as far as hitting lats and growing lats goes… if your a power
    lifter and using the row anything else but hitting dem lats, then i cant
    speak for the yates row.. but bodybuilding , theyre king.

    • Tony Soprano / January 1, 2014

      not according to dorian yates, if you go to a 45 degree angle and pull to
      the waste, big times lats.

    • manicbassa / February 25, 2014

      +Ryan Verrall Dorian Yates knows his stuff. Anyone that dismisses him is a

    • Tony Soprano / March 6, 2014

      if srs, I agree.

    • Mariano Paramidani / July 16, 2014

      Yates rows not train your back man… just your traps… and you can rip
      your bicep tendon… but, if you say… besides, theres much more than only
      1 tipe of row, not only yate’s

    • Valentino Graci / February 21, 2016

      Pendlay rows are actually the best way of doing it. Back parallel with the
      floor, weight beginning and ending at the floor, hips high, narrow pronated
      grip, and the bar coming to just below the chest.

  4. Grant Anderson / January 14, 2014

    Is form is wrong. 

  5. aarshaar / February 6, 2014

    hmmm i think chest is too high, should be lifted to just below chest

    • Scrubtron Online / August 11, 2014

      A better range of motion isn’t really a bad thing. It’s better to have a
      fuller range of motion than only going half way.

  6. Viper4ever05 / March 11, 2014

    I feel a pain right on my traps when i pull the bar up and squeeze my
    shoulder blades together anyone know why the hell that is happening? 

    • Denny Yildiz / March 30, 2014

      Same here. Like right in the middle traps there is a sharp pinch right?!

    • David Han / November 9, 2014

      Your body has to get use to it and devlope the part in the body for it.

  7. C Mota / April 18, 2014

    +Viper4ever05 try less wight …quality over quantity don’t expect to do
    two 45 lbs wheels right away try 10 then 25lbs 

  8. C Mota / April 18, 2014

    +Viper4ever05 try less wight …quality over quantity don’t expect to do
    two 45 lbs wheels right away try 10 then 25lbs 

  9. incognitoProds / June 12, 2014

    Shouldnt oxlade-chamberlain be focusing on the world cup?

    • NeptuneSoundsHD / October 9, 2014

      That’s Kieran Gibbs 😉

    • Young Justice / December 3, 2014

      +NeptuneSoundsHD Pretty sure its Walcott

  10. stevenan93 / August 18, 2014

    are back braces necessary?

    • Ride 4G / October 11, 2014

      That and if you dont to mess your back up. Experience

  11. Master / December 4, 2014


  12. Isidore / December 19, 2014

    would not do rows on anything that says Eleiko even if it was bumper plate
    unless it’s olympic weightlifting lifts. 

  13. Sargeraas Orc / March 4, 2015

    lol so bad this isn’t really a good example 

    • Abraham M / March 31, 2015

      Why not? I’m a beginner and I’d like to know how to do it properly.

    • Khan Fitness / December 31, 2015

      +Abraham M Me too

    • VULPES / January 4, 2016

      +Khan Fitness better you pull to your stomach than to your chest and watch
      your ellbow be closed

    • Abrar Khan / January 4, 2016

      +VULPES Yeah bringing it to your chest seems like it would be dangerous.

    • Talal / February 6, 2016

      +VULPES to be fair he pulled it to his stomach not his chest, ignore the
      voice over guy

  14. 4th wisemonkey / April 22, 2015

    no need to bend over so much and keep the bar skimming past quads,its a
    lower back excercise so pulling into groin

    • Valentino Graci / February 21, 2016

      It’s meant to be a mid back exercise. You perform it with your back
      parallel with the floor and the weight must begin and end on the floor.
      This IS a bad example, but not for the reasons you listed.

  15. Valentino Graci / October 16, 2015

    Um…this isn’t the bent-over barbell row…

    • Valentino Graci / February 21, 2016

      +Seung-hyun Cha I have no idea why you mentioned a deadlift, then, if
      neither of us was talking about one. The position of the bar matters hugely
      to get the most benefit out of this exercise. See what I mean here:

    • Seung-hyun Cha / February 21, 2016

      +Valentino Graci there are many variations of this exercise and what
      variation you choose ultimately depends on what you want to focus on. Both
      the exercise here and the one shown in the pictures of the website are BOTH
      bent over barbell row.

      Yes you are right in saying the form matters ultimately in trying to obtain
      maximum results of an exercise. However I disagree when you say that this
      is NOT barbell row, as it still is.

      the one shown in the pic maximises a lot of focus on the back, however is
      it entirely unnecessary to perform it at that angle, as there are plenty of
      back exercises to target the lower back much more safely, such as “Good
      mornings”, RDLs and the standard DL.

      …but of course that shouldn’t stop anyone from performing it in such way,
      but I conclude that it is unnecessary.

    • Valentino Graci / February 21, 2016

      +Seung-hyun Cha I mean you can do is obviously a barbell row of a
      sort. but it is not the most effective way to do this exercise, thus I
      don’t think this is a good instructional video. Why instruct someone in an
      inefficient way to do an exercise? Strict form, my friend. Strict form.

    • Seung-hyun Cha / February 21, 2016

      +Valentino Graci you are correct my friend

  16. rodrigo suarez / November 4, 2015

    “… into the chest”?

    • DigitalZ / April 14, 2016

      +rodrigo suarez
      Solar Plexus, more like.

  17. wate nallace / November 6, 2015

    rip headphone users

  18. Edwin den Boer / January 24, 2016

    LOL, good luck finding more than one barbell at a David Lloyd gym.

    • Mongoosemcqueen / July 8, 2016


      good luck trying to find more than one squat rack too

  19. Azgear Gear / April 27, 2016

    how must I have repeat for posture?.im new working with 10 kg now

  20. rocky h / June 21, 2016

    this is a variation of a row. people need to understand movement of muscles
    first.this is not a good begginers video but it’s good

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