How to Do a Dumbbell Biceps Curl | Arm Workout

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Okay. So today we're going to do a dumbbell bicep curl. And we're going to do this together. It's a dual bicep curl. So that means both arms are going to be working together. It's not one at a time. Again, this is to work your biceps, and a bit of your forearms, and your wrists. So starting out, again, base. Always start with the base. Always start with the feet. Knees are nice and loose. Elbows, and your arms. Loose. Not locked out. Don't want to hurt that joint. Keep it loose. To start the position, you're going to start with your hands in neutral position, meaning they're sideways. They're not up. They're not down. They're by your side. To do this. Again, both dumbbells together. Come up. Squeeze. And control the negative. As you control the negative back down, you're going to rotate your hands back to the start position.

Okay? Now, with this, breathing is very important. You always want to breathe during the part that you're working against gravity. Okay? So you're going to breathe out, and breathe in as you come back down. Again, you're controlling it. Bad habits that you see, guy's throwing the weight up, dropping the weight down. Not doing a thing to help themselves. Always keep control. Especially during the negative. It's very important to keep control during that negative. During the part where you're releasing the weight. It actually benefits you two fold to control that part of the exercise, as opposed to just the contraction.

Another bad habit you see, guys moving their elbows all the way forward to try to get leverage. That takes away from my exercise completely. Keep those elbows locked in place. Again, up. Squeeze that bicep at the top. And release. And that's your dumbbell curl.

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  1. Christopher Dalrymple / October 29, 2015

    what are you sweezing

    • Christopher Dalrymple / November 22, 2015


    • Sir fap alot / December 10, 2015

      +Christopher Dalrymple squeeze the bicep muscles

    • altcommand / May 17, 2016

      +Christopher Dalrymple Did you just agree with yourself?

    • Young KayV / July 12, 2016

      +altcommand lol I think he did

  2. GiovannisSanctuary / December 14, 2015

    I hated the feeling when I did curls with my dumbbells and I felt it only
    in a little of the bicep but more at the insert not even in the muscle..
    OMG it sucked and I am trying to fix that.

  3. jsnowbrien / January 23, 2016

    I was doing bicep curls just a minute ago as I was maxing out on my left
    arm I felt a strange tingle. Immediately red line that looked like a
    scratch appeared for 10 minutes on the inside of my arm exactly where I
    felt the tingle. Is this normal?

    • AlGay / March 11, 2016

      Probably no

    • Daniel Ra / March 12, 2016

      You probably popped a vein. if it was external, you might have tore your
      skin by having too much pressure on your skin, but that’s not likely.

    • Joe Briseño / March 27, 2016

      +BloodHound HD lmfao

    • altcommand / May 17, 2016

      +jsnowbrien You have been possessed by an angry spirit.

  4. No One / January 29, 2016

    Wasn’t he on Jessica Jones?

    • 冬 Neko | Kyuuketsuki / February 23, 2016

      how did you get here? oh thats right, teleportation jutsu!

    • No One / February 23, 2016

      +冬 Neko | Kyuuketsuki Shut up you dweeb.

    • The Californian / May 17, 2016

      +No One lmao

  5. MMA king / February 6, 2016

    Dude is JACKED!!

    • The Californian / May 17, 2016

      no kidding, lmao. Body goals am I right?

  6. Alok Bakshi / February 11, 2016

    When we take the dumbbells up are you sure we must breathe out not breathe
    in? Asking because my trainer advised to breathe out when and you’re saying
    just the opposite

    • 冬 Neko | Kyuuketsuki / February 23, 2016

      breath out

    • icedilli25 / March 30, 2016

      +Alok Bakshi anything pushing against he gravity, you breathe out

    • George Danial / July 23, 2016

      whenever ur applying the force u breath out. when u return to the starting
      position u breath in.

  7. SonicPAJ / March 9, 2016

    OKay thanks! This showed me I have been doing the curls right all along.

  8. Daniel Ra / March 12, 2016

    Yesterday, I did curls. Now today, when I lift my four arm, I feel a small
    popping in my inner elbow. Did I do damage? Or is it just soreness?

    • Turin Turambar / March 21, 2016

      +Daniel Ra You were probably tossing the weight. Lower the weight and move

  9. Mohammad Zeidan / May 22, 2016

    what is the weight

  10. iconoclast / May 26, 2016

    I was headed to the gym and somehow ended up at Jim’s, doing 12-ounce curls
    at his old bar.

  11. Thavonn Johnson / May 26, 2016

    I don’t get it. how can a video can get so many views but the likes are a
    different story???????

  12. Boothy's Gaming / June 11, 2016

    Can somebody tell me if only working out one arm at a time will have just
    as much of an effect on muscle growth or do you have to do both arms at the
    same time

    • Luke Cooke / June 15, 2016

      You don’t have to do both arms at the same time, although I am presuming
      that it is more taxing and would require you to stabilise more which is
      what you want. Plus it gets the exercise completed more quickly.

    • Boothy's Gaming / June 16, 2016

      +Luke Cooke that’s good to know, thanks

    • George Danial / July 23, 2016

      if u do 2 arms at a time u increase you’re stabilazation which is good. if
      u do 1 arm at the same time its gonna feel easier but not much stablization

    • Boothy's Gaming / July 23, 2016

      +George Danial what effect doe stabilization have one muscle growth

    • George Danial / July 23, 2016

      +Boothy’s Gaming it improves your core. in other words, it can help your
      abdominal(abs) to be stronger. even if you are doing biceps, using both
      arms while standing can improve your core. which means it keeps your body
      stable during excersizes. so u would be standing straight and not leaning
      to the side or falling during your excersize.

  13. Zalo x / June 12, 2016

    Put a shirt on

    • Sjores87 / July 6, 2016

      He’s not wearing any so you can see which muscles he is using. Normally you
      should wear a shirt indeed

    • ArnobMD / July 9, 2016

      stop being jealous.

  14. Derrick Li / June 14, 2016

    Is that you tien?!?!

  15. Dara Oneill / June 14, 2016

    Tried dumbbell curls my own way for 2 weeks felt nothing in bicep then
    searched YouTube and used your way and instantly felt it properly work
    thanks very much!

    • zjironman / June 28, 2016

      same here

    • Young KayV / July 12, 2016

      All summer 16

    • 2pac Forever / July 27, 2016

      What you was expecting for 2 weeks to do muscles like him ? Lol you need
      years and years to do big muscles

  16. DIPANKAR SAHA / June 23, 2016


  17. Christopher Hadden / July 13, 2016

    i’d rather wait till i have dumbells that im strong enough for

  18. Drvo Foka / July 21, 2016

    Couldn’t you just sit down against something and lay your elbows against
    it, so you’re sure you’re not moving the elbows?

    • Drvo Foka / July 21, 2016

      +not_found I don’t really mean LAY, I just couldn’t find the word. More
      like, push them up against something so they don’t move? Cause if you’re
      standing, you can’t really be entirely sure you’re not moving your elbows.

  19. Carter / July 27, 2016

    My problem is that whenever I rotate my wrist as I come up, I rotate too
    much and sometimes even raise my elbows to squeeze a lil more from watching
    somones vid. Your way looks a lot more doable for me as my elbows take an

    • RaiDCallybre / August 2, 2016

      You should take off more wieght

  20. Rebel / August 3, 2016

    Nice gyno fat boy lol

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