How to Do a Dumbbell Pullover | Back Workout

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Hi guys. This is Max Tapper again for Howcast and what I'm going to show you how to do today is a dumbbell pull over. Now a dumbbell pull us targeted for your lats, but you will also still get some chest and get a lot of shoulders and a lot of other things involved at the same time. Honestly, it's an excellent exercise but it's still a little bit risky because you're going to be lifting this weight over your head and behind yourself, so at this point you're not going to have a lot of stability in your shoulders. So I actually don't recommend doing this at a very heavy weight.

All right. It's a very good exercise. It helps the development and I'm going to show you how to do it. Here's the weight we're going to choose today. We grab this bench. All we're going to do is slide all the way out so we have the bench on our back. We're going to extend the weight over our head and all we're doing is allowing our arms to come behind us.

Pause. Pull back over. Slow on the way down. Now in this position guys, keep your abs nice and tight and controlled and lift back over. Slow on the way down. Back over. Now you can see in this position there's not a lot of stability going on.

All right guys. Again, I do not recommend doing this weight extremely heavy. All right. It puts a lot of strain on the shoulder. Even though it's good for the lat it can do a lot of damage if it's done wrong. So guys please be very moderate with the weight you're using. Nice slow and controlled motions.

Once you master that level then of course you can do whatever you want to. But for the novices and beginners please stay very low. Keep yourself safe. Take care of your shoulders on the way to getting a better back.

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  1. fikujez / September 16, 2012

    What’s it to you whether someone chooses to shave or not?

  2. Omar Ch / September 16, 2012

    Whenever I do this it stops my blood flow to the brain, why?

  3. greenpie891 / September 16, 2012

    anybody else miss the old howcast where howcast would be idiots trying to
    help us and people said funny things about it?

  4. Travis Hoover / September 19, 2012

    it would have been better if it’s closeup to the armpit area for better
    view of the hairs.

  5. linlex100 / December 4, 2012

    thanks man…

  6. tigernov6 / April 10, 2013


  7. bakari kavtaradze / July 14, 2013

    great exercise

  8. Ayman Alaa Eldeen / July 20, 2013

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  10. TWDAVIDX / September 5, 2013

    why the hell taking that position haveing a bench? i see every one of you
    guys doin this to the side of the bench forcing your legs. why

  11. carlos muñoz / September 22, 2013

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  12. Sampath Kumara / January 17, 2014

    tnx but isnt that a chest workout ??! 

    • ‫רפאל אלאשוילי‬‎ / April 18, 2014

      It will be if your butt is closer to the ground.

  13. grizzly adams / January 28, 2014

    If you hold the dumbbell unsafely like that, yes it is “risky.” Your hands
    should be wrapped around the dumbbell such that your palms end up flat
    against the plate and it has no place to go (rather than just gripping it
    on the sides of the plates as you have demonstrated.

  14. Arezou Karimi / June 17, 2014

    this is my top favorite workout ! i prefer to do it as the last one it
    feels great! why didn’t you put your entire back on the bench ?

  15. matthew Robert / September 7, 2014

    I’m older would rather do this on incline bench

  16. DaSpartan71 / March 13, 2015

    Is there a reason behind why you lay on a bench that way and not regularly?
    like you would a bench press for example.

    • Kosty Days / May 8, 2015

      It doesn’t matter alot to be honest. I usually lay on the bench regular.
      Because I have a lower back condition it feels better and supported.

  17. Lydia Mucheche / May 19, 2015

    Only thing I learnt is to get rid of bushes in the armpits

  18. Mike Guelette / July 5, 2015

    Are u Shawn t

  19. Aakash Mishra / October 15, 2015

    My shoulders are in pain for at least ten minutes after this work out. And
    not the good kind of pain. Should I stop?

    • Aakash Mishra / October 26, 2015

      I’d say its more of a discomfort then..

    • Aakash Mishra / October 26, 2015

      Thanks man! I think I’ll get it checked once, just to be sure. Get an X-ray
      done or something. I had a shoulder injury a few years back, hope it
      doesn’t have much to do with that.

  20. Ken H / February 10, 2016

    this guy look like Coach hines from SNL. Yamanashi!

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